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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Argentina: President's Praise Of Military Invokes Fury Of Human Rights Groups Patricia Hynds
11 Costa Rica: Ex-president Luis Alberto Monge Absolved Of Fraud Charges Patricia Hynds
10 Haiti: New Prime Minister Names Cabinet As First Step In Socioeconomic Reconstruction Kevin Robinson
18 Guatemala: Witness In Carpio Murder Charges Intimidation By High-ranking Military Officers Patricia Hynds
17 Argentina: Update On Privatization Kevin Robinson
17 Ecuador: Poverty Continues To Increase Despite Improved Macroeconomic Panorama Kevin Robinson
04 Nicaragua: Orthodox Faction Of The F.s.l.n. Takes Control Of The Party Patricia Hynds
03 Chile: Massive Private Investment & Privatization Measures Presage Transformation Of Strategic Mining Sector Kevin Robinson
18 Ecuador: Opposition Parties In Congress Continue Investigations Of Executive Cabinet Members Patricia Hynds
11 Venezuela: Shake Up In Military Over Leaks By Intelligence Service Patricia Hynds
04 Haiti: President Aristide Names Prime Minister & Begins Work On Reconstruction Patricia Hynds
18 Paraguay: Two D.e.a. Agents Implicated In Death Of General Rosa Rodriguez Patricia Hynds
17 Uruguay: Jump In Fiscal Deficit Pushes Inflation Up In October, Offsetting Government's Year-end Goals Kevin Robinson
10 Bolivia: Inflation Up Slightly In October Kevin Robinson
11 Guatemala: Unauthorized Bus Fare Hikes Provoke Violent Protests, Which Shut Down Public Transportation In Capital Patricia Hynds
10 Chile: Update On Macroeconomic Performance Kevin Robinson
18 Nicaragua: Armed Bands Attack Miskito Villages Patricia Hynds
03 Jamaica: Government Prepares To Sell State Oil Refinery Kevin Robinson
17 Ecuador: Update On Privatization Plans Kevin Robinson
18 Haiti: Smarck Michel & New Cabinet Sworn In, Poisson Appointed Military Commander In Chief Patricia Hynds
18 Brazil: Federal Troops Maintain Order During Runoff Elections That Boost President Elect Cardoso's Support Patricia Hynds
03 Bolivia: Government Pushes Privatization Program To Attract Foreign Assistance & Investment Kevin Robinson
11 Peru: 15 Candidates Confirmed For Presidential Race As Political Unknown Alejandro Toledo Climbs In Polls Patricia Hynds
04 Colombia: Voter Apathy & Rejection Of Traditional Parties Mark Local Elections Patricia Hynds
03 Colombia: Annual Inflation Running At About The Same Rate This Year As In 1993 Kevin Robinson
10 Bolivian Exports To Chile Jump Markedly In First Semester, Although Huge Trade Deficit Persists Kevin Robinson
04 Guatemala: Us Citizen Demands That The Government Reveal Location Of Her Rebel Husband Patricia Hynds
04 Argentina: Senate Rejects Promotions Of Military Officers Accused Of Human Rights Violations Patricia Hynds