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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Strict Monetary Policies Lower Growth Expectations for Colombia in 1995 LADB Staff
19 Founder of Haiti's FRAPH Movement Arrested in New York LADB Staff
05 Vatican Appoints Conservative to Lead Catholic Church in El Salvador LADB Staff
26 Honduran Court Upholds Conviction of Officer in 1991 Rape-Murder Case LADB Staff
04 Peruvian Government Reinitiates Privatization Program LADB Staff
18 Colombia Aggressively Promotes Exports to Compensate for Trade Deficit LADB Staff
12 U.N. Peace Mission Leaves El Salvador; Serious Problems Still Unresolved LADB Staff
11 Panama Strikes Deal With Private Creditors to Reduce Foreign Debt LADB Staff
12 Menem Favored to Retain Argentine Presidency, Seeks to Avoid Runoff LADB Staff
05 Guatemalan Military Court Clears Officer Accused of Murder by U.S. Legislator LADB Staff
19 Argentine President Carlos Menem Wins Second Term LADB Staff
19 Border Incidents Increase Tension Between Ecuador, Peru LADB Staff
25 Effect of Mexican Crisis Subsides in Latin America; Investors Remain Cautious LADB Staff
26 Opposition to Proposed Constitutional Reforms Increases in Ecuador LADB Staff
26 Nicaraguan Constitutional Crisis Continues LADB Staff
05 Argentine Military Apologizes for Abuses Duriing Dirty War LADB Staff
05 Venezuela Elects New Supreme Court Preisident LADB Staff
04 Impact of 1994 Economic Slump Hampers Honduras' Ability to Meet Goals LADB Staff
12 Strikes End in Bolivia; State Of Siege Continues LADB Staff
19 Political Parties, Grassroots Organizations Perepare for Guatemalan Elections LADB Staff
11 Guatemalan Government, Business Sector Clash Over New Tariff, Tax Plan LADB Staff
12 Electoral Council Ratifies Peruvian President Fujimori's Re-Election LADB Staff
25 Agreement Could Facilitate Release of International Funds for Costa Rica LADB Staff
04 U.S. Recovery Plan for Haiti Depends Heavily on Private Sector Reactivation Guest
18 Peru Reports Robust Growth in First Quarter of 1995 LADB Staff
11 Labor Protests Grip Dominican Republic LADB Staff
05 Rumored Ties to Drug Barons Hinder Colombian President Samper's Credibility LADB Staff
26 Brazilian President Cardoso Moves Forward with Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
18 President Calderon Proposes Plan to Integrate El Salvador in Global Economy LADB Staff