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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Jul of 1997.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
16 New Obstacles Block Agreement Between Mexico & European Union Carlos Navarro
16 Mexican & U.S. Governments Confirm Death Of Juarez Cartel Leader Amado Carrillo Carlos Navarro
23 New Congress May Consider Reduction In Value-added Tax Carlos Navarro
30 Report Shows Mexican Textile Industry Has Thrived Under North American Free Trade Agreement Carlos Navarro
09 Governing Party Suffers Major Losses In Congressional & State Elections On July 6 Carlos Navarro
16 News In Brief Carlos Navarro
30 Report From Attorney General's Office Supports Theory That One Assassin Killed Presidential Candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio Carlos Navarro
09 Privatized Pension Plan Could Come Under Scrutiny In New Opposition-led Congress Carlos Navarro
02 Changes Expected In Labor Sector Following Death Of Long-time Labor Leader Fidel Velazquez Carlos Navarro
23 Government To Move Ahead With Several Natural Gas & Electricity Projects In July-september Quarter Carlos Navarro
02 Government Imposes Temporary Duties On Imports Of U.S. Corn Syrup Carlos Navarro
02 Surveys Show Governing Party Could Lose Majority In Chamber Of Deputies In July 6 Election Carlos Navarro
23 Experts Warn About Pending Water Shortages In Mexico Carlos Navarro
23 Government Discards Controversial Plan To Allow Imports Of Green Coffee Beans Carlos Navarro
30 Substantial Child Malnutrition Remains In Rural Areas Carlos Navarro
16 Opponents & Supporters Of North American Free Trade Agreement React To U.S. Review Of Accord LADB Staff
30 High Rate Of Nonpayment Reported Among Borrowers With Restructured Overdue Debt Carlos Navarro