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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Dec of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Note On 1991 Agricultural Census Steven Ranieri
04 On Mexican Imports Of U.S. Corn & Wheat Steven Ranieri
18 Trade Union Confederation To Expand Organizing Work Among Campesinos Steven Ranieri
18 Nissan Automobiles Manufactured In Mexico To Be Imported By Japan Steven Ranieri
04 American Express Launches Corporate Gold Card In Mexico Steven Ranieri
18 Projected 1992 Income & Value Added Tax Revenue Steven Ranieri
04 Bancomext Loan Disbursements, January - September 1991 Steven Ranieri
18 Pemex Investment In Upgrade & Expansion Of Storage Terminals Steven Ranieri
18 National Indigenous Institute (ini) Opposes Simpson Investment Co. Plan For Eucalyptus Plantation In Veracruz Steven Ranieri
04 Treasury Minister Says Mexican Business Taxes Competitive With U.S. & Canada Steven Ranieri
04 On Pemex Investment Plans For 1992 Steven Ranieri
18 Mexico City: Inhaled Lead Particles Inhibit Cognitive Development Steven Ranieri
18 Telcel Signs Agreement With Swedish Company To Expand Cellular Phone Network Steven Ranieri
18 Chamber Of Deputies Approves Constitutional Modifications Regarding Land Tenure Steven Ranieri
18 Output Of 18 Manufacturing Sub-sectors Below 1981 Levels Steven Ranieri
18 Aeromexico Introduces Frequent Flyer Program Steven Ranieri
04 Mexico City Government Evaluates Construction Proposals For Electric Monorail System Steven Ranieri
18 Report On French Trade & Investment In Mexico Steven Ranieri
18 1991 Annual Report On Electricity, Oil & Petrochemical Industries Steven Ranieri
18 Update On Bank Reprivatization Steven Ranieri
04 Note On Drug Seizure Quantities Steven Ranieri
04 Treasury Ministry Announces Winning Bids In Privatization Of Steel Plants Steven Ranieri
04 U.S. & Mexico Finalize Roadway & Air Transport Agreements Steven Ranieri
04 On Effectiveness Of "iron Curtain" In Drug Interdiction Steven Ranieri
18 State-run Railway Company To Introduce Charter Service Between Mexico & U.S. In 1992 Steven Ranieri
04 U.S. & Mexican Firms Plan Joint Cargo Transport Venture Steven Ranieri
18 On Mexican-german Trade Steven Ranieri
04 Update On North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) Negotiations, November 18 - December 2 Steven Ranieri
04 Government Predicts Fiscal Surplus In 1991 & 1992 Steven Ranieri
18 National Human Rights Commission (cndh) Issues Report Steven Ranieri
04 On Pollution Control Measures During Winter Months In Mexico City Steven Ranieri
04 Imports & Exports By Sector, January-september 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
18 US$600 Million In Loans From World Bank & Inter-american Development Bank For Irrigation & Water Control Steven Ranieri
18 Spanish Bank Purchases Probursa Stocks Steven Ranieri
04 Mexican Agriculture Ministry Proposes Quarantine Of Imported Chilean Fruit Steven Ranieri
04 Campesino Organizations Request National Debate On Proposed Changes To Ejido Property Relations Steven Ranieri
04 Foreign Ministry Requests U.S. Supreme Court Review Of Circumstances Surrounding Arrest Of Mexican National Steven Ranieri
18 On Wharton Macroeconomic Projections For 1992 Steven Ranieri
18 US$100 Million Bond Offering By Apasco Cement Company Steven Ranieri
18 Bancomext Loan Program To Support Energy Efficiency By Export Producers Steven Ranieri
18 On National Solidarity Program (pronasol) Budget & Activities Steven Ranieri
04 Trade Surplus With Guatemala Steven Ranieri
18 President Recommends Prison Sentences For Persons Guilty Of Intentional Harm To Dolphins Steven Ranieri
18 Note On Maquiladora Sector Employment Steven Ranieri
04 Debate & Legislative Votes On Agricultural Land Tenure Reforms Steven Ranieri
04 National Solidarity Program (pronasol) 1992 Budget Steven Ranieri
04 U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman On North American Free Trade Agreement Steven Ranieri
18 Gdp Growth Rate At 4.1% In January-september 1991 Steven Ranieri
18 On Repatriation Of Flight Capital & Foreign Investment Steven Ranieri
18 Bancomext Approves US$120 Million Credit Line For Purchase Of Canadian Telecommunications Equipment Steven Ranieri
04 On Proliferation Of Pirate Videocassette Rentals & Sales Steven Ranieri
04 New Gold Mine In Sonora State Steven Ranieri
18 Average Prices On Mexican Crude Oil Exports, October & November 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
04 Mexicana Airline Takes Delivery Of First Airbus A320 Steven Ranieri
18 Televisa Stock Offerings In Mexican & Foreign Markets Steven Ranieri
18 All Fertimex Plants To Be Privatized By August 1992 Steven Ranieri
04 Treasury Ministry Opens Bid Process For Multibanco Comermex Steven Ranieri
18 Mexico Bans U.S. Imports Of Hogs & Selected Fruits Steven Ranieri
04 Japanese Firms Plan Investment In Tourism Project Steven Ranieri
04 Trade Deficit, January-september 1991 Steven Ranieri
18 Senate Ratifies Chile-mexico Free Trade Agreement Steven Ranieri
18 Foreign Investment In Stock Market As Of October 31 Steven Ranieri
04 Cholera Update Steven Ranieri
04 Japan's Economic Planning Agency Predicts Mexican Foreign Debt Repayment By 2009 Steven Ranieri
18 Petrochemical Output, Exports, January-october 1991 Steven Ranieri
04 Notes On Construction Of New Power Plants Steven Ranieri
04 Note On French Investment In Mexico Steven Ranieri
04 Environmental Protection Agency Applies Sanctions Against 70 Companies In November Steven Ranieri
18 On Displacement Of Mexico's Capital Goods Industry By Foreign Companies Steven Ranieri
04 Mexican Firms Maseca & Soriana Announce Plans To Offer Stocks On Foreign Exchanges Steven Ranieri
04 Standard & Poor Issues Credit Report On Mexico Steven Ranieri
18 On Conflicting Estimates Of Petroleum Reserves Steven Ranieri
04 On 1991 Foreign Debt Service, Plans For 1992 Steven Ranieri
18 10% Value Added Tax On Credit Card Transactions Steven Ranieri
18 Constitutional Amendment Permits Tourism Ventures On Ejido Lands Steven Ranieri
18 On Plans For Reducing Government Intervention In Agriculture Steven Ranieri
18 Consumer Price Inflation, November 1991 Steven Ranieri
04 Mexico-canada Cooperation Agreements Steven Ranieri
04 Balance Of Payments, January-september 1990 & 1991 Steven Ranieri
18 Over US$10 Billion To Be Invested In Tourism "megaprojects" In Next Six Years Steven Ranieri
18 Report On Crude Oil Exports Steven Ranieri
04 Direct Foreign Investment, November 1988 - October 1991 Steven Ranieri
18 Foreign Investment In Mexican Stock Exchange (bmv) Concentrated In Communications & Transport Steven Ranieri
18 La Modernizacion De Infraestructura, En Manos Del Sector Privado Steven Ranieri
18 Essay: Government Opts For Private Sector To Modernize Infrastructure, Meet Social Welfare Requirements Steven Ranieri
18 Privatization Of State-run Television Company Begins Steven Ranieri
04 Consumer Price Index Up 1.5% In First Half Of November Steven Ranieri
18 Sanctions Imposed On Retail Establishments For Violating Terms Of Economic Stability Pact Steven Ranieri
04 Overview Of Asian Nations' Recent Trade & Investment Ties With Mexico Steven Ranieri
18 Report On Domestic Vehicle Sales Steven Ranieri
18 Summary Of North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta) Debate & Related Developments, November 27 - December 16 Steven Ranieri
04 1991 Consumer Price Inflation Estimate Steven Ranieri