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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Oct of 1997.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
15 Legislators Push for Greater Autonomy For Human Rights Commission LADB Staff
22 Mexico, Germany Sign Bilateral Agreement to Protect Investments LADB Staff
01 Opposition Parties Gain Control of Key Committees in Chamber Of Deputies LADB Staff
22 Mexican Business News Briefs: Investments in Britain, Philippines, Latin America LADB Staff
29 Mexico Trade Briefs: South African Tequila, China Chemical, Avocados LADB Staff
29 Drought, Storms Cause Major Damage to Mexican Corn, Bean, Coffee Crops LADB Staff
08 Mexico Agriculture Briefs: Seafood; Powedered Milk; U.S Guarantees LADB Staff
01 Three Groups Compete for Concession of State-Run Satellite Company LADB Staff
15 Energy Regulator Moves to Privaitze Natural-Gas System in Monterrey LADB Staff
29 President Nominates Chief of Staff Luis Tellez as Next Energy Secretary LADB Staff
15 Consumer Inflation in January-September Almost Half of Year-Ago Levels LADB Staff
08 Congress Resurrects Chiapas Peace Commission LADB Staff
29 Telecommunications Regulator Opens Local Telephone Service to Competition LADB Staff
03 Opposition Parties Gain Control of Key Committees in Chamber Of Deputies LADB Staff
08 Government Suspends Rail-Car Concession for Mexico City Subway Route LADB Staff
01 Mexican Reserves of Crude Oil Declined by 1.6 Percent iIn 1996 LADB Staff
22 PRI Suffers Major Defeat in Veracruz Municipal Races, Wins Big in Tabasco LADB Staff
01 Mexico, Israel Set Groundwork to Negotiate Bilateral Trade Agreement LADB Staff
22 Government Awards Concessions for Two Short Rail Routes in Northern Mexico LADB Staff
15 Multinational Group to Construct Nitrogen Injection Plant in Campeche Sound LADB Staff
08 President Zedillo Begins Search for New Central Bank Governor LADB Staff
15 Nissan, Volkswagen Announce Major Expansion of Operations in Mexico LADB Staff
22 Government Criticized for Failure to Prepere, Inadequate Rsponse to Hurricane LADB Staff