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The following articles were published in SourceMex in Nov of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
21 Agricultural Credit Bank To Forgive 600,000 Debtors' Interest Arrears Through Spring-summer 1989 Steven Ranieri
21 Farmers Revolt In Colima Steven Ranieri
07 National Railway Company Expected To Earn $250 Million In 1990 Serving Northern Border Cities Steven Ranieri
07 State-run Electricity Company (cfe) Manager: Government's Financial Crisis Management Strategies Resounding Failure Steven Ranieri
21 Natural Gas Imports From U.S., 1988, 1989 Steven Ranieri
21 Un- & Underemployment Projections For 1990s Steven Ranieri
07 Private Sector Participation In G.d.p., 1975-1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
07 State-run Railway Company To Invest $500 Million Per Year For Infrastructure Improvements Steven Ranieri
21 Update On Privatization Of State-run Steelworks Steven Ranieri
07 Pemex Reserve Stocks Down 41% Steven Ranieri
21 U.S. Company Proposes Construction Of Natural Gas Pipeline Steven Ranieri
21 U.S. Private Investment In 1990 Steven Ranieri
21 Mexican Farmers Cannot Compete With Subsidized U.S. Farm Imports Steven Ranieri
07 Extra Oil Income Earmarked For Retirement Of Government's Domestic Debt Steven Ranieri
21 Anti-inflation Pact Extended To Dec. 31, 1992 Steven Ranieri
21 Maquiladoras In Nuevo Leon State Steven Ranieri
07 Birth Rate Declines Steven Ranieri
07 Pemex Exports, January-august 1990 Steven Ranieri
21 Mexican Trade With Latin America Steven Ranieri
07 On National "food Deficit"; Private Sector Leaders Call For Return To Agricultural Subsidies & Protectionism Steven Ranieri
07 Government Dissolves Telecommunications Company; Telmex To Purchase Microwave Network Enterprise Steven Ranieri
07 Debt Service, January 1989-june 1990 Steven Ranieri
07 0.9% Inflation, First Half Of October Steven Ranieri
07 Salt Production & Exports, January-september 1990 Steven Ranieri
21 On Recent Discoveries Of Assorted Mineral Deposits Steven Ranieri
21 Domestic Manufacturing Industry's Export Capacity "marginal" Steven Ranieri
07 U.S. & Dutch Investors Acquire Veracruz Shipyard Steven Ranieri
21 U.S. Companies Open New Automotives Plant In Toluca Steven Ranieri
21 Agriculture Minister Says Bumper Corn & Bean Crops Will Cut 1991 Imports By 2.5 Million Mt Steven Ranieri
21 Mexico Imports Luxury Automobiles Steven Ranieri
21 On Mexico's Precipitous Decline In Sugarcane Output; Producers Refuse To Begin 1990/91 Harvest Steven Ranieri
07 Foreign Investors Less Than Excited About Acquiring Interest In Mexican Banks Steven Ranieri
07 Reports On Fisheries Sector Performance Steven Ranieri
07 Soybean Producers Protest Price Policies, Win Renewed Subsidies Steven Ranieri
07 Bank Profits Up 136% In 1989 Steven Ranieri
07 Notes On Malnutrition Steven Ranieri
21 372 Of 404 State-owned Enterprises Privatized Since 1983 Steven Ranieri
07 New Air Pollution Reduction Program For Mexico City Steven Ranieri
07 Serious Housing Shortage Steven Ranieri
21 Debt Restructuring Agreements With Belgium & Holland Steven Ranieri
21 Agriculture Minister Announces New Price Floors For Sorghum & Wheat Steven Ranieri
21 Report On Shrimp Production Steven Ranieri
07 On 1990 Grain Imports Steven Ranieri
07 Real Minimum Wage Decline Steven Ranieri
21 U.S.-mexico Free Trade Agreement Debate: Recent Expressions Of Optimism, Support Steven Ranieri
07 Aeromexico & General Electric Subsidiary Form Plane Leasing Joint Venture Steven Ranieri
07 Consumer Price Index By Month, 1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
21 66% Of All Mexicans Malnourished Steven Ranieri
21 Report On Privatization Of State-run Telephone Company, Telmex Steven Ranieri
07 On Flight Capital, 1980s Steven Ranieri
21 E.e.c. Donates $1 Million Toward Preservation Of Mayan Ruins Steven Ranieri
07 Study Based On Industrial Census: Revenues Allocated To Employee Remuneration Average 9.51% Steven Ranieri
07 Impact Of Foreign Competition On Textile Industry Steven Ranieri
07 International Finance Corporation Loans To Mexican Companies Steven Ranieri
07 34% Of Private Sector Foreign Debt Owed By Foreign Subsidiaries Steven Ranieri
07 Spanish Private Investment In 1990-1994 Steven Ranieri
21 Pemex Exploratory Wells In Veracruz & Tabasco States Steven Ranieri
21 Summary Of 1990 Debt-equity Swap Program Steven Ranieri
07 1990 Balance Of Payments Category Projections Steven Ranieri
21 Public Sector Investment Down 17% In 1990 Steven Ranieri
07 On U.S. Embargo Against Mexican Tuna Imports Steven Ranieri
21 Federal Government Financial Deficit/gdp, Operational Surplus/gdp, 1982-1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
07 Basic Goods & Services Prices Surpass Global Consumer Price Inflation Steven Ranieri
07 Federal Government To Spend $50 Million On Tourism Advertising Campaign Steven Ranieri
07 1990 Honey Production Steven Ranieri
07 1990 Coffee Production, Exports To U.S. Steven Ranieri
21 1991 Federal Budget Outline Steven Ranieri
07 G.d.p. Per Capita, Selected Years, 1960 To 1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
21 U.S. Embargo Against Mexican Tuna Lifted Until Feb. 11, 1991 Steven Ranieri
07 Pemex Program To Reduce Air Pollution Steven Ranieri
21 U.S.-mexico Free Trade Agreement Debate: Recent Expressions Of Opposition, Reservations Steven Ranieri
21 Domestic Oversupply Of Fertilizers May Boost Exports To Record Level Steven Ranieri
21 October Oil Export Prices Steven Ranieri
21 Mexico: A Case Of Distorted Development By David Barkin Steven Ranieri
21 1990 Foreign Debt Service Exceeds Sum Approved By Chamber Of Deputies By 32 Billion Pesos Per Day Steven Ranieri
21 Notes On U.S.-mexico Trade Accord Procedural Developments & Related Matters Steven Ranieri
21 Agreement To Supply U.S. With Additional 100,000 Bpd Indefinitely Extended Steven Ranieri
21 Human Rights Abuses Against Mexicans In U.S. Border Area Increasing Steven Ranieri
21 New Federal Assistance Program For Primary School Education Steven Ranieri
07 Despite Debt Reduction, Debt Service Payments Continue To Qualify As Major Financial Burden Steven Ranieri
07 Economic Team's 1991 Budget Draft Steven Ranieri
21 On Income Inequalities In Rural Mexico Steven Ranieri
07 Consumer & Wholesale Price Index, September Steven Ranieri
07 Notes On Public Spending & State-run Company Revenues, January-june 1990 Steven Ranieri
07 Industrial Growth Rates, January-july 1990 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
21 U.S. Investors Give Mexico Top Billing Steven Ranieri
07 Sugar Industry Travails Steven Ranieri
07 $3.5 Billion In Direct Foreign Investment, Jan.-sept. 1990 Steven Ranieri
21 Synopsis Of Agricultural Production Decline In 1980s Steven Ranieri
21 Chase Manhattan Approves $80 Million Loan For Mexicana De Aviacion Steven Ranieri
07 Maquiladoras Net $3.5 Billion In Hard Currency Steven Ranieri
21 Federal Subsidies Of Electricity Costs To Continue Steven Ranieri
07 $1.904 Billion Trade Deficit, January-july 1990 Steven Ranieri
21 Mexican Port Authority Reports Productivity Improvements Steven Ranieri
21 Agriculture Ministry Proposes Special Compensation For Farmers Experiencing Major Losses From Trade Liberalization Steven Ranieri
21 Fruit Fly Causes $17 Million In Losses To Veracruz State Citrus Growers Steven Ranieri
21 Mexican & Hong Kong Consortiums To Build Aircraft Maintenance Operation In Tijuana Steven Ranieri
21 Engineering Professor Says Proven Oil Reserves 50% Less Than Indicated By Government Sources Steven Ranieri
07 Mexico To Import 2.5 Million Tons Of Wheat In 1991 Steven Ranieri
07 Mexico Fifth Poorest Nation In Latin America Steven Ranieri
21 British Magazine Denounces Assassinations Of 30 Mexican Journalists Steven Ranieri
07 Direct Foreign Investment, 1980-1989 (s/s) Steven Ranieri
07 U.S. Eximbank Approves $97.3 Million Credit Line Steven Ranieri
07 U.N.'s International Agricultural Development Fund Approves $30 Million Loan For 32 Impoverished Communities Steven Ranieri
21 Fy1990 U.S. Commodity Credit Corporation (ccc) Financing For Mexican Food Staples Imports Steven Ranieri
07 Privatization Of Fertimex To Be Complete By Year-end Steven Ranieri
07 Bond Issues In Foreign Markets Pemex's Principal Source Of New Investment Financing Steven Ranieri
07 Government's Plans & Accomplishments To Date Aimed At Increasing Private Sector Participation In National Economy Steven Ranieri
07 Port Activity Expands In 1990 Steven Ranieri
07 Mexico Submits Protest To G.a.t.t. Against U.S. Steven Ranieri
21 Mexico's Real Minimum Wage Among Lowest In Latin America (s/s) Steven Ranieri