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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1996.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
02 Brazil: Capture Of "Chico" Mendes's Killer Highlights Rural Violence Patricia Hynds
30 U.N. Mandate Extended As Violence Continues To Plague Haiti Patricia Hynds
09 Paraguay: Appellate Court Ruling Frees Rebellious General Lino Oviedo Patricia Hynds
16 Regional Governments Promote Renewable Energy Sources & Integration Projects For Sustainable Development Patricia Hynds
16 Ecuador: Sixto Duran Ballen Turns Over Presidency To Successor Abdala Bucaram Patricia Hynds
23 Dominican Republic: Leonel Fernandez Takes Office From Seven-time President Joaquin Balaguer Patricia Hynds
02 Argentina: Domingo Cavallo Replaced As Economy Minister Patricia Hynds
16 Argentina: Investigation Report On 1992 Bombing Of Israeli Embassy Brings Angry Reaction Patricia Hynds
09 Colombia: President Ernesto Samper Marks Two Troubled Years In Office Patricia Hynds
23 Latin American Left Meets For Sixth Annual Conference Of The Sao Paulo Forum Patricia Hynds
23 Peru: Congress Passes Legislation To Allow President Alberto Fujimori To Run For Another Term Patricia Hynds
30 Bolivia: Social Problems Plague President Gonzalo Sanchez De Lozada's Government Patricia Hynds
09 Honduras: Attempted "barracks Coup" Fails To Topple General Mario Hung Pacheco Patricia Hynds
02 Sluggish Growth Predictions For 1996 & 1997 Foreshadow An Increase In Regional Poverty Patricia Hynds
30 Latin American Labor Ministers Analyze Retraining Programs To Help Workers Survive In The Global Economy Patricia Hynds