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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Sep of 2004.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
08 Disruptions Of State-of-the-nation Speech Reflect Strong Animosities Between Center-left Prd & President Fox Carlos Navarro
15 Pri Wins Surprisingly Tight Guberntorial Race In Veracruz, But Loses Ground In State Legislature And Several Municipalities Carlos Navarro
29 Independence Of Judicial Branch Questioned Carlos Navarro
01 Texas Farmers, Irrigation Officials Seek Damages From Mexico For Failing To Comply With 1944 Water Treaty Carlos Navarro
22 Nafta Environmental Commission Recommends That Mexico Suspend Imports Of Genetically Modified Corn Carlos Navarro
01 Fox Administration Criticized For Inconsistent Stance On U.S. Usage Of Nonlethal Bullets Against Undocumented Mexicans Carlos Navarro
29 Electoral Institute Endorses Proposal To Extend Voting Rights To Expatriates In Time For 2006 Presidential Election Carlos Navarro
08 Agriculture Secretariat Projects Record Corn Production Carlos Navarro
15 Zapatistas Celebrate One-year Anniversary Of New Governing Structure Carlos Navarro
22 Un Secretary General Gets Mostly Negative Response To Request That Mexico Contribute Troops To Peacekeeping Forces Carlos Navarro
22 Mexico's Education System Ranks Last Among Members Of Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development Carlos Navarro