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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
20 Dominican Republic: Elections Marred By Charges Of Fraud Patricia Hynds
20 El Salvador: Elections For Legislative Assembly Directorate Lead To Divisions In F.m.l.n Patricia Hynds
19 Ecuador: Government Reaches Debt Reduction Accord With Foreign Commercial Banks Kevin Robinson
13 Guatemala: Government & Rebels Prepare To Negotiate Over "truth Commission" & Refugee Repatriation Patricia Hynds
27 Guatemala: Government-rebel Negotiations Stalemated Over Repatriation Issue; Talks Will Continue In June Patricia Hynds
06 Nicaragua: Government Announces New Measures To Confront Wave Of Violence In Rural Areas Patricia Hynds
06 Nicaragua: Government To Announce Retirement Date For Army Chief Gen. Humberto Ortega Patricia Hynds
12 Venezuela: Foreign Investment Nearly Doubles In April Kevin Robinson
05 Cuban Economy Expected To Rebound Slightly In 1994 Kevin Robinson
12 Chile: Government Reports Moderate Inflation In First Four Months Of 1994 Kevin Robinson
27 Nicaragua: Sandinista National Liberation Front (fsln) Holds Second Party Congress Patricia Hynds
06 Central American Ombudsmen Establish Regional Human Rights Council Patricia Hynds
26 Panama: Overview Of 1993 Activities In Colon Free Trade Zone Kevin Robinson
26 U.S. Labor Group Calls For Suspension Of Trade Benefits To Guatemala Kevin Robinson
12 Colombia: Inflation Up Again In April Kevin Robinson
05 U.S., Brazil, & Argentina Sign Agreements On Nuclear Energy And Non-proliferation Kevin Robinson
06 Costa Rica: Newly-elected Legislative Assembly Deputies Hold Inaugural Session Patricia Hynds
26 Peru: Export Performance, 1993 Kevin Robinson
20 Panama: Legislative Assembly Ratifies Panama's Membership In Central American Parliament (parlacen) Patricia Hynds
27 El Salvador: United Nations Extends Mandate For U.N. Observer Mission (onusal) Patricia Hynds
06 Brazil: "lula" Enforces Moderate Party Platform To Buffer Criticism By Business Community & Attract "centrist" Votes Patricia Hynds
19 Argentina: "economic Miracle" Benefits Some But Passes Over Majority Kevin Robinson
27 El Salvador: Update On Delays In Demobilization Of National Police Patricia Hynds
20 Peru: Military Supreme Court Upholds Most Verdicts In La Cantuta Case Patricia Hynds
12 Argentina's Trade Deficit Up Again In First Two Months Of 1994 Kevin Robinson
20 Panama: Final Results From Legislative Assembly Elections Patricia Hynds
19 Argentina: Government Studies Privatization Of Airports Kevin Robinson
13 Panama: Revolutionary Democratic Party (prd) Candidate Ernesto Perez Balladares Wins Presidential Elections (s/s) Patricia Hynds
12 Chile: Financial Analysts Predict Substantial, Although Slower-paced Gdp Growth In 1994 & 1995 Kevin Robinson
06 Document: U.S. Observer Mission's Interim Report On Salvadoran Elections Patricia Hynds
05 Brazil's Trade Surplus Down Slightly In The First Quarter Of 1994 Kevin Robinson
26 Chile: Jump In Number Of Registered Vehicles Leads To Increased Air Quality & Traffic Problems Kevin Robinson
13 Colombia: Update On Preparations For Presidential Election Patricia Hynds
19 Bolivia: Foreign Oil Companies Plan To Invest US$81 Million In 1994 Kevin Robinson
27 Argentina: Proposal To Create New National Security Ministry Put On Hold After Provoking Cabinet Crisis Patricia Hynds
26 Guatemala: Projected Exports, 1994 Kevin Robinson
13 Brazil: Political Parties Scramble To Finalize Their Electoral Slates As Filing Deadline Nears Patricia Hynds
26 Uruguay: Update On Inflation Kevin Robinson
12 Chile: Trade Balance Improves Substantially In First Quarter 1994 Kevin Robinson
05 Venezuela: Government Announces Sale Of State Airline Aeropostal, Marking Reinitiation Of Privatization Program Kevin Robinson
26 Honduras: Authorities Negotiate New Accord With World Bank & I.m.f. Kevin Robinson