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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
28 Intense Cold Waves Destroy Basic Grain Crops In Eastern Bolivia LADB Staff
22 Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Military Base in Honduras LADB Staff
14 Costa Rica:'s Inflation Jumps Markedly In First Semester Of 1994 LADB Staff
22 Honduran Indigenous Groups Obtain Protection for Woodlands, Swamps LADB Staff
21 Ecuador Renegotiates Bilateral Debt With Paris Club LADB Staff
21 Low Inflation Pressures Paraguayan Government to Ease Restrictive Policies LADB Staff
14 Ecuador Reports Moderate Inflation, Major Reduction in Fiscal Deficit LADB Staff
21 Bolivia Invites Private Sector Investment in State Mines LADB Staff
15 Guatemalan President Announces Creation Of Civilian Intelligence Service LADB Staff
21 Bolivia's Nontraditional Exports Jump Markedly in First Semeste of 1994 LADB Staff
14 Bolivia's Trade Deficit Drops Markedly in First Quarter Of 1994 LADB Staff
29 Anit-Jewish Bombing Prompts Argentina to Create a Special Security Ministry LADB Staff
22 Chronology Of Events In Haiti, 1986-1994 LADB Staff
29 Alleged Participation of Cali Cartel in Colombian Election Strains Relations with U.S. LADB Staff
29 Venezuelan President Caldera Suspends Constitutional Guarantees LADB Staff
14 Uruguayan State Airline Sold to Brazilian-Argentine Consortium LADB Staff
28 Report Offers Details of Ecuador's Debt Negotiations with Paris Club LADB Staff
22 Nicaragua's National Assembly Approves Some Military Reforms LADB Staff
21 Brazil Hires U.S., French Firms To Install Modern Radar System in Amazon LADB Staff
21 Three Consortia Offer Bids To Buy Paraguay's State Airline LADB Staff
15 Lula da Silva Continues to Lead Polls in Brazil; Margin Narrows Slightly LADB Staff
15 Venezuelan President Caldera Faces Multiple Crises; Suspends Guarantees LADB Staff
22 Still No Official Winner Declared in Dominican Republic's Presidential Vote LADB Staff
14 Brazil's Trade Surplus Falls Nearly 17% in First Five Months off 1994 LADB Staff
22 Haiti's Political Crisis Building Toward Showdown With International Community LADB Staff
28 Bolivia's Production of Precious Metals Up Sharply in January-April 1994 LADB Staff
28 World Market Prices For Coffee Climb To Record Highs LADB Staff
14 Uruguay's Inflation Rate Remains Moderate In June LADB Staff
29 Legislative Impasse Holds Up Supreme Court Election in El Salvador LADB Staff
21 Value of Brazilian Trade with U.S. Jumps 21 Percent in January-May 1994 LADB Staff
29 Near-drought Conditions Cause Energy Crisis In Honduras LADB Staff
29 Colombian Guerrillas Stage Offensive To Pressure Incoming Government LADB Staff
28 Regional Foreign Debt Grows By 4 Percent In 1993 LADB Staff