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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1996.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 Interview: Jorge CastaƱeda's Analysis of Recent Events in Latin America LADB Staff
18 Guatemalan Oil Production Jumps Markedly LADB Staff
25 Bolivian Government Falls Short of Macroeconomic Goals in 1995 LADB Staff
05 Protests Mount in Venezuela Against President Caldera's Economic Measures LADB Staff
18 Poverty Reduction in Latin America Falters Despite Economic Growth LADB Staff
18 Bolivia Privatizes State-Run Airline, Railroad LADB Staff
19 Economic Policies Behind Shuffle in Peruvian President Fujimori's Cabinet LADB Staff
26 Police Massacre of Landless Campesinos Shocks Brazil LADB Staff
25 New Guatemalan Government Maintains Strict Fiscal, Monetary Policies LADB Staff
04 Development Bank Discusses Aftermath of Mexican Financial Crisis LADB Staff
19 Interview: Jorge CastaƱeda's Analysis of Recent Events in Latin America LADB Staff
12 Ex-Honduran Officer Confesses to Human Rights Violations, Remains in Hiding LADB Staff
12 Uncertainty Shrouds Upcoming Dominican Presidential Elections LADB Staff
05 Nicaraguan Government Attempt to Negotiate with Armed Band Fails LADB Staff
26 Costa Rica Grants Political Asylum to Ex-Ecuadoran Vice President Dahik LADB Staff
25 Banana Company Evicts Former Workers in Honduras; Introduces New Contract LADB Staff
04 Cuban Government Assesses Economic Impact Of Helms-burton Law LADB Staff
11 Brazil, Argentina Take Decisive Steps to Comply with WTO Patent Laws LADB Staff
04 Andean Group Overhauls Integration Structures LADB Staff
26 Costa Rican Political Parties Nearing Agreement on Sweeping Electoral Reforms LADB Staff
11 Direct Investment in Americas Compensates for Lower Portfolio Investments LADB Staff
12 Cease-Fire Generates Widespread Optimism About End to War in Guatemala Kevin Robinson
19 Selection of New Comptroller Ends Impasse in Nicaraguan Government LADB Staff
11 Honduras to Increase Minimum Wage; Unions Call Move "Inadequate' LADB Staff
05 Panamanian Amnesty Bill Nearing Final Debate; 'Politica'l Definition in Question LADB Staff