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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1995.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
12 Currency Crisis In Mexico Spurs Investor Fears In Other Latin American Countries Kevin Robinson
27 Ecuador: Controversial Religious Education Law Sets Off New Political Crisis Patricia Hynds
26 Uruguay: Government Reports Robust Growth & Significant Drop In Inflation In 1994 Kevin Robinson
06 Argentina: Menem Names Interior Minister Ruckauf As Running Mate For May Elections Patricia Hynds
26 Paraguay: Poor Economic Performance In 1994 Kevin Robinson
19 Guatemala: Positive Growth & Moderate Inflation Continue In 1994, Despite Political & Institutional Crisis Kevin Robinson
26 Guatemala: More Moderate Economic Growth & Inflation Coupled With Ongoing Social Conflicts Expected In 1995 Kevin Robinson
13 Ecuador: Budget And Constitutional Reforms Foment New Battles Between President Duran Ballen And Congress Patricia Hynds
06 El Salvador: New National Civil Police Takes Over Patricia Hynds
20 Nicaragua: Resignations Exacerbate Crisis In The Frente Sandinista De Liberacion Nacional Patricia Hynds
05 Moderate Regional Economic Growth Reported For Fourth Year In A Row (s/s) Kevin Robinson
20 Brazil: Military Operations Continue In Rio De Janeiro Slums Patricia Hynds
27 El Salvador: Salvadorans Commemorate Third Anniversary Of Signing Of Peace Accord Patricia Hynds
20 Chile: Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Ret. Gen. Manuel Contreras In Orlando Letelier Case Patricia Hynds
12 Paraguay: Rapid Growth In Financial Services Raises Suspicion Of Money Laundering Kevin Robinson
05 I.d.b. Approves Nearly US$1.4 Billion In New Aid To Ten Countries During Hemispheric Summit In December Kevin Robinson
13 Nicaragua: Maj. Gen. Joaquin Cuadra Lacayo Named To Replace Gen. Humberto Ortega As Chief Of Sandinista Armed Forces Patricia Hynds
27 Panama: Governement Accuses Former Members Of The Army & Some Active-duty Police Officers Of Plotting A Coup D'etat Patricia Hynds
20 Nicaragua: National Assembly Re-elects Reformist President Patricia Hynds
19 Argentina: Despite Record Trade Deficit, Government Reports Robust Export Growth In 1994 Kevin Robinson
20 Guatemala: President Ramiro De Leon & Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca Propose New Deadlines For Peace Accord Patricia Hynds
19 Uruguay: State Airline Faces Financial Crisis Following Failure To Privatize The Company Kevin Robinson
12 Dominican Republic: Moderate Growth & High Inflation In 1994 Kevin Robinson
13 Honduras: Investigation Reopened Into Forced Disappearances Of The 1980s Patricia Hynds
27 Haiti: U.N. Will Take Charge Of Military Operations Before Legislative Elections Are Held Patricia Hynds
13 Peru: Political Campaign Officially Opens Amid Controversy Surrounding Electoral Commission Patricia Hynds
06 Brazil: New President Fernando Henrique Cardoso Faces Economic And Social Challenges Patricia Hynds
06 Guatemala: Gen. Efrain Rios Montt Elected President Of Congress Patricia Hynds