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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
26 Uruguay: National Party Selects Juan Andres Ramirez As Its Presidential Candidate Patricia Hynds
05 Nicaragua: U.S. Secretary Of State Frees Up Aid To Nicaragua For Fiscal Year 1994 Patricia Hynds
19 Costa Rica: Opposition P.u.s.c. Party Charges P.l.n. Government With Harassment Patricia Hynds
19 Bolivia: Opinion Polls Show Declining Support For President Sanchez De Lozada's Government Patricia Hynds
05 Dominican Republic: Declaration Of Balaguer Victory Does Little To Resolve Crisis Patricia Hynds
12 Guatemala: Rebels Postpone Peace Talks Amidst Reports Of A Dramatic Increase In Human Rights Violations Patricia Hynds
05 El Salvador: Election Of New Supreme Court Ends Legislative Stalemate Patricia Hynds
05 El Salvador: Joint Task Force Report Indicates Death Squads Have Reorganized & Are Still Functioning Patricia Hynds
25 Bolivia: World Bank & U.S. Approve Loans & Donations To Finance Privatization Program Kevin Robinson
26 El Salvador: Onusal Report Says Police & Armed Forces Maintain Links To Organized Crime Patricia Hynds
11 Paraguay: Inflation Jumps Again In July Kevin Robinson
04 Uruguay: Inflation Up Slightly In July Kevin Robinson
04 Colombia: New I.d.b. Loans For Anti-poverty Programs Kevin Robinson
12 Panama: President-elect Ernesto Perez Balladares Presents His Political Agenda To The U.S. & Europe Patricia Hynds
18 Paraguay: Legal Dispute Blocks Sale Of State Airline Kevin Robinson
18 Argentina: Huge Jump In Trade Deficit In First Half Of 1994 Kevin Robinson
12 Argentina: President Menem Wins Fight To Run For Reelection But Sees His Popularity Fall Patricia Hynds
12 Brazil: Charges Of Corruption Force Presidential Candidates "lula" Da Silva & Fernando Cardoso To Choose New Running Mates Patricia Hynds
26 Ecuador: President Duran Ballen Counting On Support In Referendum To Counteract Opposition In Congress Patricia Hynds
04 Peru: Government Privatizes Three More State Firms Kevin Robinson
25 Bolivia & Brazil Sign New Accords To Push Gas Pipeline Project Forward Kevin Robinson
18 Colombia: Inflation Down Substantially In July, But Still Higher Than Government Target For 1994 Kevin Robinson
19 Venezuela: Executive Wins Congressional Victory Regarding Suspension Of Constitutional Guarantees, But Crisis Persists Patricia Hynds
18 Argentine Firms Expand Operations To Other Countries Kevin Robinson
19 Dominican Republic: Political Crisis Continues As Joaquin Balaguer Is Sworn In For Seventh Term Patricia Hynds
11 Argentina: Labor Protests Rock Argentina Kevin Robinson
12 Honduras: Under Pressure By The Military, Government Agrees To Temporarily Reinstate The Draft Patricia Hynds
25 Colombia: Government Says Cusiana And Cusiagua Oil Deposits May Contain Less Petroleum Than Originally Anticipated Kevin Robinson
26 Colombia: Paramilitary Group Accepts Responsibility For Death Of Senator As Government Explores Dialogue With Guerrillas Patricia Hynds
05 Guatemala: Congressional Elections Scheduled For Aug. 14 Patricia Hynds
26 Chile: Leader Of Guerrilla Group Sentenced To Death Patricia Hynds
25 Colombia: New Study Recommends US$10 Billion In Investments To Upgrade Infrastructure Kevin Robinson
11 Peru: Government Reports Near 13% Growth In Gdp In First Semester Kevin Robinson
04 Coffee-producing Nations Forecast Huge Jump In Earnings Kevin Robinson
18 Paraguay: Update On Foreign Debt Kevin Robinson
19 General Efrain Rios Montt's Party Sweeps Guatemala's Congressional Elections Patricia Hynds
12 Colombia: New President Ernesto Samper Faces Tough Challenges Patricia Hynds
11 Peru: Government Reaches New Debt Accords With Canada & Japan, Although Negotiations With Commercial Creditors Move Slowly Kevin Robinson
25 Consortium That Won Bid For Uruguay's State Airline Delays Payment, Raising Concern Over Financial Stability Kevin Robinson
18 Colombia: Government Grants US$680 Million In Contracts To Private Companies For Road Construction Kevin Robinson
19 Peru: President Fujimori Sets Date For Elections, Although Field Of Candidates Still Unclear Patricia Hynds
05 Haiti: U.N. Gives Green Light To Invasion To Restore Aristide To Power Patricia Hynds