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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Apr of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
20 Report Says Seven Largest Mexican Banks Own Assets Of US$144 Billion Carlos Navarro
06 Salinas Administration To Award 16 Port Management Concessions By September Carlos Navarro
06 Mexico's Grupo Interacciones Acquires Texas Bank, While U.S. & European Companies Announce New Investments In Mexico Carlos Navarro
20 National Rural Bank (banrural) & Mexican Banks Association Implement Programs To Restructure Agricultural Loans Carlos Navarro
13 Report On Agricultural Trade Deficit For 1993 Carlos Navarro
27 Trade Secretariat Agrees To Investigate One Case Of Dumping, But Dismisses Four Other Complaints Carlos Navarro
13 Overseas Sources Help Mexico's Public Agencies & Private Companies Raise Funds Carlos Navarro
20 Retail Businesses & Labor Criticize Government's Decision To Eliminate Price Controls For Most Basic Goods Carlos Navarro
27 Public Opinion Polls Show Governing Party's Presidential Candidate Ernesto Zedillo In Lead Carlos Navarro
06 Trade Secretariat (secofi) Removes Most Price Controls On Basic Foodstuffs & Petroleum Products Carlos Navarro
20 Consumer Price Inflation Remains Low In First Quarter Of 1994 Carlos Navarro
13 Mexican & Costa Rican Presidents Sign Bilateral Free Trade Agreement Carlos Navarro
20 Mexico Gains Formal Entry Into Organization For Economic Cooperation & Development (o.e.c.d) Carlos Navarro
06 Investigation Into Colosio Assassination Leads To New Arrests Carlos Navarro
27 Government Raises Rates On Short-term Treasury Certificates (cetes) To Stabilize Investment Climate Carlos Navarro
27 Debate Resumes On Land Tenure Issues & 1992 Amendments To Article 27 Of Constitution Carlos Navarro
20 Pemex Launches New Petroleum Exploration Projects Carlos Navarro
13 Finance Secretariat To Take Cautious Approach In Opening Banking Sector To Foreign Institutions Carlos Navarro
20 Industrial Production Up 1.2 Percent In January 1994 Carlos Navarro
20 Communications & Transportation Secretariat (sct) Details Expenditures For Highway Construction Projects In 1994 Carlos Navarro
27 Trade Deficit For January-february 1994 Jumps To Nearly US$3 Billion Carlos Navarro
13 Institutional Revolutionary Party (pri) Candidate Ernesto Zedillo Launches Presidential Campaign Carlos Navarro
06 North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) Signatories Establish Structures For Environmental & Labor Commissions Carlos Navarro
27 Group Of Three (g-3) Nations Fail To Reach Agreement On Free Trade Accord Carlos Navarro
13 Sluggish Economic Growth Leads To Concerns About Possible Devaluation Of Peso Carlos Navarro
27 Finance Secretariat Opens Formal Application Process For Foreign Banks To Establish Mexican Subsidiaries Carlos Navarro