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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
31 Chile: New Government Committed To Pursuing Free Trade Accord With U.S. Erika Harding
25 Wave Of Repression Sweeps Haiti As Disputes Continue Over U.S.-sponsored "power Sharing" Proposal Erika Harding
17 Peru: Foreign Investment Reaches Record Levels In First Two Months Of 1994 Erika Harding
24 Clinton Administration Convokes Hemispheric Presidential Summit For December 1994 Erika Harding
24 Brazil & The U.S. Sign Scientific Cooperation Agreement Erika Harding
10 Peru: Government Reports Moderate Inflation In First Two Months Of 1994 Erika Harding
04 Commentary On Haiti: The Interment Of Aristide Erika Harding
18 Colombia: Amnesty International Issues Controversial Report On Human Rights Abuses Erika Harding
24 Clinton Administration Reveals New Guiding Policies For U.S. Aid To Latin America & The Caribbean Erika Harding
18 Former Bolivian Military Ruler Detained In Brazil Erika Harding
17 E.c.l.a.c. Reports Moderate 3.2% Growth Rate In Latin America In 1993 (s/s) Erika Harding
04 Nicaragua: Recontra Group Signs Peace Agreement With Government Erika Harding
18 Chile: President Patricio Aylwin Grants Pardons To Political Prisoners Two Days Before End Of Term Erika Harding
24 Inter-american Development Bank Approves Nearly US$1 Billion In Loans To Argentina Erika Harding
10 Paraguay: Inflation Jumps Markedly In First Two Months Of 1994 Erika Harding
18 El Salvador: Update On Electoral Preparations Erika Harding
24 Brazil: Compaq Computer Corporation To Open Factory In Sao Paulo Erika Harding
10 Paraguay: State Airline Paralyzed Due To Financial Crisis Erika Harding
03 Brazil Announces Discovery Of Four New Offshore Oil Fields Erika Harding
10 Haiti: U.S. Trade With Haiti Increases, Despite Embargo Erika Harding
31 Economic Performance Differs Widely In 1993 Among Latin American & Caribbean Countries (s/s) Erika Harding
17 I.d.b. Directorate Grants Greater Voting Strength To Extra- Regional Members, While Planning A 74% Rise In Capital (s/s) Erika Harding
18 Document: U.N. Observer Mission In El Salvador (onusal) Final Report On Electoral Preparations Erika Harding
04 El Salvador: Arena In The Lead In Voter Surveys, But Final Outcome In Presidential Elections Unpredictable Erika Harding
18 Cuba: U.N. Human Rights Commission Issues Resolution Condemning Cuba Erika Harding
18 Chile: Eduardo Frei Sworn In As President Erika Harding
25 Clinton Administration Reveals New Guiding Policies For U.S. Aid To Latin America & The Caribbean Erika Harding
31 Peru: Government & I.m.f. Debate Appropriate Level Of Spending For Anti-poverty Programs Erika Harding
03 Chile: Despite Bilateral Free Trade Accords, Chile Reports Serious Conflicts & Problems With Mexico & Venezuela Erika Harding
18 Colombia: High Abstention & Rebel Violence Stain Legislative Elections Erika Harding
10 Mexico & Canada Reaffirm Commitment To Extend Nafta To Other Latin American Countries Erika Harding
18 Argentine Government Refuses To Cooperate With Italian Rights Probe Erika Harding
03 Debate Over Hemispheric Free Trade Zone Gains Force Erika Harding
31 Peru: Government Signs Huge Contract With Shell Oil To Exploit Natural Gas Reserves Erika Harding
10 Peru: Government Sells Local & Long Distance Telephone Companies For US$2 Billion Erika Harding
17 Peru: Exports Virtually Stagnant In 1993, Despite Hefty Growth In Some Non-traditionals Erika Harding
25 El Salvador: General Elections Marred By Irregularities & Fraud Erika Harding
31 S.e.l.a. Estimates That Uruguay Round Accords Will Add US$22 Billion In Annual Regional Income Erika Harding
03 Bolivia & Paraguay Negotiate Free Trade Accord Erika Harding
25 Honduras: U.S. Announces Major Reduction In Military Aid Erika Harding
04 Nicaragua: Results From Elections For Atlantic Coast Autonomous Governments Erika Harding
10 Uruguay: Government Receives Bid For State Airline From A Consortium Of Uruguayan, Argentine, & Brazilian Firms Erika Harding