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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Chile: U.S. Approves Bilateral Debt Reduction Erika Harding
09 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report On Peru, 1992 Erika Harding
09 Brazil: Legislature Appoints New Vice President Erika Harding
11 Bolivia: Local Residents Protest Drop In Government Investment In La Paz Department Erika Harding
25 Venezuela: Government Urges Congress To Approve New Taxes & Accelerates Privatization Of Public Enterprises Erika Harding
25 New Agreements On Free Trade Among G-3 Countries & Central America Erika Harding
16 Brazil: Public Opinion Poll Indicates Growing Approval Rating For President Franco Erika Harding
25 Uruguay: Labor Protests Affect Public Sector Services Erika Harding
18 Cuba: Government Struggles To Increase Sugar Production While Diversifying Exports Erika Harding
11 Cuba: Government Plans Broad Promotional Campaign To Attract Foreign Investment In Oil Exploration Erika Harding
02 Colombia: Government Tightens Security In Response To Increased Bombings Erika Harding
02 Chilean Government Denies Reports Regarding Chemical Weapons Erika Harding
09 Peru: Guzman To Be Transferred To New Prison Facility Erika Harding
23 Colombia: Violence Continues To Spiral Out Of Control With Appearance Of Two Anti-escobar Groups Erika Harding
04 Brazil-bolivia Gas Line Project Moves Forward Erika Harding
04 Chile Seeks Reimbursement From U.S. For Losses During 1989 Fruit Embargo Erika Harding
16 Peru: U.N.i.c.e.f. Issues Report On Malnutrition & Poverty Erika Harding
23 Peru: Military Officers Sentenced In Connection With November Coup Attempt Erika Harding
23 Cuban Newspaper Accuses Washington Of Financing Violent Anti-castro Groups Erika Harding
09 Venezuela: Follow-up On 1992 Regional Elections; Presidential Campaign Begins Erika Harding
23 Not Yet "castro's Final Hour": Emerging Consensus In Washington On New Cuba Policy? Erika Harding
23 Dominican Republic: Voter Registration Process Marred By Irregularities Erika Harding
16 Haitian Leaders Accept U.N. Observer Mission Erika Harding
16 Bolivia: Government Promises Protection For Journalists Erika Harding
09 Bolivia: Army Creates Environmental Battalion Erika Harding
25 Cuba: U.S. Congressional Representatives Seek U.N. Backing For Economic Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
02 Argentina To Acquire US$200 Million In Military Equipment From U.S. Erika Harding
04 Colombia: National Strike Planned To Protest Public Sector Layoffs Erika Harding
25 Cuba & Iran Will Increase Economic Cooperation Erika Harding
09 Brazil: Government Begins Campaign To Dislodge Illegal Miners From Indian Lands Erika Harding
04 Brazil: Economic Liberalization Moves Forward Under New Government Erika Harding
25 E.e.c. Promises Substantial Aid To Dominican Republic This Year Erika Harding
02 Brazil: Official Report Blames 1992 Prison Massacre On Military Police "excesses" Erika Harding
23 Paraguay: President Vows To Not Interfere With Elections Despite Continued Crisis Erika Harding
09 Bolivia: Diarrhea Kills Average Of 15,000 Children Per Year Erika Harding
16 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report On Peru, 1992 Erika Harding
23 Brazil: Convicted Murderers Of Chico Mendes Escape From Prison Erika Harding
23 Chile: Update On Human Rights Trials Of Former Military Personnel In Civilian Courts Erika Harding
11 World Tourism Organization Blames Poor Service Quality For Sluggish Tourism Growth In Latin America Erika Harding
09 Peru: Municipal Elections Held As Planned, Despite Rebel Violence Erika Harding
02 Latin America & The Caribbean: Women's Life Expectancy, Infant, Child & Maternal Mortality Rates, By Country (s/s) Erika Harding
16 Colombia: Government To Grant Land To Former Rebels Erika Harding
11 Multilateral Trade Negotiations Advance Among G-3 Countries & Central America Erika Harding
16 Colombian Government Rejects Peruvian Petition For Extradition Of Alan Garcia Erika Harding
25 Bolivia: U.S. Announces 40 Percent Reduction In Balance Of Payments Support This Year Erika Harding
11 Paraguay: State Airline On Verge Of Bankruptcy Erika Harding
25 Uruguay: Huge Jump In Trade Deficit In 1992 Erika Harding
02 Attempts To Negotiate End To Crisis Erika Harding
18 Banana Producing Nations Unite Against European Protectionism Erika Harding
23 Brazilian State Of Ceara Wins U.N.i.c.e.f. Award Erika Harding
23 Latin America & The Caribbean: Indicators On Women's Participation In Top-level Positions Within Government Ministries, By Country, 1987 Erika Harding
11 Bolivia: Floods Destroy Basic Grains & Other Crops Erika Harding
16 Paraguay: Evidence Revealed Regarding International Exchange Of Political Prisoners During 1970s Erika Harding