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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
27 Bolivia: Protests Against Government Economic Policies Increase As State Of Siege Ends Patricia Hynds
06 El Salvador: Corruption Case Shakes Government Patricia Hynds
19 U.S. Congress Begins To Debate Fast Track Authority For Clinton Administration To Negotiate Chile's Inclusion In Nafta Kevin Robinson
27 Bolivia: President Gonzalo Sanchez De Lozada's Administration Embroiled In Drug Scandal Patricia Hynds
06 Haiti: Final Results Confirm Lavalas Landslide In Parliamentary Elections Patricia Hynds
27 Chile: Gen. Manuel Contreras Jailed In Letelier Case Patricia Hynds
13 Ecuador: Vice President Alberto Dahik Resigns After Congress Fails To Impeach Him; Now Faces Legal Charges Patricia Hynds
12 Costa Rica: Central Bank Director Resigns In Ongoing Bank Scandal Kevin Robinson
20 Latin America: Fifth Ibero-american Summit Focuses On Education; Criticizes U.S. Embargo Against Cuba Patricia Hynds
06 Brazil: President Fernando Henrique Cardoso Makes Agrarian Reform A Priority To Stem Tide Of Violence In Countryside Patricia Hynds
27 Guatemala: Army Massacre Of Repatriated Refugees Brings New Domestic & International Pressures To Curb Rights Abuses Patricia Hynds
05 Argentina Signs Pact With Great Britain Dividing Falklands Oil Royalties & Leaving Sovereignty Issue Aside Kevin Robinson
26 Costa Rica: Multilateral Lenders Give Costa Rica US$325 Million To Support Economic Restructuring Program Kevin Robinson
05 Bolivia: State Telecommunications Firm Sold As Criticism Of Government Privatization Program Grows Kevin Robinson
12 Cuba Will Barter Sugar For Oil To Conserve Hard Currency Kevin Robinson
19 Nicaragua Offers To Buy Back Commercial Debt At Deep Discount Kevin Robinson
13 U.S. Change In Cuba Policy Finds Few Supporters Patricia Hynds
12 Argentina: Congress Passes Amendments To Patent Law To Reduce Criticism By Foreign Drug Companies Kevin Robinson
26 Regional Negotiations Regarding Multilateral Environmental Policies Move Forward Kevin Robinson
26 Cuba: New Investment Law & Other Reforms Stimulate Interest In Doing Business In Cuba Kevin Robinson
13 El Salvador: Appointment Of Inspector General Of The National Civilian Police Stirs New Controversy Patricia Hynds
20 Argentina: State Elections Maintain President Carlos Menem's Hold On Power But Also Boost Opposition Patricia Hynds
20 Haiti: President Jean Bertrand Aristide Celebrates Anniversary Of Return; Prime Minister Resigns Patricia Hynds
19 Costa Rica: Opening Of State-owned Businesses To Private Sector Goes Forward Kevin Robinson