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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
06 Chile: President Aylwin Announces Plan To Resolve Conflict With Military Over Human Rights Abuses Erika Harding
20 El Salvador: U.N. Observer Mission (onusal) Announces Conclusion Of F.m.l.n. Disarmament Erika Harding
19 Update On Caricom-cuba Joint Commission Erika Harding
05 Colombia: Growth In Exports Offset By Huge Jump In Imports Erika Harding
13 El Salvador-nicaragua: Update On Fallout From Santa Rosa Arms Cache Explosion Erika Harding
13 Peru: Update On Constitutional Developments Erika Harding
12 Coffee Producing Nations Agree To Reduce Exports & Forge An International Confederation To Push Prices Up Erika Harding
13 Commentary: Clinton Administration Immigration Policy Erika Harding
19 Venezuelan Government Approves First Private Sector Investment In Oil Industry In Nearly 20 Years Erika Harding
12 U.S. Congressmen Warn Caribbean Community Countries Against Increased Trade With Cuba Erika Harding
05 U.S. Rejects Chile's Request To Convoke Bryan Commission In Poisoned Grape Dispute Erika Harding
20 Brazil: Socialist Leader Heads Presidential Polls For 1994 Election Erika Harding
20 Guatemala: President Appoints New Departmental Governors Erika Harding
20 Paraguay: First Civilian President In 39 Years Takes Office Erika Harding
13 Haitian Congress Moves Toward Ratification Of Prime Minister Erika Harding
27 Peru: Update On Clandestine Graves Erika Harding
26 Rio Group To Meet With G.a.t.t. General Director In Uruguay Erika Harding
06 El Salvador: Opposition Criticizes Joint Salvadoran-u.s. Military Maneuvers Erika Harding
05 Bolivia Strengthens Cooperation With Brazil & Argentina To Boost Natural Gas Exports Erika Harding
27 Haitian Parliament Ratifies Robert Malval As Prime Minister Erika Harding
26 Colombia & Panama Seek Funds To Complete Final Stretch Of Pan-american Highway Erika Harding
06 Commentary: New Evidence Emerges In La Penca Bombing Case Erika Harding
27 Brazil: Indian Massacre Draws International Condemnation & Focuses Attention On Land & Rights Issues Erika Harding
06 Nicaraguan Resistance Party (prn) Holds First National Convention Erika Harding
26 Uruguay Discusses Trade Agreements With France & South Africa Erika Harding
20 Chile: General Augusto Pinochet's Nephew To Run As Presidential Candidate Erika Harding
20 Honduras: Update On Reforms To Secret Police (dni) Erika Harding
13 Chile: Overview Of Presidential Candidates Erika Harding
06 El Salvador: Update On Electoral Preparations Erika Harding
06 Honduras: Sentences Issued In Riccy Mabel Martinez Murder Case Erika Harding
27 Honduras: Controversy Flares Over Role Of International Electoral Observers Erika Harding
12 G-3 Countries Begin Meeting Again To Hammer Out Free Trade Accords Erika Harding
05 Chile & China Explore Trade & Cooperation Accords Erika Harding
13 Brazilian Alleges Torture In Chilean Jail Erika Harding
19 Ecuador's Trade Surplus Grows As Imports Plummet Erika Harding
12 Argentina: Growing Trade Deficit Spurs Protectionist Measures Erika Harding
06 Senate Confirms New U.S. Ambassador To El Salvador Erika Harding
26 Honduran Businessmen Plan Investments In Cuba Erika Harding
19 Peru To Join Andean Trade Preference Act Erika Harding
26 Venezuela: Hefty Jump In Export Income In First Half Of 1993 Erika Harding
05 Colombia & Panama Sign Bilateral Trade Accord; Negotiations Continue Over Multilateral Pact With Central America Erika Harding
26 Venezuela Imposes Countervailing Duties On Subsidized Cheese Imports From The European Community Erika Harding
19 Commentary: Has The U.S. Considered The Full Consequences Of "post-castro Cuba"? Erika Harding
26 Update On Coffee Producers' Accord Erika Harding
06 Peru: Update On Discovery Of Clandestine Graves Erika Harding
05 Chile: Foreign Investment Doubles During First Half Of 1993 Erika Harding
20 Chile: Family Members Of The Disappeared Hold Hunger Strike To Protest President Aylwin's Human Rights Policy Erika Harding
05 Venezuela: Inflation Up Nearly Four Percent Over 1993 Erika Harding
27 Nicaragua: Hostage Crisis Further Isolates Embattled Government Erika Harding
19 African Coffee Producers Agree To Support Latin American Initiative To Retain Coffee Exports Erika Harding
13 Two U.S. Military Leaders Visit Guatemala Erika Harding