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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 President Menem's Praise of Military Angers Argentine Human Rights Groups LADB Staff
11 Former Costa Rican President Monge Absolved of Fraud Charges LADB Staff
10 Hati's New Prime Minister Announces Cabinet, Reconstruction Program LADB Staff
18 Military Accused of Intimidating Witness to Murder of Guatemalan Political Leader LADB Staff
17 Argentina's Ambitious Privatization Program Moves into Final Phase LADB Staff
17 Poverty Increases in Ecuador Despite Improved Economy LADB Staff
04 Orthodox Faction Takes Control of Nicaragua's FSLN LADB Staff
03 Analysis: Privatization Transforming Chile's Strategic Mining Sector Guest
18 Opposition Legislators Probe Alleged Corruption in Ecuador Government LADB Staff
11 Leaks by Intelligence Service Prompt Shake Up in Venezuelan Military LADB Staff
04 Aristide Names Businessman as Hati's Prime Minister, Begins Reconstruction LADB Staff
18 Two DEA Agents Implicated in Death of Paraguayn General LADB Staff
17 Fiscal Deficit, Inflation in Uruguay Rise in October, Threatening Year-End Goals LADB Staff
10 Drought in Eastern Agricultural Areas Conributes to Higher Inflation in Bolivia LADB Staff
11 Bus Company Raises Fares in Guatemalan Capital, Prompting Violent Protests LADB Staff
10 Multilateral Bank Points to 'Negative Tendencies' in Chilean Economy LADB Staff
18 Armed Bands Attack Miskito Villages in Nicaragua LADB Staff
03 Jamaican Government Prepares To Sell State Oil Refinery LADB Staff
17 Ecuador Finally Moving Forward with Broad Privatization Plan LADB Staff
18 Hatian Prime Minister, New Cabinet Sworn In LADB Staff
18 Federal Troops Maintain Order During Runoff Elections in Brazil LADB Staff
03 Bolivia Pushes Privatization Program to Attract Foreign Assistance, Investment LADB Staff
11 Fujimori Still Leads Presidential Polls in Peru; Newcomer Toledo Making Waves LADB Staff
04 Voter Apathy, Rejection of Traditional Parties Mark Colombian Elections LADB Staff
03 Colombia's Annual Inflation Thus Far Similar to 1993 LADB Staff
10 Bilateral Accord Helps Bolivia Expand Exports to Chile; Trade Defict Persists LADB Staff
04 U.S. Citizen Demands that Guatemala Reveal Location of Rebel Husband LADB Staff
04 Argentine Senate Rejects Promotions for Officers Accused of Rights Violations LADB Staff