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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Apr of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
29 Chile Seen As Gateway For Japanese Investments In Latin America Erika Harding
30 Nicaragua: Central American University Opens Business Administration Degree Program For Military Officers Erika Harding
15 Chile Complains Of More European Protectionist Measures On Apple Imports Erika Harding
13 Peru: Human Rights Groups Issues Report Erika Harding
21 Argentina: Air Force Budget Cuts Lead To Discontent & Reduction In Operations Erika Harding
06 Brazil: Public Opinion Poll Indicates Widespread Dissatisfaction With President Itamar Franco Erika Harding
13 Peru: 120,000 Families Displaced By Political Violence Erika Harding
21 El Salvador: Update On Preparations For Elections Erika Harding
21 Honduras: Opposition Party Requests Presence Of International Electoral Observers Erika Harding
30 Nicaragua: Sandinista Popular Army (eps) Denies Reports Of Removal Of Army Chief Erika Harding
01 Chile: Government Convokes "bryan Commission," Reversing Earlier Decision Erika Harding
15 Nearly All Latin American Countries Report Current Account Deficits In 1992 Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Government Moves Toward Resuming Negotiations With Rebels Erika Harding
30 Bolivia: Former Dictator Sentenced To 30-year Prison Term Erika Harding
30 Nicaragua: Tripartite Commission Issues Preliminary Report Erika Harding
22 Mexico Temporarily Suspends Chilean Fruit Imports Due To Sanitary Problems Erika Harding
21 Colombia: Rebel Groups Express Interest In Resuming Negotiations With Government Erika Harding
15 Bolivia Seeks Foreign Funding For Gas Pipeline Project With Brazil Erika Harding
21 Colombia: Army Officers Accused In Cauca Massacre Erika Harding
15 Argentina & China To Fortify Trade Relations Erika Harding
29 Chile: Private Sector Plans Lobbying Blitz In Washington To Push For Chile-us Free Trade Accord Erika Harding
13 U.S. Federal Attorneys Prepare Drug Trafficking Charges Against Cuban Officials Erika Harding
15 Rio Group Meeting Helps Unify Latin American Countries In Defense Of Free Trade With The U.S., Europe, & Japan Erika Harding
06 Andean Governments Face Cut In U.S. Anti-drug Aid Erika Harding
30 Guatemala: Update On Preparations For Municipal Elections Erika Harding
01 E.e.c. Leader's Visit Renews Latin American Protests Against European "protectionism" (part 1) Erika Harding
06 Peru: Rebel Leader Abimael Guzman Transferred To Special High-security Prison Erika Harding
21 El Salvador: Catholic Church Leader Warns Of Renewed Death Squad Activity Erika Harding
01 Protectionist Tendencies In U.S. & E.e.c. Provoke Trade Barriers In Argentina Erika Harding
30 El Salvador: Criticisms Against Judiciary Continue Erika Harding
15 Economic Integration Projects Lead To Boom In Intra-regional Trade Erika Harding
21 Honduras: Liberal Party Deputy Calls For Exit Of U.S. Troops Erika Harding
21 Haiti: Diplomatic Efforts To Resolve Crisis Collapse Erika Harding
22 Argentina Complains Of Unrestricted Fishing Off Its Coasts Erika Harding
06 Peru: Americas Watch Report Documents Worsening Human Rights Situation One Year After "auto-golpe" Erika Harding
22 Integration Authorities Review Quality Control Regulations For Intra-regional Trade Erika Harding
22 U.S. Threatens Trade Sanctions If Brazil Does Not Respect Patent Rights Erika Harding
13 Rio Group Meeting: Peru & Panama Invited To Rejoin Erika Harding
29 Cuba: Government May Consider A Stock Exchange & Future Debt Equity Swaps Erika Harding
06 Cuba: Outbreak Of Eye Disease Linked To Vitamin Deficiency Erika Harding
06 Cuba: New Foreign Minister Erika Harding
15 Chile Signs Free Trade Accords With Venezuela & Bolivia, Opens Talks With Brazil Erika Harding
21 Chile: President Orders Creation Of New Public Security & Information Directorate Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: Supreme Court Orders New Elections In Two States Erika Harding
30 Nicaragua: Rebel Group Stages Action To Force Pro-sandinista Radio Station Off The Air Erika Harding
01 Caricom Considers Closer Trade Relations With Cuba Erika Harding
22 "ecotourism" To Top Agenda At Regional Conference Erika Harding
22 Brazil Explores Closer Trade & Cooperation Ties With Andean Pact Countries Erika Harding
30 Honduras: Government Requests Foreign Assistance For New Civilian Police Unit Erika Harding
13 Argentina-britain: Resumption Of Normal Military Relations Erika Harding
01 South American Countries Seek More Trade With Asian Pacific Region Erika Harding
22 Cuba Seeks Investment By European & Caribbean Businessmen Erika Harding
22 Canadian Firms Explore Investment Opportunities In Chile Erika Harding
21 Peru: Human Rights Investigation By Legislature Provokes Conflict With Military Leaders Erika Harding
13 Colombia: Vigilante Group Resumes War Against Escobar Erika Harding
06 Peru: Legislative Deputy Condemns Extrajudicial Executions Erika Harding
29 Criticism Of European Protectionism Falls On Deaf Ears At Meeting Of Rio Group & E.e.c. Foreign Ministers Erika Harding