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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
03 A Highly Popular Brazilian President Cardoso Pushes Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
16 Senate Moves to Privatize Paraguay's State Telecommunications Company LADB Staff
31 Update title in document properties... LADB Staff
24 Honduras President Reina Continues Push for Amendment on Military Service LADB Staff
24 Salvadoran Armed Forces to Assist National Civil Police in Combatting Crime LADB Staff
23 Peru to Resume Privatization Program Immediately After General Elections LADB Staff
30 Bolivia Proceeds with Privatization of Electric Utility, Telecommunications Sector LADB Staff
31 Argentine Government Embarrassed By Weapons Sale To Ecuador LADB Staff
09 Wage Increases Boost Inflation in Paraguay During January LADB Staff
30 Paris Club of Creditor Nations Reduces Nicaragua's Bilateral Debt LADB Staff
24 Argentine President Carlos Menem Favored To Win Re-Election in May LADB Staff
31 New Details Emerge Of Disappearances,Torture in Argentina's Dirty War LADB Staff
17 War with Peru Boosts Ecuadoran President Sixto Duran Ballen's Popularity LADB Staff
09 Peru Postpones Privatization Program Until After General Elections LADB Staff
17 Former Guatemalan Vice President Gustavo Espina Held for Trial LADB Staff
23 Stalled World Bank Credits Threaten Costa Rica's Restructuring Program LADB Staff
31 Guatemalan Intelligence Officer Accused of Ordering Murder of U.S. Citizen LADB Staff
03 Colombian Peace Process Moves Forward Slowly, While Fighting Continues LADB Staff
31 Haitian Government Asks U.S. To Extradite Paramilitary Leade LADB Staff
09 Foreign Investors Skeptical About Size of Oil Field Discovered in Colombia LADB Staff
30 Foreign Investors Reluctant to Bid on Colombian Airports Due to Drug Trafficking LADB Staff
02 Colombia Attained Robust Growth, Moderate Inflation in 1994 LADB Staff
24 Colombia-Venezuela Relations Reach Low Point After Guerrilla Attack on Border LADB Staff
31 Costa Rican President Figueres Revamps Cabinet, Reaches Out to Opposition LADB Staff
30 Dominican Republic Under Pressure to Open Electric Sector to Private Investors LADB Staff
10 New Political Crisis Erupts in Nicaragua Over Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
23 Peru's Trade Deficit Nearly Doubles In 1994 LADB Staff
17 Fujimori Favored to Win Re-election in Peru Despite Fallout from Ecuador War LADB Staff
24 U.S. Interested in Renting Military Bases in Panama after Pullout in 2000 LADB Staff
31 U.N. Commission Accuses Guatemala of Failing to Investigate Rights Violations LADB Staff
16 Mexican Financial Crisis Spurs Austerity Measures In Argentina, Brazil LADB Staff
17 Former Bolivian Dictator Luis Garcia Meza Extradited from Brazil LADB Staff
03 Guatemalan Government, Guerillas Accept U.N. Plan to Resume Peace Talks LADB Staff
03 Legislature Votes to Modify Administrating Agency for Panama Canal LADB Staff
02 Chinese Trade, Investment Ties to Latin America Grow Markedly LADB Staff
03 Julio Maria Sanguinetti Takes Office as New President of Uruguay LADB Staff
02 Colombia Announces Discovery of New Oil Field in Central Region LADB Staff
17 U.S. Suspends Military Aid to Guatemala to Protest Inaction on Human Rights LADB Staff
10 Latin American Nations Push Back Against U.S. Criticism of Anti-Drug Efforts LADB Staff
16 Uruguayan Trade Deficit Hits Record High in 1994 LADB Staff
23 Global Poverty Conference Sets Social Development Guidelines LADB Staff
02 Bolivia's Tax, Education Reforms Spur Massive Labor Protests LADB Staff
10 Ecuador, Peru Sign New Peace Accord in Border War; Animosities Continue LADB Staff