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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jun of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
02 Guatemalan Congress Postpones Debate on Tax Reforms LADB Staff
03 Colombian Presidential Vote Results in Virtual Tie; Runoff Scheduled For June 19 LADB Staff
17 President Duran Ballen Calls Plebescite for Constituent Assembly in Ecuador LADB Staff
17 Honduras Dissolves Secret Police LADB Staff
24 Guatemalan Government, Rebels Sign Repatriation, Truth Commission Accords LADB Staff
16 Japan's Toyota to Open Assembly Plant in Argentina LADB Staff
02 Improved Economy in Peru Accompanied by Dramtic Increase in Poverty LADB Staff
09 Peru Signs New Letter Of Intent With International Monetary Fund Kevin Robinson
03 Brazilian Congress Approves Reduction Of Presidential Term LADB Staff
03 Guatemala's Inflation Rate Declines in May LADB Staff
16 Tourism, Exports Boost Costa Rica's Earnings in January-May 1994 LADB Staff
23 Peru Records Strong Growth, Low Inflation in January-May 1994 LADB Staff
17 Fujimori, Perez de Cuellar Probable Contenders in Peru's 1995 Presidential Vote LADB Staff
24 Juan Bosch Resigns from Party; Dominican Electoral Crisis Unresolved LADB Staff
23 Paraguay Records Sharp Decline in Inflation in April, May LADB Staff
16 Privatization Attracts Strong Investments to Argentina's Oil Sector LADB Staff
16 New Government Plans Ambitious Privatization Program in El Salvador LADB Staff
03 Armando Calderon Sol Assumes Presidency of El Salvador LADB Staff
02 GDP Growth, Investment Expand Rapidly in Argentina in Early 1994 LADB Staff
02 Chilean Government Finalizes Privatization Of Lan-Chile Airlines LADB Staff
17 Uruguay Schedules Referendum To Approve Constitutional Changes LADB Staff
03 Political Crisis In Dominican Republic Continues Amid Charges Of Electoral Fraud LADB Staff
10 New Civil Police in El Salvador Accused of Human Rights Violations LADB Staff
03 Honduran Congress Votes To Eliminate Obligatory Military Service LADB Staff
24 Charges of Drug-Cartel Contributions Stain Samper's Victory in Colombia LADB Staff
16 Uruguay Inflation Declines in First Five Months of 1994 LADB Staff
03 Gaviria Clashes with Colombian High Court Over Decision on Drug Possession LADB Staff
16 Three Major Brazilian Airline Companies Facing Financial Troubles LADB Staff
10 Argentina's Consituent Assembly Discussions Off to a Rocky Start LADB Staff
10 Amnesty International, IAHCR Highlight Human Rights Abuses in Colombia LADB Staff
10 Guatemalan Government, Guerillas to Discuss Creation of Truth Commission LADB Staff
09 Ecuador's Inflation Drops Siubstantially in May LADB Staff
16 Devaluation Of Cordoba Augurs Higher Inflation in Nicaragua LADB Staff
24 Chilean Guerrilla Group Receives Major Setback After Leaders Arrested LADB Staff
09 Bolivia Reports Low Inflation, Healthy GDP Growth in January-May 1994 LADB Staff
16 Ecuador to Renegotiate Bilateral Debt with 10 Countries LADB Staff
09 Argentina Reports Drop in Inflation, Widening of Trade Deficit LADB Staff
02 U.S.-based Enron Corporation to Build Gas Pipeline in Colombia LADB Staff
23 Colombia's President-Elect Samper Embraces Free Market, Social Spending LADB Staff
24 New Government in El Salvador Confronts Outbreak of Death Threats, VIolence LADB Staff
09 Brazil Confirms New Oil Fields in Santos Basin LADB Staff
09 Brazil Reports Record Exports, Imports in First Quarter of 1994 LADB Staff
02 Honduras Takes Steps To Reduce Record Fiscal Deficit LADB Staff
02 Inflation Rate Remains High in Brazil LADB Staff
23 Colombia's Inflation Down In May; Still Above Government's Year-End Target LADB Staff