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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1996.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
16 Indian Communities, Environmentalists Oppose Panama's New Mining Contracts LADB Staff
31 Haitian Accord with World Bank Seen as Positive; Security Still a Concern LADB Staff
09 Honduran Congress Approves Contract for U.S. Firm to Operate Cell Service LADB Staff
09 Controversy Arises Over Tax in Panama's Colon Free Trade Zone LADB Staff
10 Arms-Sale Scandal Threatens Job of Argentine Defense Minister Oscar Camilion LADB Staff
23 Nicaragua Pursues Foreign Debt-Reduction Scheme LADB Staff
24 Ecuadoran Presidiential Election to Feature Runoff Between Nebot, Bucaram LADB Staff
23 Salvadoran Campesino Organizations Seek More Comprehenseive Debt Relief LADB Staff
02 Honduras Reluctant to Impose Price Controls Amid Increasing Inflation LADB Staff
16 Protests Stall Costa Rica's Plan to Relocate San Jose Garbage Landfill LADB Staff
31 Studies Project Investment Boom in Latin American Mining Sector LADB Staff
16 Guatemala to "Demonopolize" Public Services, Discarding Outright Privatization LADB Staff
17 Ecuadoran Presidential Elections to Take Place in Midst of Political Crisis LADB Staff
10 Paraguay Reports Mixed Macroeconomic Results for 1995 LADB Staff
03 Brazilian President Cardoso Reshuffles Cabinet to Advance Legislative Priorities LADB Staff
24 Pena Gomez, Fernandez to Square Off in Dominican Presidential Runoff LADB Staff
24 Uruguayan Economy to Stagnate in 1996 Following Poor 1995 Performance LADB Staff
23 WTO to Review Banana Dispute Between Latin America, European Union LADB Staff
02 Paraguayan Central Bank Blocks Sale of Banco Obrero LADB Staff
03 Threat Of Coup by Defiant General Averted in Paraguay LADB Staff
17 Secret Arms Deal Causes Political Scandal in Costa Rica LADB Staff
10 Dominican Republic Prepares for Presidential Election that will End Balaguer Era LADB Staff
09 Guatemala's Export Income Down in First Quarter of 1996 LADB Staff
02 Land Conflicts Intensify in Guatemala LADB Staff
31 Disagreements Within Ruling Coalition Stall Chilean President Frei's Reforms LADB Staff
03 U.N. Extends Peace Verification Mission in El Salvador to End of 1996 LADB Staff