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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1994.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
03 Cuba Seeks Trade Agreements with Russia, Chile, Colombia, African Nations LADB Staff
10 Colombia Finalizes Investment Promotion Accord With Great Britain LADB Staff
04 Guatemalan Constitutional Reforms Approved Amid High Abstention Rate LADB Staff
24 Uruguay Reports Sharp Increase In Trade Deficit In 1993 LADB Staff
17 Bolivian Government Prepares To Privatize Six State Firms LADB Staff
24 Analysis: Argentine President Carlos Menem's Reforms Losing Their Luster Guest
04 Rafael Caldera Sworn in as President of Venezuela LADB Staff
11 Costa Rican, Colombian Candidates Vie for Leadershiop of OAS Guest
24 Uruguay Sets New Round of Bidding for Privatization of State Airline LADB Staff
18 Commentary: Central America, Which Way After The Cold War? (Part 1) Guest
25 Venezuelan President Rafael Caldera Pardons 1992 Coup Participants LADB Staff
25 Peruvian Military Court Sentences Officers Involved in La Cantuta Case LADB Staff
03 Colombia Reports Robust GDP Growth, Moderate Inflation in 1993 LADB Staff
03 Steel Prodution Grows by 5 Percent in Latin America in 1993 LADB Staff
17 Oil Sector, Foreign Investment Expected to Boost Colombia's Economy LADB Staff
11 Peruvian Military Court Given Jurisdiction Over Controversial La Cantuta Case LADB Staff
16 Paraguay's Trade Defict Grew by More Than 50 Percent in 1994 LADB Staff
11 Jose Maria Figueres Wins Costa Rican Presidential Elections LADB Staff
17 Cuba Signs New Contract With Spanish Tobacco Company LADB Staff
04 Costa Rican Electoral Campaign Enters Final Stretch LADB Staff
10 Uruguayan Government Announces New Round Of Bidding For State Airline LADB Staff
24 Venezuela Proposes World Forum Of Oil Producer, Consumer Countries LADB Staff
17 Dominican Republic Successfully Renegotiates Foreign Commercial Debt LADB Staff
24 Paraguayan State-Run Airline Company Losing US$1 Million Per Month LADB Staff
10 GATT Accord Meets With Mixed Reactions In Latin America Guest
18 Aristide, U.S. Clash Over Clinton Administration's Power-Sharing Proposal LADB Staff
25 UN Observer Mission Issues Report on Electoral Preparations in El Salvador Guest
03 Street Protests Provoke Temporary Suspension of Value-Added Tax in Venezuela LADB Staff
10 Chile Seeks Adhesion to NAFTA, Pursues Trade Accords with Neighbors LADB Staff
25 Commentary: Central America—Which Way After The Cold War? (Part 2) Guest
04 U.S. Opposes Plan To Expand Sanctions Against Haiti LADB Staff
24 Venezuela Protests U.S. Decision To Restrict Gasoline Imports LADB Staff
24 Colombia Makes US$800 Million in Early Payments on Foreign Debt LADB Staff
11 Nicaraguan Army Offensive Pushes Recontras to Accept Disarmament Talks LADB Staff
04 Fighting Erupts Again Between Nicaraguan Army, Recontra Forces LADB Staff
18 Reports Of Electoral Campaign Misconduct in El Salvador on the Rise LADB Staff