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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Nov of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
20 U.S. Company Jack In The Box Opens Restaurants In Mexico Steven Ranieri
20 Foreign Automaker Subsidiary Plants In Mexico Given High Marks For Quality Steven Ranieri
20 I.d.b. Affiliate Approves Investment In Risk Capital Fund Steven Ranieri
20 October Inflation At 1.2% Steven Ranieri
06 Government Sells Controlling Stake In Bancomer For Over US$2.5 Billion Steven Ranieri
06 Mexican Investors Urged To Explore Opportunities In Israel Steven Ranieri
06 Bancomext Loans, January-august 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 U.S. Consulting Firm Evaluates Privatization Of Environmental Protection Activities Steven Ranieri
06 Governmental Human Rights Commission Calls For Investigation Of Mexico City Prisons Steven Ranieri
20 On Currency Overvaluation Steven Ranieri
06 Summary: Free Trade Agreement Negotiations & Related Developments, October 11 - November 1 Steven Ranieri
20 On Changes In U.S.-mexico Air Traffic Agreement Steven Ranieri
06 Gross Domestic Product (gdp) Growth Rate, January-june, 1982 - 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Amerimex Fund Established To Acquire U.S. Manufacturing Companies Steven Ranieri
20 Crude Export Prices Up In October Steven Ranieri
20 Proposals For Labor Code Modification Steven Ranieri
06 Report On Maquiladora Sector Steven Ranieri
06 US$280 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Developing Tourism Projects Steven Ranieri
06 41 Million Mexicans Unable To Satisfy Basic Nutritional Requirements Steven Ranieri
20 On Proposed Changes In Land Tenure Steven Ranieri
20 Foreign Debt Totals, September 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 On Declining Real Wages (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Mexican Businesspersons Visit Cuba To Evaluate Investment Opportunities Steven Ranieri
20 Maquiladoras Contribute To Preserving Jobs In U.S. Steven Ranieri
20 Canacintra Requests Credit Line For Exports To Cuba Steven Ranieri
20 Anti-narcotics Program: Notes On Recent Developments Steven Ranieri
20 On Pemex Investment Requirements & Performance Steven Ranieri
06 Modernization Of Acapulco Port Facilities Steven Ranieri
06 Public Works & Infrastructure Open Up To Foreign Investment Steven Ranieri
06 US$99.5 Million In Concessionary Loans For Small- & Medium-scale Manufacturers Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex Bond Offering On Austrian Market Steven Ranieri
06 Fish & Seafood Product Trade Surplus, January-july 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Nafinsa Obtains US$20 Million Credit Line From Barclays Bank Steven Ranieri
20 Emerging Mexico Fund Gains, 3rd Quarter 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 Joint Venture Consortium To Build Thermoelectric Plant In Yucatan Steven Ranieri
20 Questions On Ejido Property Relations Transformation Steven Ranieri
06 Zenith Electronics Corp. Plans Transfer Of Tv Set Manufacturing Operations From U.S. To Mexico Steven Ranieri
20 U.S. & Mexican Investors To Open New Industrial Park Connecting Border Cities Steven Ranieri
20 Mexican Stock Exchange (bmv) Activity Steven Ranieri
20 Foreign Companies Interested In Building Homes In Mexico Steven Ranieri
20 Executive Submits 1992 Budget Draft To Congress Steven Ranieri
06 Port Facilities In Mazatlan To Be Privatized Steven Ranieri
06 US$60 Million Bond Issue By Bancomext Steven Ranieri
20 Projections For Tourism Sector Foreign Exchange Earnings Steven Ranieri
06 Telmex Finalizes Contract For Installation Of Fiber Optic Equipment Steven Ranieri
06 Recent Debate On Transformation Of Ejido Steven Ranieri
20 North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta): Summary Of Developments, November 6 - 13 Steven Ranieri
06 Sugar Industry Crisis Steven Ranieri
06 0.6% Consumer Price Inflation In First Half Of October Steven Ranieri
06 Gdp Growth & Inflation Projections Steven Ranieri
06 Finance Ministry Announces Next Round Of Bank Privatizations Steven Ranieri
20 French Conglomerate To Invest In Tourism Steven Ranieri
06 On Banrural's Overdue Loans Steven Ranieri
20 Update On Bank Reprivatization Steven Ranieri
06 US$88 Million World Bank Loan For Training Environment Monitors Steven Ranieri
20 Cholera Update Steven Ranieri
06 Lax Enforcement Of Environmental Regulations In Maquiladora Sector Steven Ranieri
20 Banrural Role In Promoting Agricultural Development Described As Negligible Steven Ranieri
20 Mexico To Obtain Over US$3 Billion From World Bank In 1992-1994 Steven Ranieri
20 Treasury Ministry Evaluates Tax Reforms Steven Ranieri
20 Banking Industry Overdue Loan Rate At 4.4% Steven Ranieri
06 Plans To Reduce Air Pollution Along Border With Texas Steven Ranieri
06 Recesion En Maquila: Ingresos Estancados Y Menor Ocupacion Steven Ranieri
06 1987 Government Subsidies/market Value Ratios For Producers Of Nine Agricultural Products: Mexico, U.S., & Canada (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Crude Exports, January-september 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 Mexican Congress Calls For Investigation Into Murder Of Journalist Gabriel Venegas Steven Ranieri
06 Maquiladora Sector Performance, 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 Pemex Explores Joint Venture To Construct Mtbe Plant Steven Ranieri
20 Spanish Bank To Acquire Stock In Reprivatized Banco De Oriente Steven Ranieri
20 On Elimination Of Bureaucratic Red Tape For Exporters Steven Ranieri
06 Oil Industry Analysts Say Pemex Output Far Below Capacity Steven Ranieri
06 Governmental Human Rights Commission Reports On Abuses Suffered By Undocumented Mexicans Seeking Work In U.S. Steven Ranieri
20 Al Margen Del Apoyo Financiero Sobrevive El 40% De Los Ejidos Steven Ranieri
06 Five-year Forecast For Maquiladora Sector Steven Ranieri
20 Sixth Revision Of Economic Stability Pact (pece) Steven Ranieri
06 700,000 Mt Of Corn Crop Lost Due To Flooding Steven Ranieri
20 US$200 Million Stock Offering By Grupo Vitro Steven Ranieri
06 Public Opinion Poll On Government Economic Policy Steven Ranieri
06 Gross Domestic Product (gdp) Growth Rate By Sector, January-june, 1990 & 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Consumer Price Inflation, By Product & Service Category, October 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Japanese Investors Worried Over Impact Of Trilateral Trade Agreement Steven Ranieri
06 Metallurgy & Mining Enterprises Administered By Mining Development Commission To Be Privatized Steven Ranieri
20 On Foreign Investments In Mexican Stock Exchange (bmv) Steven Ranieri
06 Average Daily Crude Oil & Natural Gas Output, January-september 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 Natural Gas Pipeline Links Reynosa, Tamaulipas & Penitas, Texas Steven Ranieri
06 Government Agency Spending For Environmental Clean-up & Conservation In 1992 Steven Ranieri
20 On Reported Cases Of Corruption, Government Imposed Sanctions Steven Ranieri
20 President Outlines New Agricultural Development Program Steven Ranieri
20 Environmental Protection Program In Mexico-u.s. Border Region Steven Ranieri
06 Profile Of Electronics Industry Steven Ranieri
20 Average Crude Export Prices Per Barrel, By Grade & Destination, September & October 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Layoffs In State-run Steel, Oil & Electricity Companies Steven Ranieri
20 Overdue Loans/total Loans At 17 Mexican Banks, 3rd Quarter 1991 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Textile Industry Operating At 50% Of Capacity Steven Ranieri
06 Thousands Of Agricultural Workers Protest Incarceration Of Catholic Priest Steven Ranieri
06 Notes On Eastern Region Economy Steven Ranieri
06 Mexico To Conclude Free Trade Agreement With Nicaragua Steven Ranieri