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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
16 Parliamentary Elections Will Test Haiti's Progress In Building Democracy LADB Staff
02 Chilean High Court Upholds Conviction of Military in Letelier Assassination LADB Staff
01 U.S. Pushes Ahead with Regional Integration Plan, Despite Mexican Crisis LADB Staff
16 Chilean Generals Convicted of Letelier Assassination Elude Arrest LADB Staff
01 Paraguayan Trade Deficit Increases Significantly in First Quarter of 1995 LADB Staff
15 Honduran Supreme Court Favors Criminal Trial for Ex-President Callejas LADB Staff
01 Panamanian Unions Hold One-Day Strike to Protest Reforms to Labor Code LADB Staff
09 Brazilian Oil Workers End Strike; Privatization Plans Move Fowrard LADB Staff
02 Corruption Charges in Venezuelan Judicial System Spread to Military Courts LADB Staff
15 Bolivia's Privatization Program Moves Forward LADB Staff
16 Nicaraguan Congress, President Chamorro Unable to Solve Constitutional Crisis LADB Staff
08 U.S. Drops Threat Against Costa Rica Over Banana Export Policy LADB Staff
02 Honduran President Reina Forced to Reopens Anti-Corruption Panel LADB Staff
08 Argentine President, Congress Locked in Battle Over New Patent Law LADB Staff
16 State Of Siege Fails to Stop Strikes, Protests in Bolivia LADB Staff
09 Interest in Demilitarization Subsides in Central America LADB Staff
15 Labor, Opposition Parties Attack Nicaraguan Government's Economic Program LADB Staff
16 Trial of Former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez Enters Final Stage LADB Staff
08 Corruption Scandal Erupts in Central Bank, Shaking Paraguay's Financial System LADB Staff
16 Honduran Supreme Court Favors Criminal Trial for Ex-President Callejas LADB Staff
09 Peace Process Moves Forward in Colombia Despite Continued Violence LADB Staff
15 NAFTA Members Open Negotiations to Admit Chile Into Free Trade Accord LADB Staff