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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
28 Ecuador: President Duran Ballen's Administration Under Relentless Attack By Congress For Alleged Corruption Patricia Hynds
07 Argentina: Buenos Aires Governor Duhalde Wins Referendum To Allow His Reelection As Parties Plan For 1995 Race Patricia Hynds
27 Argentina: Update On Trade Deficit Kevin Robinson
14 Haiti: Military Strongmen Step Down After Receiving Amnesty, As Nation Prepares For Aristide's Return Patricia Hynds
13 Ecuador Signs Final Accord To Restructure Foreign Commercial Debt Kevin Robinson
13 Bolivia: Inflation Drops Substantially In September Kevin Robinson
07 Uruguay: Sanguinetti Leads In Presidential Race As Campaign For November General Elections Heats Up Patricia Hynds
06 Paraguay: Inflation Drops Markedly In September Kevin Robinson
07 Haiti: Behind The Occupation Is Washington's Elusive Goal Of Stabilizing Elite Rule Patricia Hynds
06 Economic Boom Expected In Brazil Kevin Robinson
07 Guatemala: U.N. Human Rights Verification Mission Arrives Patricia Hynds
21 Colombia: Municipal Elections In 15 Cities Threatened By Allegations Of Campaign Donations From Drug Traffickers Patricia Hynds
14 Panama: Congress Ratifies Constitutional Reforms To Dissolve The Armed Forces Patricia Hynds
28 Nicaragua's Complex & Fluid Pre-electoral Party Panorama Patricia Hynds
21 Ecuador: President Duran Ballen Battles Congress Over Constitutional Reforms Patricia Hynds
13 Ecuador: Government Attempts To Push Privatization Program Forward Kevin Robinson
27 Brazil: Government Announces More Measures To Keep Anti-inflation Plan On Track Kevin Robinson
20 Massive Foreign Assistance Expected To Pour Into Haiti Kevin Robinson
06 Paraguay: Government Sells State Airline, But Congress Passes New Law To Limit Future Privatizations Kevin Robinson
07 El Salvador: U.N. Evaluates Advances & Delays In Peace Process Patricia Hynds
21 El Salvador: Hard-line Dissidents Break Away From Governing Party & Openly Accuse Party Officials Of Corruption Patricia Hynds
27 Argentina: Sweeping Privatization Program Nears Completion Kevin Robinson
13 Peru: Government Reports More Robust Growth & Low Inflation Kevin Robinson
21 Brazil: President-elect Cardoso Lays Plans For New Government Patricia Hynds
07 Brazil: Fernando Henrique Cardoso Wins Presidency In First Round Patricia Hynds
13 Peru: Government Sells Tintaya Copper Company To U.S. Firm Kevin Robinson
28 Bolivia: Former President Garcia Meza Loses Fight To Block Extradition From Brazil Patricia Hynds
20 Uruguay: Trade Deficit Continues To Rise Kevin Robinson
28 Panama: Congress Rejects A Bill To Create New Mechanisms To Reform The Magna Charta Patricia Hynds
28 Paraguay: Assassination Of Gen. Ramon Rosa Rodriguez Raises Questions About Government Ties To Drug Trafficking Patricia Hynds
20 Uruguay: Government Reports Lower Inflation & Higher Economic Growth So Far In 1994 Kevin Robinson
14 Peru: Fujimori And Perez De Cuellar Lead List Of Candidates For 1995 Presidential Elections Patricia Hynds
20 Bolivia Signs New Trade & Cooperation Accords With Chile & Argentina Kevin Robinson
28 El Salvador: Ex-rebel Leader Joaquin Villalobos Jailed On Slander Charges Patricia Hynds
28 Panama: President Facing Hostile Political Opposition & Dissension Within His Own Party Patricia Hynds
06 Peru: Government Prepares To Privatize More State Firms Kevin Robinson
14 Nicaragua: Discord Grows Within The F.s.l.n. Patricia Hynds
21 Panama: President Pardons Hundreds Of Former Supporters Of Gen. Manuel Noriega Patricia Hynds
28 Honduras Gains Seat On U.N. Security Council Patricia Hynds
14 Colombia: Departing U.S.drug Enforcement Administration Chief Says Colombian Government Is Infiltrated With Drug Traffickers Patricia Hynds