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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Mar of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
23 Colombia: 100 Journalists Murdered Since August 1987 Erika Harding
25 Chile: Government Slights Domestic Fruit Producers & Exporters To Maintain Good Trade Relations With U.S. Erika Harding
25 Ecuador: Government & Private Sector To Open Overseas Export Promotion Centers Erika Harding
16 Brazil: Pastoral Commission Documents Over Sixteen Thousands Cases Of Slavery In 1992 Erika Harding
11 Bolivia & Brazil Sign Contract For Natural Gas Pipeline Erika Harding
09 Brazil: Military Police Face Trial In Carandiru Prison Massacre Erika Harding
16 Cuban Foreign Minister Comments On Clinton Administration Erika Harding
23 Colombia: Government Accepts Escobar's Terms, But Prepared To Capture Him If He Doesn't Surrender Erika Harding
30 Chile: Pinochet Blames Letelier Assassination On C.i.a. Erika Harding
18 E.e.c. Apple Import Quotas Cause Trade Dispute With Chile Erika Harding
11 Clinton Seeks Free Trade Accords With Latin America Erika Harding
09 Interview With Alfonso Fraga, Chief Of Cuban Interests Section In Washington Erika Harding
25 Nafta Negotiations Represent First Step To Free Trade Throughout The Hemisphere Erika Harding
04 Chile Negotiates Bilateral Trade Accords With South American Neighbors Erika Harding
30 Brazil Recognizes Official Involvement In Political Disappearances For First Time Erika Harding
30 Brazil: Government Reports Expansion Of Poverty Erika Harding
09 Haiti: U.S. Supreme Court Opens Hearings On Immediate Repatriation Policy Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Woman Announces Candidacy For Presidential Elections Erika Harding
23 Peru: Journalists Protest Government Repression Erika Harding
30 U.S. President Upholds Previous Policy Toward Cuba Erika Harding
18 Paraguay Pins Economic Hopes On Mercosur Erika Harding
16 Venezuela: Court Overturns Coup Convictions Erika Harding
25 Caricom May Broaden To Include Spanish Speaking Caribbean Basin Countries Erika Harding
23 Commentary: A Time For New Thinking On U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Erika Harding
16 Venezuela: President Perez Faces Trial For Misuse Of Public Funds; Protests Continue Erika Harding
25 Mexico Seeks Closer Trade Ties With Southern Cone Countries Erika Harding
23 Cuba: National Assembly Elects Council Of State Leaders Erika Harding
16 Paraguay: Factionalization Of Ruling Party Sets Stage For Difficult Presidential Elections Erika Harding
30 Paraguay: Overview Of Presidential Race Erika Harding
16 Bolivia: 24 Parties To Participate In Presidential Elections Erika Harding
09 Colombia: Cabinet Appointments Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Fifteen Members Of Government Security Forces Convicted In El Amparo Massacre Erika Harding
30 Chile: Humanist-green Party First To Leave Government Coalition Erika Harding
02 Venezuela: Political Violence Continues Over State Elections Erika Harding
11 U.S. Entertainment Firms Report Multi-million Dollar Losses From Bootlegging In Latin America Erika Harding
09 Argentina: New Defense Minister Appointed Erika Harding
11 Cabinet Shakeup Provokes New Crisis In Brazil Erika Harding
30 Chile: Lautaro Rebel Leader Captured Erika Harding
30 Peru: Six-year Sentence For Military Officer Charged With Ordering Murder Of 69 Campesinos Erika Harding
04 Banana Dispute Overshadows Annual Cooperation Meeting Between E.e.c. & Central America Erika Harding
23 Colombia: National Liberation Army (eln) Faction Prepared To Demobilize Erika Harding
16 Uruguay: Resignation Of Three Cabinet Ministers Deepens Government Political Crisis Erika Harding
09 Cuba: Official Results For February Provincial Assembly Elections (s/s) Erika Harding
16 Bolivia: Three Hundred Thousand People Depend Economically On Illegal Drug Trade Erika Harding
16 Brazil: Update On Nuclear Program Erika Harding
18 Chile Seeks Additional Bilateral Trade Accords Erika Harding
02 Haiti: Mass For Ferry Victims Turns Into Aristide Rally Erika Harding
23 Argentina Opens Secret Nazi Files Erika Harding
04 Argentina Finalizes Commercial Debt Reduction Accord Erika Harding
02 Dominican Republic: Balaguer Vows Not To Run In 1994 Presidential Elections Erika Harding
30 Colombia: Government Establishes Two Commissions To Propose Reforms For National Police Erika Harding
23 Haiti: Washington Juggles Its Options In Haiti Crisis Erika Harding
18 New Brazil-argentina Trade Accords Boost Mercosur Erika Harding
02 Peru: Government Initiates Campaign To Improve Human Rights Image & Resume Foreign Economic Aid Erika Harding
02 Cuba: All Candidates Elected In Parliamentary Voting; Government Claims Massive Victory For Revolution Erika Harding
11 Argentina: Privatization Program Moves Forward Erika Harding
04 Argentina Prepares Broad Plan To Attract Foreign Investment In Mining Sector Erika Harding
02 Chile: Pinochet Says He Will Not Run For President Erika Harding
04 Bolivia To Sign Debt Reduction Accord With Foreign Commercial Banks Erika Harding
02 Paraguayan Legislators Oppose U.S. Offer To Microfilm Archives Of Secret Police Activity Erika Harding