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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Jan of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
20 Mexicana Airlines Discontinues Dallas Flights Carlos Navarro
13 Clinton, Salinas Agree Nafta Text To Remain Unchanged Carlos Navarro
06 Notes On Telecommunications Carlos Navarro
06 Nuevo Peso Enters Circulation With Few Problems Carlos Navarro
13 Plans For Highway Repair & Maintenance In 1993 Carlos Navarro
20 Update On Open Unemployment, October 1992 Carlos Navarro
27 Newly Formed Mexican Coffee Council To Replace Inmecafe Carlos Navarro
06 Private Sector Shows Strong Interest In Pemex Petrochemical Plants Carlos Navarro
06 Legislators Seek Referendum On Direct Elections, Statehood For Federal District Carlos Navarro
27 Agricultural Balance Of Payments Deficit, January-november 1992 Carlos Navarro
06 Low-income Renters Protest End To Rent Control Carlos Navarro
06 Paper Company Performance, July-september 1992 Carlos Navarro
20 Report: Malnutrition Widespread In Mexico Carlos Navarro
20 Pemex Anticipates Adequate Supplies In 1993 Carlos Navarro
06 Japanese Banks Loan Pemex US$800 Million For Campeche Sound Exploration, Development Carlos Navarro
27 Government Implements Forest Preservation Measures To Protect Monarch Butterfly; Other Environmental Notes Carlos Navarro
06 Salinas Institutes Cabinet Reshuffle Carlos Navarro
06 Tourism Projects Planned In Colima, Quintana Roo Carlos Navarro
13 Puebla State: Government Accuses 25 Mayors Of Misappropriating Government Funds Carlos Navarro
20 On Mexican Egg Production & Consumption Carlos Navarro
06 Government Approves Toluca Airport Expansion To Ease Mexico City Airport Congestion Carlos Navarro
06 On Effects Of Movie Industry Decline In 1992 Carlos Navarro
06 Mexico Trade Deficit Expected To Rise 19% In 1993 Carlos Navarro
06 On Economic Slowdown During Salinas Administration Carlos Navarro
06 Brokerage Houses Fined 30 Billion Pesos In 1992 Carlos Navarro
20 New Bridge Planned For Laredo Border Crossing Carlos Navarro
27 On P.a.n. Breakaway Party Carlos Navarro
20 Manufacturer Of Heavy Trucks To Boost Production Carlos Navarro
06 Fertimex Assumes Role Of Marketing Support Agency Carlos Navarro
13 Consumer Price Inflation Forecasts: January & January-december 1993 Carlos Navarro
13 The New Shape Of The Countryside: Agrarian Counter-reform In Mexico Carlos Navarro
20 Prospects For Mexican Auto Parts Manufacturers Under Nafta Carlos Navarro
20 The New Shape Of The Countryside: Agrarian Counter-reform In Mexico Carlos Navarro
13 Consumer Price Inflation Reported At 11.9% In 1992 Carlos Navarro
06 U.S. Border Cities Feel Impact Of Reduced Mexican Duty-free Import Allowance Carlos Navarro
20 Government To Give Farm Workers Lands Confiscated From Drug Traffickers Carlos Navarro
06 Concern Raised Over 1993 Cotton Import Forecast Carlos Navarro
27 U.S.-based Vista Co. Plans To Build Biodegradable Detergent Plant In Mexico Carlos Navarro
27 Corona Beer Sales Increasing In U.S., Global Market Carlos Navarro
06 Good Weather, Crop Management Help Farmers Produce Record Corn Crop In 1992 Carlos Navarro
06 Government Seeks To Reduce Municipal Electricity Use Carlos Navarro
20 U.S. Provides Funds For Mexico City Anti-pollution Efforts Carlos Navarro
20 Coffee Growers Report Insect & Fungi Infestations Carlos Navarro
13 Business Groups Renew Pledge To Avoid Price Increases During Transition To Nuevo Peso Carlos Navarro
06 Few Companies Comply With Pollution Regulations Carlos Navarro
13 Update On Use Of Magna Sin Unleaded Gasoline Carlos Navarro
27 Infrastructure Spending Target In 1993 Carlos Navarro
27 Wool Workers Strike Averted Carlos Navarro
27 Pemex Expenditures On Environmental Safeguards Carlos Navarro
20 Toll Road Concession Program Facing Obstacles Carlos Navarro
13 On Nafta & Truck Transportation Carlos Navarro
27 On Pemex Refinery Production & Crude Oil Exports, January-november 1992 Carlos Navarro
06 Yucatan Governor Sees Bright Prospects For Henequen Carlos Navarro
06 Mexicana Airlines Starts First-class Service To Cuba Carlos Navarro
27 On New Anti-drug Efforts In Western States Carlos Navarro
06 Tortilla Price Dispute Continues Into December Carlos Navarro
13 Small-business Lender To Open Regional Offices Carlos Navarro
27 Pemex Contracts For Telecommunications Network, Revamping Of Closed Refinery Carlos Navarro
13 Bancomext Loans, January-october 1992 Carlos Navarro
13 Update On Michoacan Elections Carlos Navarro
06 Sorghum Producers Seek Protection From Cheap Imports Carlos Navarro
20 Opposition Party Leader Proposes Electoral Reform Plan Carlos Navarro
20 Government Launches Program To Improve Quality Of Cattle Herd Carlos Navarro
06 Ruling Party & Opposition In Michoacan Continue To Clash Over December 6 Election Carlos Navarro
06 P.a.n. Seeks Sanctions For Misuse Of Funds Carlos Navarro
20 North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta): Summary Of Developments, January 11-18 Carlos Navarro
06 National Railroad Announces Computerization Plans Carlos Navarro
13 Mexico Receives High Rating For Investment Climate Carlos Navarro
20 Private Joint Venture Awarded Three Hydroelectric Contracts Carlos Navarro
27 Pemex To Lay Off 15,000 Workers In 1993 Carlos Navarro
20 On Purchase Of Subsidized Sunflower Oil From U.S. Carlos Navarro
27 Environmental Official Says Mexico Ready To Negotiate Parallel Nafta Accord With U.S. & Canada Carlos Navarro
20 Update On Sale Of Pemex Petrochemical Plants Carlos Navarro
20 F.a.o. Estimate Of Grain Production In Mexico & Central America For 1992 Carlos Navarro
20 Update On 1992 Domestic Public Debt Carlos Navarro
20 Cattle Producers Acquire Majority Share In Mexico City Cold Storage Facility Carlos Navarro
06 Sale Of Government Networks & Newspaper Could Provide Test For New Anti-monopoly Law Carlos Navarro
27 Study Links Risk Of Cancer, Other Diseases To Mexico City Pollution Carlos Navarro
06 U.N. Report Praises Mexico For Policies On Children Carlos Navarro
27 Interest Rates Expected To Remain High In January-june 1993 Carlos Navarro
06 Nafta Agreement Signed: Summary Of Developments & Responses Carlos Navarro
06 Lack Of Funding Postpones Construction Of Mexico-belize International Bridge Carlos Navarro
20 Mexico, Guatemala & Belize To Create Joint Ecological Park Carlos Navarro
13 Mexico City Pollution Said To Cause Long-term Problems For Children's Health Carlos Navarro
06 Private Sector Job Creation Down Sharply In 1992 Carlos Navarro
20 Notes On Tourism Carlos Navarro
13 Brief On Agricultural Sector Lending Carlos Navarro
27 Initial Performance, Projections For Mexican Stock Exchange In 1993 Carlos Navarro
13 Note On 1992 Airport Upgrades Carlos Navarro