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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
10 Venezuela: Perez Permanently Removed From Office Erika Harding
09 Peru: Government Plans To Accelerate Privatization Program In 1994 Erika Harding
02 Ecuador Signs Bilateral Investment Treaty With U.S. Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Military Police Accused In Rio Massacre Erika Harding
10 Ecuador: Torture Allegations Prompt Police Reform Erika Harding
03 Nicaragua: President Chamorro Announces Plans To Overhaul Sandinista Popular Army (eps) Erika Harding
10 Haiti Moves Toward Aristide's Return To Presidency Erika Harding
09 Bolivia: Government Reports Jump In Inflation In August Erika Harding
30 Brazil: Hyperinflation Slows Economic Growth Erika Harding
03 Central America: Journalists To Form New Regional Organization Erika Harding
09 Peru: Government Projects Inflation Rate For 1993 Will Be Lowest In 16 Years Erika Harding
30 Latin American Nations Warn That A Collapse Of The Uruguay Round Will Spur Protectionism Throughout The Region Erika Harding
02 S.e.l.a. Reports Drop In Aid From Industrialized Nations As Scarce Resources Are Redirected To Eastern Europe Erika Harding
09 Bolivian President Vows Poverty Relief, While Turbulent Relations With Chile Make Bolivians Seasick Erika Harding
10 Nicaragua: New U.S. Ambassador Arrives In Managua Erika Harding
03 Uruguay: Scandals Rock Military, Provoke Major Reshuffling Erika Harding
10 Chile: President Patricio Aylwin Withdraws Controversial Human Rights Legislation Erika Harding
10 A New Era For U.S. Foreign Assistance?: Neither Legislation Nor Initiatives Indicate Much Change Erika Harding
30 The Petroleum Industry In Flux; Low Prices Spotlight Problems Of Dependence, While Privatization Spreads Erika Harding
09 U.S. & Caricom Nations Discuss Nafta & Other Trade Issues Erika Harding
03 Brazilian: Women's Political Party Formed Erika Harding
02 Brazil: New Currency, Old Policies Erika Harding
03 Peru: Constituent Congress Approves New Constitution & Public Referendum Erika Harding
03 Argentina: Violence Against Press Escalates Erika Harding
09 U.S. & European Car Manufacturers Report Substantial Jump In Sales To Latin America Erika Harding
03 Peru: Sendero Luminoso Rebels Accused Of Ashaninka Massacre Erika Harding
02 Latin America Provides Fastest Growing Market For U.S. Exports Offsetting Recession In Traditional U.S. Markets (s/s) Erika Harding
30 Government & Business Associations Promote European Investment In Peru Erika Harding