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The following articles were published in NotiSur in May of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
27 Chile: Decision To Prohibit U.S. Airline Expansion Plan Provokes Formal Protest From U.S. Government Erika Harding
28 Haiti: On Failure Of Efforts To Install International Peacekeeping Force & Restore Aristide To The Presidency Erika Harding
20 Brazil Files Protests With G.a.t.t. Over U.S. Threats To Impose Trade Sanctions To Enforce Its Patents Erika Harding
14 Guatemala: Latest Round In Peace Talks Ends In Failure Erika Harding
20 British Business Representatives Promise New Investments In Argentina Erika Harding
21 Venezuela: Supreme Court Votes To Try President Carlos Andres Perez On Embezzlement Charges Erika Harding
13 Argentina & Great Britain Agree To Joint Maritime Conservation Efforts Around The Malvinas Islands Erika Harding
13 Chile: Low International Prices, Labor Conflicts, & Bad Weather Substantially Reduce Copper Export Income Erika Harding
07 Paraguay: Army Leaders Threaten To Block Electoral Process Erika Harding
07 El Salvador: F.m.l.n. Criticizes Government Noncompliance With Key Provisions Of Peace Accords Erika Harding
07 Colombian Government Forced To Rescind Two Major Components Of Anti-drug Strategy Erika Harding
20 Dailies From Argentina & Chile Agree To Jointly Produce Information On Bilateral Economic Topics Erika Harding
21 Panama: Congressional Deputy Criticizes U.S. Violations Of Panama Canal Treaties Erika Harding
21 Elections In Paraguay: Commentary On The Role Of International Observers Erika Harding
28 Coup D'etat In Guatemala: Jorge Serrano Dismisses Congress & Courts, Suspends Constitutional Guarantees Erika Harding
27 Colombia: Foreign Companies Confirm Huge Oil Deposits In North Eastern Colombia Erika Harding
21 Colombia: E.l.n. Rebel Offer To Participate In Bilateral Ceasefire Rejected By Government Erika Harding
06 Cuba Signs Barter Deal With Argentina & Discusses Joint Medical Ventures With Mexico & The Dominican Republic Erika Harding
14 Peru: Interview With Democracy & Socialism Institute President Rolando Ames Cobian Erika Harding
06 U.S. Places Argentina On List Of Patent Right Violators & Considers Retaliatory Trade Sanctions Erika Harding
21 El Salvador: Update On Difficulties Faced By Demobilized Combatants Erika Harding
27 Chile: Recession & Protectionism In Advanced Industrialized Countries Slows Export Growth Erika Harding
14 Peru: Interview With P.p.c. Secretary General Lourdes Flores Nano Erika Harding
27 Cuba & Russia Sign New Trade & Investment Accords Erika Harding
20 Paraguay Temporarily Suspends Request To Enter G.a.t.t. To Appease Mercosur Trading Partners Erika Harding
28 Argentina: "carapintada" Party Granted Official Recognition Erika Harding
20 Chile: Apple Dispute With E.e.c. Grows More Intense Erika Harding
21 Peru-chile: Governments Sign Historic Agreement Erika Harding
27 Cuba: New Bill In U.S. Congress To Lift Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
14 El Salvador: Democratic Convergence Formally Nominates Ruben Zamora As Presidential Candidate Erika Harding
14 Venezuela: Supreme Court Considers Evidence On Embezzlement Charges Against President Perez Erika Harding
21 Cuba Steps Up Diplomatic Efforts To End U.S. Embargo Erika Harding
14 Peru: Military Crisis Unfolds In Aftermath Of Congressional Human Rights Investigations Erika Harding
06 Chile Reviews Cooperation Accords With Argentina & Canada Erika Harding
21 Colombia: More Controversy Over Security Force Involvement In Human Rights Abuses Erika Harding
20 Chile: Dispute Grows Over U.S. Airline Expansion Plans Erika Harding
28 Document: Excerpts From U.N. Secretary General's Progress Report On Salvadoran Peace Process Erika Harding
13 Paraguay: President Elect Committed To Regional Economic Integration Erika Harding
27 Chile: President Aylwin To Visit Russia In June Erika Harding
06 Chile: Fruit Exporters Report Sharp Drop In Income This Year Erika Harding
07 Paraguay: Military Leaders Arrested In Connection With Disappearance Of Uruguayans During Stroessner Regime Erika Harding
28 Summary Of International Reactions To Guatemalan Coup D'etat Erika Harding
28 El Salvador: Onusal Mandate Extended & Broadened To Incorporate Electoral Division Erika Harding
13 Senior Clinton Administration Officials Stress U.S. Interest In Developing Hemisphere-wide Free Trade Zone Erika Harding
07 Nicaragua: Army Issues Report On Recent Rebel Activity Erika Harding
28 Document: Americas Watch Condemns Guatemalan Coup D'etat Erika Harding
06 World Bank Releases New Poverty Estimates Erika Harding
14 Paraguay: Colorado Party Victorious In Elections Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Dispute With U.S. Grows Over Patent Rights Erika Harding
20 Cuba Steps Up Diplomatic Efforts To End U.S. Embargo Erika Harding
21 Nicaragua: Chamorro Administration Requests Police Training Assistance From Chilean Carabineros Erika Harding
13 Paraguay To Formally Join G.a.t.t. In May Erika Harding
20 Cuba: Government Upgrades Transport & Hotel Infrastructure To Boost Tourist Industry Erika Harding
14 Excerpts From Speech Of State Department Official On Clinton Administration Policy Toward Latin America Erika Harding
06 Cuba: Foreign & Domestic Protest Against U.S. Embargo Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: President Elect Plans To Accelerate Neo-liberal Reforms Erika Harding
07 El Salvador: Human Rights Ombudsman Expresses Concern Over Increase In Abuses Erika Harding
07 Honduras: On Commemoration Of El Astillero Massacre Erika Harding
21 Nicaragua: Government Launches New Plan To Confront Rebel Groups Erika Harding
07 Guatemala: Peace Talks Edge Forward Erika Harding