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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
26 Juan Andres Ramirez to Represent National Party in Uruguay Presidential Race LADB Staff
05 U.S. Secretary Of State Frees Up Aid To Nicaragua For Fiscal Year 1994 LADB Staff
19 Costa Rica's Opposition PUSC Accuses Governing PLN of Harassment LADB Staff
19 Polls Show Declining Support for Bolivian President Sanchez De Lozada LADB Staff
05 Balaguer Victory Declaration Fails to Address Crisis in Dominican Republic LADB Staff
12 Guatemalan Rebels Postpone Peace Talks; Human Rights Violations Alleged LADB Staff
05 Election Of New Supreme Court Ends Legislative Stalemate in El Salvador LADB Staff
05 Report: Death Squads in El Salvador Appear to have Resumed Activities LADB Staff
25 World Bank, U.S., Provide Financial Support for Bolivia's Privatization Program LADB Staff
26 UN Report: Police, Armed Forces in El Salvador Maintain Links to Organized Crime LADB Staff
11 Inflation Jumps Again in Paraguay in July LADB Staff
04 Uruguay Records Slight Increase in Inflation in July LADB Staff
04 IDB Approves Two Loans for Anti-Poverty Efforts in Colombia LADB Staff
12 Panamanian President-Elect Perez Balladares Presents Agenda to U.S., Europe LADB Staff
18 Legal Dispute Blocks Sale of Paraguay's State Airline LADB Staff
18 Argentina Records Huge Increase in Trade Deficit in Januar-June 1994 LADB Staff
12 Argentine President Menem Wins Fight to Run for Reelection LADB Staff
12 Brazilian Presidential Candidates Lula, Cardoso Pick New Running Mates LADB Staff
26 Ecuadoran President Duran Ballen Banking on Referendum to Counter Congress LADB Staff
04 Peruvian Government Privatizes Three More State Firms LADB Staff
25 Bolivia, Brazil Sign New Accords To Push Gas Pipeline Project Forward LADB Staff
18 Colombia's Inflation Drops Significantly in July; Still Below 1994 Target LADB Staff
19 Venezuelan Congress Votes to Allow President Caldera to Suspend Guarantees LADB Staff
18 Argentine Firms Expand Operations to Neighboring Countries LADB Staff
19 Dominican President Balaguer Sworn In for Seventh Term; Crisis Continues LADB Staff
11 Argentine Labor Unions Demand Protection from Free-Market Policies LADB Staff
12 Military Forces Honduran Government to Temporarily Reinstate Draft LADB Staff
25 Study: Oil Fields in Northeast Colombia Contain Less Oil than Anticipated LADB Staff
26 Colombian Paramilitary Group Takes Credit for Murder of Senator LADB Staff
05 Guatemalan Congressional Elections Scheduled For Aug. 14 LADB Staff
26 Leader of Chilean Guerrilla Group Sentenced to Death LADB Staff
25 Study: US$10 Billion Needed to Upgrade Infrastructure in Colombia LADB Staff
11 Peru: Reports Near 13% GDP Growth in January-June 1994 LADB Staff
04 Latin American Coffee-Producing Nations Forecast Huge Jump In Earnings LADB Staff
18 Paraguay's Foreign Debt Increases by 4 Percent in First Half of 1994 LADB Staff
19 General Efrain Rios Montt's Party Sweeps Guatemala's Congressional Elections LADB Staff
12 Colombia's New President Samper Faces Tough Challenges LADB Staff
11 Peru Reaches New Debt Accords with Canada, Japan LADB Staff
25 Payment Delay Raises Concerns About Group that Won BId for Uruguay Airline LADB Staff
18 Colombia Grants US$680 Million in Contracts to Private Firms to Build Roads LADB Staff
19 Peruvian President Fujimori Sets Date For Elections; Field Still Unclear LADB Staff
05 U.N. Gives Green Light To Invasion To Restore Aristide To Power in Haiti LADB Staff