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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Oct of 2002.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
09 U.S. Politicians Continue Pressure On Mexican Government To Pay Water Debt Despite Lingering Drought In Northern Mexico Carlos Navarro
16 Military Court Orders Two Generals To Stand Trial On Charges Of Human Rights Abuses During 1970s And 1980s Carlos Navarro
02 Changes Noted In Structure Of Drug-trafficking Operations In Mexico Carlos Navarro
23 Fox Environmental Policies Face Test In Baja California & Sonora Cases Carlos Navarro
30 Opposition Governors Demand That President Vicente Fox Restore State Funds That Were Cut Earlier This Year Carlos Navarro
23 Producer Organizations Urge President Vicente Fox To Boost Agriculture Spending In 2003 Budget Carlos Navarro
09 Federal, State Governments Accused Of Mishandling Assistance Efforts To Victims Of Hurricane Isidore Carlos Navarro
02 Sluggish Economy, Crime Deter Direct Foreign Investment In Mexico Carlos Navarro
09 Petroleum-workers Union Calls Off Strike Carlos Navarro
16 Center-left P.r.d. & Former Governing P.r.i. Score Strong Victories In Recent State Elections Carlos Navarro
23 President Vicente Fox Modifies Media Law To Significantly Reduce Free Government Usage Of Broadcast Media Carlos Navarro
02 Corruption Levels In Mexico Still Considered High Carlos Navarro
16 Senate Approves Plan To Place Small Portion Of Worker Retirement Funds In Overseas Investments Carlos Navarro
30 Authorities Arrest More Than Two Dozen Federal Employees On Charges Of Aiding Drug Traffickers Carlos Navarro