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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Dec of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Trade Secretariat (secofi) Using U.S. & European Formula To Determine Anti-dumping Cases Carlos Navarro
08 Popularity Of Wal-mart's New Monterrey Store Reflects Strong Demand In Mexico For U.S. Consumer Goods Carlos Navarro
15 Banks Report Increase In Profits For January-september Despite Higher Operating Costs & Overdue Loans Carlos Navarro
08 Pemex Seeks Foreign Investors For Distribution Sites; Japanese Consortium Hired To Build New Oaxaca Refinery Carlos Navarro
15 Salinas Administration Attempts To Boost Trade Relations With China Despite Aggressive Government Stance On Dumping Carlos Navarro
08 Mexico's Grupo Dina Acquires Arizona-based Bus Manufacturer Motor Coach Industries International Carlos Navarro
01 Pemex & Foreign Trade Bank (bancomext) Announce Plans To Issue Bonds On International Markets Carlos Navarro
01 National Railroad Company Plans Major Investments In 1994 To Support Modernization & Upgrade Projects Carlos Navarro
08 Mexican Workers Confederation (ctm) Seeks To Boost Salary Cap For 1994 Beyond Prescribed Seven Percent Carlos Navarro
15 Government Has Granted 51 Port Concessions To Private Domestic & Foreign Companies Since June Carlos Navarro
01 Ruling Party (p.r.i) Nominates Social Development Secretary Luis Donaldo Colosio As 1994 Presidential Candidate Carlos Navarro
01 Grupo Posadas Announces Plans To Build Four New Fiesta Americana Hotels Carlos Navarro
15 Domestic Sales Of Motor Vehicles Down 20 Percent In January-september, But Exports Increase Slightly Carlos Navarro
01 Mexican Coffee Producers Ask Government To Join New International Coffee Association Carlos Navarro
15 Government Close To Meeting Target Of 7.7 Percent Inflation For 1993, But At Expense Of Extremely Slow Economic Growth Carlos Navarro
08 Grupo Serfin & Finance Secretariat Announce Plans To Issue Debt Instruments In U.S. Financial Markets Carlos Navarro
08 Mexico, Colombia & Venezuela Complete Negotiations On Group Of Three (g-3) Free Trade Agreement Carlos Navarro
01 Agriculture Secretariat Projects Honey Exports At 60,000 Metric Tons In 1993 Carlos Navarro
15 Construction Company Simec Forms Partnership With National Railroad To Build New Intermodal Terminal Carlos Navarro
01 Pemex Expects To Open New Storage & Distribution Center Near Guadalajara In June 1994 Carlos Navarro
01 Salinas Introduces Legislation Allowing Foreign Banks To Establish Full-service Branches In Mexico Carlos Navarro
01 Finance Secretariat Reports Trade Deficit At US$1.07 Billion For September 1993 Carlos Navarro
15 U.S. & Mexico Impose Restrictions On Cattle Imports Due To Health Concerns Carlos Navarro
15 Televisa Subsidiary Wins Government Concession For New Television Network Carlos Navarro
08 Canadian Prime Minister Chretien Announces Unconditional Endorsement Of North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) Carlos Navarro
15 Trade Secretariat Agrees To Investigate Alleged Dumping Of Steel Products From Five Countries Carlos Navarro