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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1999.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez Clashes With Congress Following Inauguration Patricia Hynds
26 Ecuador Devalues Its Currency As Crisis Continues Patricia Hynds
26 Ecuador: Opposition Deputy Is Assassinated Patricia Hynds
05 Bolivia: President Banzer Says Country Is Winning War On Drug Trafficking Patricia Hynds
12 Bolivia & Brazil Inaugurate Gas Pipeline Patricia Hynds
12 Brazil: Short-term Solution To Crisis Is Doubtful Patricia Hynds
19 Argentina: Governing Party Gears Up For Presidential Primary Patricia Hynds
19 Colombia: Prospects For Peace Appear Dim Patricia Hynds
05 Ecuador And Peru Begin Border Demarcation & Mine Removal Patricia Hynds
26 Argentina: President Carlos Saul Menem Promotes Dollarization Of Economy Patricia Hynds
19 Mercosur Affected By Fallout From Brazil Crisis Patricia Hynds
05 Chile: Uncertain Future Of Gen. Augusto Pinochet Affects Political Outlook Patricia Hynds