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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
15 Commentary: Haiti's Dark Night Erika Harding
22 Haiti: Despite Obstacles, U.S. & U.N. Continue To Pursue Compliance With Governors Island Agreement Erika Harding
15 El Salvador: Human Rights Ombudsman Issues Report Documenting Increased Abuses Erika Harding
14 Chile: Government Reports Huge Drop In Export Income Erika Harding
22 Colombia: Campaign To Recapture Fugitive Pablo Escobar Fails Erika Harding
29 Peru: Cieneguilla Remains Identified As Disappeared Cantuta Student; Four Army Officers Charged Erika Harding
28 Brazil: New Government Privatization Plan Prohibits Sale Of Constitutionally Protected State Monopolies Erika Harding
15 Guatemala: President Ramiro De Leon Convokes National Referendum To Back Purge Of Legislature & Judiciary Erika Harding
08 Colombia: Update On Government-rebel Peace Negotiations Erika Harding
28 Direct U.S. Investment In Latin America & Caribbean Jumps Nearly 17% In 1992 (s/s) LADB Staff
14 Argentina: Government Predicts Single Digit Inflation For 1993 Erika Harding
29 Grenada: A Decade Later Erika Harding
08 Honduras Joins Movement Of Non-aligned Countries Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Legislative Elections Strengthen Menem's Reelection Bid Erika Harding
14 Brazil: Government Confirms Jump In Inflation In September Erika Harding
29 Nicaragua: Army Offensive Against Recontras Spills Over Into Honduras Erika Harding
21 Chile: Government Reports Drop In Monthly Inflation In September Erika Harding
22 Colombia: Peace Negotiations To Resume With Eln-rs Rebels Erika Harding
22 Honduras: Update On Preparations For General Elections Erika Harding
08 Nicaragua: Update On Rebel Disarmament & Amnesty Campaign Erika Harding
07 E.a.i. Fails To Deliver On Promises; Funding For Program Gradually Being Wound Down Erika Harding
01 Nicaragua: Social Democrat Caucus Formed In National Assembly Erika Harding
21 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Recommends Greater Investment In Human Resources To Increase Productivity (s/s) Erika Harding
22 Nicaragua: Authorities Set Date For Elections In Atlantic Coast Autonomous Regions Erika Harding
28 New Latin American Agricultural Council Created Erika Harding
15 Panama: Update On Activities Of M-20 Rebel Movement Erika Harding
22 Nicaragua: Government Reorganizes Intelligence Services Erika Harding
14 Bolivia & Paraguay Discuss Joint Development & Cooperation Projects Erika Harding
22 The National Endowment For Democracy (ned) In Latin America: Promoting Polyarchy & Preempting Social Justice Erika Harding
07 Peru: Officials Report Record-low Inflation & Robust Economic Growth Erika Harding
28 Cuba: Government Expands List Of Trades That Can Be Run By Individuals Independently From State Erika Harding
29 Brazilian Congress & Cabinet Shaken By Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
01 Americas Watch Issues Report On La Cantuta Massacre & Subsequent Government Coverup Erika Harding
07 International Coffee Organization Begins To Crumble After Producer Nations Unite To Drive Up Prices Erika Harding
28 Spanish Telephone Company "telefonica Inernacional" Reports Substantial Profits From Investments In Latin America Erika Harding
08 Bolivia: President Sanchez De Lozada Reshuffles Military High Command Erika Harding
15 Haiti: U.S.-sponsored Campaign To Restore Democracy Stalled, U.N. Reimposes Sanctions Erika Harding
28 Brazil: Trade Surplus Drops In First Nine Months Of 1993 Erika Harding
08 El Salvador: Democratic Convergence (cd) Coalition Members Unite To Form Single Political Party Erika Harding
14 Private Banks & Multilateral Lending Institutions Approve New Loans For Peru Erika Harding
14 Value Of Brazilian Firms Up Nearly 12 Percent On The Rio De Janeiro Stock Exchange Erika Harding
08 Honduras: Update On Electoral Preparations Erika Harding
01 El Salvador: U.N. Secretary General Reports On Status Of Peace Accord Implementation; U.N. Electoral Observers Begin Work Erika Harding
29 Chile: Eight Killed In Rebel-government Shoot-out Erika Harding
29 Peru: Update On Preparations For Referendum On Constitutional Reforms Erika Harding
21 Cuba: Sharp Decline In Economy This Year Encourages Acceleration Of Economic Reforms Erika Harding
01 Chile: Supreme Court Rules Secret Police Responsible For Political Disappearance Erika Harding
22 Chile: Poll Surveys Presidential Candidate Preferences Erika Harding
14 Peru: Wave Of Privatizations To Begin In November Erika Harding
01 Costa Rica: Update On Electoral Preparations Erika Harding
01 Brazil: Miners Accused In Yanomami Massacre Erika Harding
01 Brazil: Police Charged In Rio Murders Erika Harding
01 Haiti: Violence Swells As Date Of Aristide's Return Approaches Erika Harding
15 El Salvador: Update On Deployment Of National Civil Police (pnc) Erika Harding
08 Guatemala: President De Leon Commutes Death Sentence Against Soldier Convicted In Ciudad Peronia Massacre Erika Harding
07 Despite Economic Recovery, Lending Institutions Say Latin America Must Produce More & Distribute Income More Equitably Erika Harding
01 Honduras: National Congress Facilitates Legalization Of Democratic Unification Party (pud) Erika Harding
29 Haiti: Legislative Proposal To Rescue Governors Island Accord Collapses Erika Harding
29 El Salvador: Resurgence Of Death Squad Activity Threatens To Undermine Elections & Peace Process Erika Harding
14 Foreign Automobile Manufacturing Companies Announce Plans To Set Up Plants In Argentina Erika Harding
08 Peru: Fujimori Rejects Sendero Luminoso Peace Offer, Asserting That Total Military Victory Is Near Erika Harding