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The following articles were published in SourceMex in May of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 Update On Consumer & Producer Prices Carlos Navarro
19 U.S. Debates Whether To Continue Special Duty-free Status For Mexico Until Nafta Implemented Carlos Navarro
19 Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen Details U.S. Positions On Nafta & Trade Carlos Navarro
05 National Chambers Of Commerce & The Chinese Government Protest Countervailing Duties On Chinese Imports Carlos Navarro
05 On Nafinsa Loans, January-march 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Government Announces Plan To Create Uniform Import Tariff Structure Carlos Navarro
05 Consumer Price Inflation Update, March & January-march, 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Business, Union Leaders Ask Government To Include Bank Costs In Anti-inflation Criteria Carlos Navarro
26 Agriculture Secretariat Announces Subsidies For Small-scale Farmers Carlos Navarro
19 On Decline In Cumulative Profits Of Top Mexican Companies, January-march 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Maquiladora Sector Imports, January-february 1993 Carlos Navarro
19 Declining Production Said To Limit Pemex Ability To Boost Exports Of Lighter Crude Oil Varieties Carlos Navarro
19 Nafta Expected To Boost Mexican Automobile Exports Carlos Navarro
26 Key Labor Confederation Releases Report Criticizing Government's Recent Economic Policies Carlos Navarro
05 Mexican Government Formalizes Anti-dumping Duties Against Some U.S. Steel Products Carlos Navarro
26 Salinas Administration Announces Assistance For Importers Affected By Duties Imposed On China Carlos Navarro
05 Update On Privatization Of Petrochemical Industry Carlos Navarro
05 On Latest Nafta Developments Carlos Navarro
26 Update On Foreign Debt Carlos Navarro
12 Mexican Government Expects Nafta Parallel Agreements To Be Completed Soon Carlos Navarro
12 Tortilla Manufacturer Gimsa To Construct Four New Plants Over Next Two Years Carlos Navarro
26 U.S., Canada & Mexico Agree On Single Text For Nafta Side Accords But Disagree On Trilateral Commissions Carlos Navarro
26 U.S. Internal Revenue Service (irs) Investigating Possible Tax Evasion By Some Maquiladora Plants Carlos Navarro
26 On Mexican Job Losses During 1992 Carlos Navarro
12 Study Says Nafta Would Reduce Number Of Corn Farmers In Mexico Carlos Navarro
19 Rural Producers Forecast Sharp Decline In Mexican Coffee Production For 1993 Carlos Navarro
26 Pemex Petroleum Product Output, January-march 1993 Carlos Navarro
19 Bancomext To Increase Funding For Tourism Projects In 1993 Carlos Navarro
05 Pepsi Cola Monterrey Announces Expansion Plans Carlos Navarro
05 Pemex Crude Oil Export Earnings, January-march 1993 Carlos Navarro
12 Transportation Secretariat Plans Alternate Highway Leading To Nogales Border Crossing Carlos Navarro
05 Grupo Alfa To Issue Stock Carlos Navarro
26 Hylsamex To Issue US$100 Million In Bonds Carlos Navarro
05 Update On Aftermath Of Guadalajara Explosion Carlos Navarro
19 Presidency Introduces Legislation Seeking Autonomy For Central Bank Carlos Navarro
19 Update On Nafta Developments Carlos Navarro
12 U.S. Environmental Groups Announce Conditional Support For Nafta Carlos Navarro
05 Police To Establish New Highway Inspection Posts Carlos Navarro
12 Cemex To Build New Cement Plant In Puebla Carlos Navarro