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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jul of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
08 Has Neo-liberalism Produced A Success Story In Chile? A Critique Of The "economic Miracle" Erika Harding
23 Update On U.S.-cuba Relations Erika Harding
30 Haiti: Update On Efforts To Restore President Jean Bertrand Aristide To Power Erika Harding
22 Chile: Update On Foreign Investment & Economic Performance Erika Harding
15 U.S. Reaffirms Commitment To Economic Integration With Latin America Erika Harding
22 I.d.b. Prepares International Conference On Tax Reform In Latin America Erika Harding
23 Nicaragua: Rebel Occupation Of Esteli Casts Shadow Over Peace & Disarmament Efforts Erika Harding
23 Chile: "degollados" Investigation Concluded Erika Harding
29 Oil Company Sale Encourages Government To Increase Argentine Trade On International Stock Exchanges Erika Harding
16 Honduras: Update On Preparations For General Elections Erika Harding
23 Argentina: Press Condemns Lack Of Government Response To Threats Against Journalists Erika Harding
29 Investment Opportunities In Latin America & Asia Offset Economic Recession In Advanced Industrialized Countries Erika Harding
15 S.e.l.a. Conference Analyzes Regional Debt Erika Harding
15 Argentina & Bolivia Expand Trade Accord Erika Harding
22 Paraguay: New Survey Of Poverty Levels Erika Harding
16 Colombia: Amnesty International Issues Report On Extra-judicial Executions Erika Harding
22 Joint Chile-bolivia Declaration Foreshadows Territorial Negotiations & Eventual Normalization Of Relations Erika Harding
08 E.e.c. Banana Import Restrictions Take Effect, Although Legal Battles Between Europe & Producer Nations Continue Erika Harding
15 Chile Expands Airline Service With Central American Countries Erika Harding
16 Menem's Visit Underscores Discordant U.S. Policies: Free Trade Overshadows Focus On Human Rights Erika Harding
30 Brazil: Update On Military Police & Death Squad Murders Of Street Children Erika Harding
09 Haiti: Aristide & De Facto Government Sign Agreement For Return To Constitutional Democracy Erika Harding
30 El Salvador: Update On Preparations For 1994 General Elections Erika Harding
16 Peru: Government Claims To Have Killed Or Captured Virtually All Leaders From Rebel Groups Erika Harding
16 U.S. To Consolidate International Radio Operations: Controversial New Plan Revitalizes Voice Of America Erika Harding
08 Argentina & U.S. Consider Free Trade Negotiations In 1994 Erika Harding
08 Chile Requests G.a.t.t. Intervention To Roll Back European Restrictions On Apple Imports Erika Harding
30 Peru: Sendero Luminoso Attacks U.S. Embassy In Lima Erika Harding
29 Caricom Willingness To Discuss New Trade Pacts Fortifies Goal Of Vast Free Trade Zone In Northern Latin America Erika Harding
16 U.S. Military Experts Conduct Study Mission To Cuba Erika Harding
16 Honduras: U.S. Diplomat Criticizes Military Investments In Business Ventures Erika Harding
15 Chile To Sign Cooperation Accords With Great Britain Erika Harding
22 Perspectives For The Cuban Economy In 1993: Reasons For Moderate Optimism Erika Harding
22 The Rising Sun Over Latin America: Japan Expands Economic Ties To The Region Erika Harding
09 Two New U.S. Court Rulings On Haitian Refugees Erika Harding
16 El Salvador: Government Completes Purge Of Military Officers Accused Of Human Rights Violations Erika Harding
16 Peru: Update On La Cantuta Disappearance Case Erika Harding
29 Fourth Meeting Of "sao Paulo Forum" Concludes With Sharp Condemnation Of Neo-liberal Reforms Erika Harding
16 Colombia & Peru: 2.5 Million Persons Displaced By Political Violence Erika Harding
16 Peru: Update On Investigations Into Naval Embezzlement Scandal Erika Harding
30 U.S. Senate Votes To Suspend Aid To Nicaragua Erika Harding
15 Brazil Discusses Future Free Trade Accord With Mexico Erika Harding
22 Argentina: Update On Privatization Erika Harding
23 Ecuador: President Sixto Duran Ballen Reshuffles Cabinet Erika Harding
30 Nicaragua: Evangelicals Establish Political Party Erika Harding
09 Guatemala's Failed Coup D'etat: Has The Clinton Administration Passed The Test? Erika Harding
23 Argentina-britain: U.N. Committee Calls For Negotiated Solution To Malvinas Islands Conflict Erika Harding
16 Nicaragua: Catholic Church Hierarchy Calls For U.N.peacekeeping Force To "restore Order" Erika Harding
29 Ibero-american Presidents Appeal For Conclusion Of The Uruguay Round & An End To The Us Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding