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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Brazil: Finance Minister Fernando Henrique Cardoso Announces Presidential Candidacy Patricia Hynds
01 El Salvador: Authorities Release Final Results In Presidential Race, Paving The Way For Runoff Election Patricia Hynds
15 Panama: Update On Preparations For General Elections Patricia Hynds
15 Document: Timetable For Guatemalan Government-u.r.n.g. Peace Negotiations (march 1994) Patricia Hynds
22 Nicaragua: Frente Norte 3-80 Completes Demobilization Patricia Hynds
07 Interview With Isaac Cohen, Director Of The Washington Office Of E.c.l.a.c. Kevin Robinson
07 Bolivia: Government Reports Robust Growth In First Two Months Of 1994 Kevin Robinson
07 Colombia: Inflation Down Slightly In March, But Still Above Government Goals For 1994 Kevin Robinson
07 Chile & Argentina Upgraded, Venezuela Downgraded, On Standard & Poor's First Quarter Report For 1994 Kevin Robinson
28 Bolivia: Government & Private Sector Say Trade Accord With Chile Is Ineffective Kevin Robinson
15 Document: "acuerdo De Calendarizacion De Las Negociaciones Para Una Paz Firme Y Duradera En Guatemala" (marzo 1994) Patricia Hynds
08 In Controversial Election, Colombian President Cesar Gaviria Is Elected As Secretary General Of The O.a.s. Patricia Hynds
29 Update On Rebel Violence In Northern Nicaragua Patricia Hynds
15 Document: Gobierno De Guatemala Y U.r.n.g, Acuerdo Global Sobre Derechos Humanos (marzo 1994) Patricia Hynds
15 Argentina: Results From Constituent Assembly Elections Patricia Hynds
14 U.S. Accuses Eleven Latin American Countries Of Protectionism Kevin Robinson
15 Document: Guatemalan Government-u.r.n.g. Human Rights Accord (march 1994) Patricia Hynds
01 Document: Senate Testimony Of U.S. Southern Command (southcom) Chief Gen. Barry R. Mccaffrey Patricia Hynds
14 Bolivia Negotiates Bilateral Cooperation Accords With South American Neighbors Kevin Robinson
21 Paraguay: Government Plan To Privatize National Airline Aggravates Anti-privatization Sentiment Kevin Robinson
14 Paraguay: Monthly Inflation Drops A Full Percentage Point In March Kevin Robinson
08 Uruguay: Overview Of Presidential Candidates For November Elections Patricia Hynds
21 Peru: Government Renegotiates Foreign Commercial Debt While Multilateral Lending Institutions Promise New Aid Kevin Robinson
01 Nicaragua: Conflict Over Property Rights Continues Patricia Hynds
28 Ecuador: Indian Groups Sue Texaco Oil Company For Damages To Amazon Rain Forest Kevin Robinson
15 Costa Rica: President-elect Jose Maria Figueres Completes Appointment Of Cabinet Ministers Patricia Hynds
15 Guatemala: Authorities Convoke Special Congressional Elections For August 14 Patricia Hynds
01 Clinton Administration Convokes Hemispheric Presidential Summit For December 1994 Patricia Hynds
21 Chile: New Government Plans To Continue Privatization Program Kevin Robinson
21 Peru: Exporters & Other Business Associations Press Government To Devalue Local Currency Kevin Robinson
07 O.a.s. & Other Regional Organizations To Promote Hemispheric Integration Initiative Kevin Robinson
22 Peru: Military Battles Against Remnants Of Sendero Luminoso Amidst Charges Of Human Rights Violations Patricia Hynds
08 El Salvador: Official Election Results Give Right Wing Parties Simple Majority In Legislative Assembly Patricia Hynds
29 Brazil: Update On Corruption Scandal In Congress Patricia Hynds
14 Argentina: Huge Natural Gas Deposit Discovered Near Tierra Del Fuego Kevin Robinson
07 Bolivia: Update On Foreign Debt Kevin Robinson
29 Venezuela: President Rafael Caldera Pardons Military Officers Who Led 1992 Coup Attempts Patricia Hynds
29 Peruvian Military Continues Offensive Against Sendero Luminoso Amid Growing Charges Of Human Rights Abuses Patricia Hynds
01 Peru: First Presidential Hopeful Announces Candidacy Patricia Hynds
01 Colombia: Eighteen Candidates To Compete In Presidential Race Patricia Hynds
08 Document: U.N. Secretary General Butros Butros Ghali On Delays In Compliance With Salvadoran Peace Accords Patricia Hynds
28 Cuba: New Wave Of Economic Reforms Expected In May Kevin Robinson
07 Peru: Inflation Jumps Half A Percentage Point In March Kevin Robinson
22 Brazil: Presidential Candidate "lula" Da Silva Continues To Lead In Public Opinion Polls Patricia Hynds