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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Jan of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
05 Production Of Four Basic Foodstuffs Above Expectations At 23.1 Million Metric Tons In 1992-93 LADB Staff
26 U.S. Registers Trade Surplus With Mexico During November 1993 LADB Staff
19 Pemex Reports An Average 2.66 Million Barrels Per Day Of Crude Oil Produced During January-october 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Mexico, Chile Expected To Expand Free-trade Accord LADB Staff
26 Negotiations Could Start Soon Between Government, Zapatistas in Chiapas Conflict Carlos Navarro
19 Mexico , Costa Rica Report Progress On Bilateral Trade Agreement Carlos Navarro
19 U.S., Mexican, Canadian Firms Announce Direct Investments, Partnerships Carlos Navarro
19 Central Bank Reports Slow Progress In Resolving Overdue Agricultural Loans Carlos Navarro
05 U.S., Canada, Mexico Enact North American Free Trade Agreement with Little Fanfare Carlos Navarro
05 Bankers, Restaurants Reach Agreement On Credit Card Finance Charges LADB Staff
12 Private Sector's Foreign Debt Reaches US$38 Billion LADB Staff
26 U.S. Restaurants, Retailers Announce Investment Plans in Mexico LADB Staff
05 National Environmental Institute Locates 80 Illegal Toxic Dumps In Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas States LADB Staff
12 Rebellion In Chiapas Creates Economic, Political Uncertainty Carlos Navarro
05 President Salinas Visits China, Japan To Strengthen Economic Ties Carlos Navarro
05 Two U.S. Companies Withdraw From Business Arrangements With Mexican Partners Carlos Navarro
12 Pemex Announces Plans To Refurbish Tamaulipas Refinery LADB Staff
12 Foreign, Domestic Companies to Submit Bids For Long-distance Telephone Service Carlos Navarro
05 Pemex Report On Oil Exports, January-October 1993 LADB Staff
12 Transportation Secretariat Projects Completion Of Another 1,800 Kilometers Of Highway By Year-end 1994 LADB Staff
05 State-run Railroad Announces Concessions For Repair Centers To Three Mexican-foreign Partnerships LADB Staff
19 Central Bank Reports Consumer Price Inflation At 8 Percent In 1993 LADB Staff
26 Agriculture Ministry Reports Narrowing of Mexico's Agricultural Trade Deficit LADB Staff
12 Nearly Two Dozen Foreign Banks File Requests To Expand Operations In Mexico Carlos Navarro
05 Pemex Announces Self-sufficiency In Natural Gas LADB Staff
26 Weak Economy Depressed Domestic Auto Sales in 1993 LADB Staff
26 Sale of State-Owned Newspaper El Nacional Suspended Again Carlos Navarro
26 Multilateral Agencies Approve Loans for Projects in Mexico LADB Staff
12 Small-business Lender Provices Loans for Northwestern States LADB Staff
12 Mexico City To Construct Elevated Railway Connecting Downtown With Northwest Suburbs LADB Staff
26 Government to Build Two New Highways in Northern Mexico Carlos Navarro
19 Studies Confirm Slow Gdp Growth In Second, Third Quarters Of 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Nestle Reaches Agreement With Union at Six Plants After Prolonged Strike Carlos Navarro
19 Government Changes Strategy in Chiapas Conflict Carlos Navarro