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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
09 Political Maneuvering Begins Ahead of Argentine Presidential Elections LADB Staff
29 Ecuador Accelerates Efforts to Join GATT Before End of 1994 LADB Staff
22 Poverty Swells In Urban Areas Throughout Latin America LADB Staff
22 Moderate Inflation Allows Ecuadoran Authorities to Ease Monetary Controls LADB Staff
15 Bolivia's Trade Deficit Drops 61 Percent in First Six Months of 1994 LADB Staff
15 Bolivia Signs Trade Agreement with Mexico, Seeks Closer Ties with Peru, Chile LADB Staff
09 Nicaraguan National Assembly Reopens Debate on Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
08 Stabilization Plan Causes Dramatic Drop In Inflation in Brazil LADB Staff
15 Trade Deficit in Latin America Tops US$17 Billion in 1993 LADB Staff
02 Argentine Constitution Includes Presidential Reelection. Malvinas Sovereignty L:ADB Staff
30 Guatemalan Police Chief Fired After Protesters Killed during Farm Occupation LADB Staff
30 Polls Show Cardoso Likely to Win Brazilian Presidential Elections LADB Staff
08 U.S. Bans Airlines from Six Latin American, Caribbean Nations LADB Staff
08 Colombia Reports Lowest Monthly Inflation in Eight Years LADB Staff
23 U.S. Carries Out 'Peaceful Occupation' of Haiti; Aristide Return Uncertain LADB Staff
01 More Bad Weather In Brazil Pushes Coffee Prices Up Again LADB Staff
16 Nicaraguan Congress Approves New Military Statutes Law LADB Staff
16 Peru's First Lady Enters Presidential Contest, Putting President Fujimori in a Bind LADB Staff
01 Multilateral Agencies, Private Bond Rater Praise Argentina's Economic Program LADB Staff
16 Ecuadoran President Duran Ballen Moves Forward with Constitutional Reforms LADB Staff
29 U.S. Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties on Fresh Cut Flowers from Ecuador, Colombia LADB Staff
30 Costa Rica Closes State Bank After Reporting US$101 Million in Operating Losses LADB Staff
30 Drought Devastates Basic Grain Crops in El Salvador LADB Staff
15 Inflation in Uruguay This Year Far Below Rates of 1993 LADB Staff
29 Colombia's Trade Deficit Widens in First Semester of 1994 LADB Staff
02 Uruguayan Voters Soundly Defeat Referendum to Change Constitution LADB Staff
09 Major Scandal Casts Shadow Over Brazilian Presidential Candidate Cardoso LADB Staff
02 Prisoners React Violently To Inhuman Prison Conditions in El Salvador LADB Staff
09 Ernesto Perez Balladares Installed as President of Panama LADB Staff
22 Commercial Creditors Accept Debt Reduction Accord with Ecuador LADB Staff
16 Guerrillas, Colombian Government Might Resume Peace Negotiations LADB Staff
02 U.N. Establishes Human Rights Verification Mission in Guatemala LADB Staff
02 Referendum Win Fails to End Ecuadoran President Duran Ballen's Political Woes LADB Staff
01 Paraguayan State-Run Water, Telephone, Electric Utilities Report Huge Deficits LADB Staff
29 Brazilian Government Lowers Import Duties to Help Curb Inflation LADB Staff
23 Bolivian Coca Growers witn Concessions From Government After 22-Day March LADB Staff
15 Foreign Oil Companies Discover Huge Natural Gas Deposits in Colombia LADB Staff
30 Chilean President Makes Major Changes In Cabinet LADB Staff
30 Aritistide Considers Amnesty for Haitian Military Coup Leaders LADB Staff
23 Former Guatemalan Dictator Rios Montt Upset in Bid to Lead Congress LADB Staff
22 Sale of Uruguayan State Airline PLUNA Moves Forwarrd LADB Staff
16 Ideological Differences Threaten Unity of FMLN in El Salvador LADB Staff
01 Uruguay Reports Sharp Increase in Trade Deficit in First Half of 1994 LADB Staff
02 Assassination of Aristide Ally Increases Call for Action Against Haiti Regime LADB Staff