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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
02 Banana Dispute Heats Up Again LADB Staff
16 Costa Rican Opposition Lawmakers Question President Figueres' Budget LADB Staff
09 Threat of Recession Calsts Doubt on El Salvador's Economic Master Plan LADB Staff
17 Avaro Arzu, Alfonso Portillo to Face Off in Guatemalan Presidential Runoff LADB Staff
10 U.N. Extends Oberver Mission in El Salvador for Six Months LADB Staff
17 Peruvian President Albert Fujimori's Candidate Loses Lima's Mayoral Election Patricia Hynds
30 Dispute Continues Over Patent Law Continues in Argentina LADB Staff
10 Institutional Crisis Continues in Ecuador With Probe of President Duran Ballen LADB Staff
16 Regional Growth Slows Substantially in 1995 LADB Staff
16 Income From Tourist Industry Drops Markedly in Guatemala LADB Staff
17 SevenCandidates Enter Nicaraguan Presidential Race; Election Laws Pending LADB Staff
30 Salvadoran Government Workers Challenge New Retirement Law, Downsizing LADB Staff
03 Analysis: Arnoldo Aleman, Liberal Alliance Could Govern Nicaragua Guest
10 Guerillas Begin Cease-Fire; Guatemalan Elections to Proceed Uninterrupted LADB Staff
02 Nicaragua's Compensation Law Aims to Settle Confiscated Property Controversy LADB Staff
03 Honduran Court Orders Arrest of Officers in Disappearance Case LADB Staff
10 Haitian Presidential Elections Set for December; New Prime Minister Sworn In LADB Staff
09 U.S. Congress Opposes Fast-Track Authority, Dooming Chile's NAFTA Possibilities LADB Staff
09 Moderate Growth, Low Inflation Continue in Guatemala; Living Standards Lag LADB Staff