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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
25 Lula da Silva Resigns from Brazil's PT, Forcing Party to Hold New Elections LADB Staff
25 Candidates from Pro-Aristide Lavalas Party Win Makeup Elections in Haiti LADB Staff
18 Guatemalan Government, URNG Resume Peace Talks on Social, Economic Issues LADB Staff
10 Bolivia Records Moderate Growth, Higher-than-Expected Inflation LADB Staff
17 Fish Exporters Accuse U.S. of Using Environment to Cloak Protectionism LADB Staff
03 Costa Rican Teachers Enter Third Week of Nationwide Strike Over Pension Cuts LADB Staff
04 Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori Begins Second Term LADB Staff
24 Peru Moves Ahead with Additional Privatizations LADB Staff
04 Honduras to Prosecute Military Officers Accused of Human Rights Abuses LADB Staff
04 Military Leaders in Americas, Caribbean Pledge Increased Cooperation LADB Staff
03 Honduran Police Remove Former Workers From U.S.-Owned Banana Plantation LADB Staff
25 Bolivia, Brazil Sign New Accords To Push Gas Pipeline Project Forward LADB Staff
10 Congress Approves Law To Privatize Ecuador's Telecommunications Company LADB Staff
11 U.N. Says Official Impunity a "Major Obstacle" to Human RIghts in Guatemala LADB Staff
04 Alleged Links to Drug Cartels Threaten Colombian President Samper LADB Staff
17 U.S. Authorizes US$10.3 Million in Aid Package for Nicaragua LADB Staff
11 Brazilian President Cardoso Moves Forward with Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
04 Police Arrest 16 Suspected Members of Salvadoran Death Squad Sombra Negra LADB Staff
10 Salvadoran Government Austerity Generates Broad Opposition LADB Staff
24 Panamanian Unions Fail to Roll Back Labor Reforms, Threaten New Protests LADB Staff
24 Ecuador's State Airline Sold to Brazilian-Ecuadoran Consortium LADB Staff
25 Colombian President Samper Faces Growign Pressure from Drug Scandal LADB Staff
31 Bolivia Takes Steps Toward Privatization of State-Run Oil Company YPFB LADB Staff
03 Ecuadoran Government Pushes Forward with Privatization Program LADB Staff
11 Gen. Rios Montt Fails in Effort to Register as Guatemalan Presidential Candidate LADB Staff
25 Military Indictments Set Off Debate in Honduras on 1980s Rights Abuses LADB Staff
17 Motorola Wins Concession to Supply Cellular Telephone Service in Honduras LADB Staff
24 Costa Rican Teaches End Strike After Government Promises to Negotiate LADB Staff
31 IMF Gives Honduras Green Light to Seek Debt Reduction from Paris Club LADB Staff
11 Ecuador, Peru Agree to Demilitarized Zone LADB Staff
18 Makeup Elections Held Without Incident in Haiti LADB Staff
18 Ecuadoran President Duran Ballen Begins Final Year Amid Serious Problems LADB Staff
10 Banking Scandal Shakes Bolivia's Financial System LADB Staff