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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Sep of 1999.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Deaths Of Undocumented Immigrants Continue High Despite U.S. & Mexican Information Campaign Carlos Navarro
01 Finance Secretariat To Begin Charging Inventory & Equipment Tax To Maquiladora Plants In 2000 Carlos Navarro
08 Opposition Offers Controversial Rebuttal To President Zedillo's State Of The Union Address Carlos Navarro
22 Trade News In Brief Carlos Navarro
01 Tortilla Consumption Declines Sharply After Government Ends Subsidies & Eliminates Price Controls Carlos Navarro
15 Legislators Ask Supreme Court To Force President Ernesto Zedillo To Hand Over Documents On 1994 Campaign Finances Carlos Navarro
15 State-run Railroad Ferrocarriles Nacionales Ceases To Exist Carlos Navarro
08 Government's Road-construction Program Raises Tensions In Chiapas State Carlos Navarro
01 Pemex Reports Some Progress In Remodeling Of Refineries Carlos Navarro
15 Front-runners Francisco Labastida & Roberto Madrazo Steal Spotlight In Governing Party's Debate Carlos Navarro
29 Governing Party Wins Landslide Victory In Gubernatorial, Legislative, & Mayoral Elections In Coahuila State Carlos Navarro
08 Pemex Revenues From Oil Exports Increase By US$1.38 Billion Because Of Recovery In Global Prices Carlos Navarro
22 Legislative Debate On Electricity Privatization Could Be Postponed Until At Least 2000 Carlos Navarro
22 Former Mexican Drug Prosecutor Commits Suicide In U.S. Carlos Navarro
29 Administration's Trade Policies Face Increasing Scrutiny Because Of Crisis In Agricultural Sector Carlos Navarro
29 Switzerland Extradites Fugitive Executive Gerardo De Prevoisin To Face Charges Of Embezzlement In Mexico Carlos Navarro
15 Coffee Producers Seek Moratorium On Imports Of Green Coffee Beans Carlos Navarro