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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Aug of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
03 Federal Electricity Commission Inaugurates Aguamilpa Hydroelectric Complex In Western Mexico Carlos Navarro
17 Japanese Companies Sanyo & Matsushita Announce Plans To Establish New Plants In Mexico Carlos Navarro
31 Mexican Elections Fail To Produce Democratic Change Carlos Navarro
03 Governors Race In Chiapas Gains National Attention After Highway Accident Involving Opposition Party Candidate Carlos Navarro
24 Preliminary Election Results Indicate Victory For Governing Party Presidential Candidate Ernesto Zedillo Carlos Navarro
03 Survey Shows Loss Of Confidence In Mexican Economy By Key Members Of Business Community Carlos Navarro
10 Most Polls Show Pri Candidate Ahead In Final Week Of Campaign, But Analysts Say Outcome Still Less Than Certain Carlos Navarro
03 Percentage Of Undecided Voters Remains High Less Than One Month Before August 21 Presidential Elections Carlos Navarro
10 Large Companies Report Low Earnings For January-june Due To Political Uncertainty & Prevailing High Interest Rates Carlos Navarro
31 Government Announces Two New Initiatives To Assist Mexican Coffee Producers Carlos Navarro
31 Labor Rights Organizations File Nafta Complaint Against Sony Maquiladora Operation In Nuevo Laredo Carlos Navarro
03 Trade Secretariat Imposes Temporary Countervailing Duty On Imports Of Indonesian Tropical Wood Carlos Navarro
03 Motor Vehicle Exports Remain High In January-june Period, While Domestic Sales Slump & Imports Surge Carlos Navarro
31 Trade Secretariat Reports Recovery In Foreign Investment Ahead Of August Presidential Elections Carlos Navarro
17 Uncertainty Over Currency Reserves & Overvaluation Of Peso Spark Debate On Possibility Of Devaluation By Year-end 1994 Carlos Navarro
31 Finance Secretariat Reports Trade Deficit For January-june 1994 At US$8.8 Billion Carlos Navarro
24 Three Mexican Steel Producers Announce Expansion Plans During August Carlos Navarro
03 Restaurant Chamber Asks Trade Secretariat To Help With Collection Of Back Dues Owed By U.S.-based Fast-food Chains Carlos Navarro
24 Finance Secretariat Reports G.d.p. Growth For April-june At Surprisingly High 3.8 Percent Carlos Navarro
31 Pemex Reports Crude Oil Exports At An Average 1.3 Million Barrels Per Day In January-june Carlos Navarro
24 Companies From Four Countries Announce New Investments In Mexico During August Carlos Navarro
10 U.S.-mexico Trade Disputes Over Steel Products, Cement, & Tuna Gain Prominence In Late July & Early August Carlos Navarro
10 Finance Secretariat Receives Formal Applications From 20 Foreign Banks To Operate In Mexico Carlos Navarro
03 Low Domestic Supply Of Coffee Could Limit The Amount That Mexico Benefits From The Rise In World Coffee Prices Carlos Navarro
24 Small Airlines Help Boost Commercial Air Traffic In Mexico By More Than 34 Percent In January-june Period Carlos Navarro
24 Central Bank Reports Consumer Price Inflation At 0.4 Percent In July & At 3.8 Percent In January-july 1994 Carlos Navarro
31 Mexican Companies Aggressively Seek Investments In Latin American Countries Carlos Navarro
17 Three Leading Presidential Candidates Conclude Campaigns Before August 21 Presidential Election Carlos Navarro