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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Feb of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
06 Government To Retain Control Over Satellite & Telegraph Communications Steven Ranieri
06 "desempeno De La Industria Maquiladora En Mexico" (aspects Of Maquiladora Industry Performance) Steven Ranieri
20 Expected Sales Of Fish & Seafood Products During Lent Steven Ranieri
20 Grape Industry In Crisis Steven Ranieri
06 On State-run Fertilizer Company's 1990 Performance, Reorganization Plans Steven Ranieri
06 African Bees Not Yet Affecting Honey Production Steven Ranieri
06 U.S. Recession Expected To Cause Decline In Export Revenues Steven Ranieri
20 $1.4 Billion Agricultural Trade Deficit, Jan.-nov. 1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Chronology Of Free Trade Accord Developments: Jan. 15-feb. 5 Steven Ranieri
20 Budget & Planning Ministry Announces Four More Privatizations Steven Ranieri
06 Cuban Debt To Mexico To Be Partially Repaid Via Joint Ventures In Cuban Industries Steven Ranieri
06 Federal Tax Revenues Total $23.3 Billion In 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 Cumulative Direct Foreign Investment (dfi) By Country Of Origin As Of Year-end 1988 ($ Millions) (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Basic Grains Harvest Far Below Projections Steven Ranieri
20 Feasibility Studies Underway On Desalinization Plant To Be Located In Mexico Near Border Steven Ranieri
06 $83 Million To Be Invested In First Stage Of Tourism Complex In Chihuahua State Steven Ranieri
06 Foreign Investment Welcome In Expansion & Modernization Of Tijuana Airport Steven Ranieri
06 Recent Statistic On Labor Force Participation Rate Steven Ranieri
06 Agriculture Minister Predicts Reduced Foodstuff Imports In 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 General Motors Plant Workers End Strike Steven Ranieri
06 Government Spending On Agriculture In 1990 At 20-year Low Steven Ranieri
06 Manufacturing Sector G.d.p. Growth Rates By Quarter, 1988 & 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Citibank Places $570 Million Worth Of Telmex Bonds On Market Steven Ranieri
20 State-run Railway Company Reports Automobile Cargo Transport To Foreign Countries Up In 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 Manufacturing: Employment Growth Rates, 1988 & 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 Research Centers To Be Privatized Steven Ranieri
20 Maquiladora Plants In Mexico, 1983-1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex Export Revenues, January-november 1990 Steven Ranieri
20 Liberalization Policy Extended To Foreign Investment In Financial Sector Steven Ranieri
06 U.S. International Trade Commission Calls For Financial Sector Liberalization Steven Ranieri
20 Volkswagen Considers $1 Billion Investment For Modernization & Expansion Of Puebla Plant Steven Ranieri
20 Labor, Environmental, & Religious Groups In U.S. And Mexico Organize Against Maquiladoras Steven Ranieri
20 Oil Export Prices Down $4.68 Per Barrel In January Steven Ranieri
06 U.S.-based First Interstate Bank Approves $114.4 Million In Trade Credits For Banamex Steven Ranieri
20 Government Raises Guaranteed Price For Beans Steven Ranieri
20 On Fertilizer Prices & Projected Domestic Consumption For 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 Private German Investment Projected At $1.6 Billion For 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 "el Petroleo Y Las Relaciones Mexico-ee.uu." (oil & U.S.-mexican Relations) Steven Ranieri
06 On Enthusiasm For Mexican Bonds In European Capital Markets Steven Ranieri
20 Government Opens Bidding For Construction Of Communications Satellites Steven Ranieri
06 Quarterly G.d.p. Growth Rates By Sector, 1988 & 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 More On Impact Of Persian Gulf War Steven Ranieri
06 2.8% Unemployment In September 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 World Bank Loans To Mexico Tripled Since 1985 Steven Ranieri
20 Foreign Investment Expected To Decline In 1991 Due To Uncertainty Over Persian Gulf War Steven Ranieri
06 Maquiladoras Accused Of Producing & Illegally Dumping Toxic Wastes Steven Ranieri
06 Italian & Mexican Banks To Provide $220 Million For Financing Bilateral Trade Steven Ranieri
06 29.9% Inflation Rate For 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 "creciente Discriminacion A Indocumentados En Ee.uu." (notes On Undocumented Mexican Workers In U.S.) (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Subsidy Program Aimed At Basic Grains Self-sufficiency In Context Of U.S.-mexico Free Trade Accord Steven Ranieri
20 Central American Border Closed To Livestock Steven Ranieri
06 Bank Reprivatization Update Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex Authorizes New Net Foreign Debt Of $1.482 Billion In 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 Contingency Fund For Easing Impact Of Declining Oil Prices May Reach $8 Billion In 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Over 113,000 Jobs Eliminated In Four Major State-run Enterprises Since 1985 Steven Ranieri
06 Manufacturing: Remuneration Growth Rates, 1988 & 1989 (1980=100) (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Nissan To Invest Over $1 Billion In Mexico Steven Ranieri
20 $3.336 Billion Extra Oil Income In August 1990-january 1991 Period Steven Ranieri
20 1990 Balance Of Payments Components Steven Ranieri
20 State-run Company To Export 200,000 Mt Of Fertilizers To China Steven Ranieri
06 National Tourism Development Fund Plans To Distribute Over $74 Million Worth Of Loans In 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Public Employee Social Security Institute Budget Up 20% In 1991 Steven Ranieri
06 I.d.b. Loans To Mexico May Total $1 Billion In 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Mexico To Negotiate Reclassification Of Maquiladora Products In Trilateral Free Trade Accord Steven Ranieri
20 Fisheries Secretary Says U.S. Tuna Boycott Violates G.a.t.t. Steven Ranieri
20 Economic Crisis In Maquiladora Industry Steven Ranieri
06 Nafinsa To Provide $136 Million In Loans To Restaurant Industry Steven Ranieri
20 Government Funding For Operations & Investment To Be Eliminated For Steel Plants Undergoing Privatization Steven Ranieri
20 Japanese Direct Investment & Trade In 1990 Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex Reports Record Petrochemical Output & Higher Profits In 1990 Steven Ranieri
20 Campeche State Honey Production Cut 50% By Cold Snap Steven Ranieri
20 On Foreign Debt & Debt Service In 1990 Steven Ranieri
20 Tourism Affected By Gulf War Steven Ranieri
20 Soybean Producers In Five States Threaten Strike Unless Government Approves Import Tariff Steven Ranieri
20 Consumer Price Index Up 2.5% In January Steven Ranieri
20 Banrural Approves $3.36 Million In Loans For Cattle Growers In Chontalpa, Tabasco State Steven Ranieri
06 Tuna Embargo Update Steven Ranieri
06 Banrural Loans Total $886 Million In January-october 1990 Steven Ranieri
06 Privatization Of State-run Television Begins Steven Ranieri
20 Mexico Receives Favorable Credit Rating From Moody's Steven Ranieri
20 U.S. Eight-year Embargo On Import Of Mexican Limes To Be Lifted In Summer 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex 1990 Oil Exports To U.S. Exceeded Promised Limit Steven Ranieri
20 1990 Federal Government Deficit, Balance Of Payments Current Account Deficit, Debt Service Payments Steven Ranieri
20 Pemex Liquidates Domestic Debt In 1990 With Extra Oil Export Revenues Steven Ranieri
20 Note On Impact Of U.S. Recession & Gulf War On Mexican Export Revenues Steven Ranieri
20 Government Plans $18.5 Million Investment In Transport Infrastructure For Coahuila State Steven Ranieri
20 Mexican Steel Output Up 10.6% In 1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Oil Exports To Haiti & Nicaragua To Be Resumed Steven Ranieri
20 Campeche & Yucatan Honey Producers Establish Joint Marketing Association Steven Ranieri
06 Electricity Infrastructure Investment In Chihuahua, Durango & Coahuila States Steven Ranieri
06 Singapore Interested In Mexican Investment Opportunities Steven Ranieri
06 Pharmaceutical Price Deregulation Expected By Year-end Steven Ranieri
06 Possible U.S. Embargo On Mexican Shrimp Steven Ranieri
20 $840 Million Loan Program For Small-scale Business In 1991 Steven Ranieri
20 Domestic Public Debt Reduced By 5% In January Steven Ranieri
06 Foreign Car Sales In January Steven Ranieri
06 U.S. Exports To Mexico By Selected States, 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
06 On Impact Of New Legislation On Labels For Domestic & Imported Textile Products Steven Ranieri
06 Spanish Investment In Mexico Not Affected By Persian Gulf Conflict Steven Ranieri
20 Government's Development Banks Channel Only 20% Of Loans To Private Sector Steven Ranieri
20 $4 Million In Debt-for-nature Swap Steven Ranieri
20 Note On Tourism Steven Ranieri
20 Telmex Stock Offering In Japan's Nomura Exchange Scheduled For May Steven Ranieri
20 Small- & Medium-size Radio & Television Stations To Receive $150 Million In Government-backed Loans Steven Ranieri
20 1990 Investment In Export Diversification Projects Expected To Yield $24 Billion In Non-oil Export Revenues By 1992 Steven Ranieri
06 Privatization Of Iron & Steel Plants To Be Complete By September Steven Ranieri
20 Notes On 1991 Economic Policy Goals Steven Ranieri
20 On Annual Deforestation Steven Ranieri
06 Telmex To Invest $8 Billion Over Three-year Period Steven Ranieri
20 20 State-run Companies In Agricultural Sector To Be Dismantled Steven Ranieri
20 Two-thirds Of Arable Land Severely Eroded Steven Ranieri
20 1990 Coffee Harvest Up 24.12% Steven Ranieri
20 Chronology Of Free Trade Accord Developments: Feb. 6-feb. 19 Steven Ranieri
06 Manufacturing: Average Growth Rates By Volume, 1988 & 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 State-run Railway Car Construction Company To Be Privatized Steven Ranieri
06 Interest On Farm Loans For 1991 Projected At 24 To 26% Steven Ranieri
06 Good Year To Increase Investment If Current Economic Policies Continued Steven Ranieri
06 Latin Finance Predicts Bleak Year For Mexico Steven Ranieri
06 $60 Million In Debt Owed To Italy Restructured Steven Ranieri
20 Agricultural Self-sufficiency Hindered By Export Promotion Policies Steven Ranieri
20 Bank Privatization Update Steven Ranieri
20 Agriculture Minister Reports On 1990 Performance Steven Ranieri
20 Profits In Selected Years & Market Value Of Banks Nationalized In 1982 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
20 Inter-american Development Bank Approves $540 Million Loan For Tourism Promotion Fund Steven Ranieri
20 Government Adviser Says 100% Private Sector Control Will Be Allowed In "all Areas" Of Oil Processing Steven Ranieri