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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
26 Colombia: Car Bomb Marks Possible New Wave Of Narco Violence Erika Harding
14 Argentina & Britain Negotiate Fishing Accord & Other Cooperation Agreements Erika Harding
28 Latin American Nations Protest European Banana Import Restrictions Erika Harding
12 Peru: 1992 Political Violence Overview Erika Harding
26 Chile: Senate Impeaches Supreme Court Judge In Historic Case Erika Harding
12 Brazil: New Law On Maritime Boundaries Erika Harding
07 Argentina: Privatization Process Moves Forward Erika Harding
12 Colombia: 1992 Tolls For Violent Deaths & Kidnappings Erika Harding
19 Ecuador: Guerrilla Group Abandons Armed Struggle Erika Harding
12 Argentina-britain: Update On Bilateral Relations Erika Harding
05 Chile: Government Coalition Presents Charges Against Supreme Court Justices Erika Harding
26 I.d.b. Grants US$2.5 Million To Indigenous Fund Erika Harding
07 Peru: Officials Report Lowest Annual Inflation In 15 Years Erika Harding
07 Uruguay: Electorate Rejects Privatization Law In National Plebiscite Erika Harding
12 Argentina: 12.2% Of Prisoners H.i.v. Positive Erika Harding
07 Brazil: Domestic & Foreign Concern Grows Over New Government's Economic Policies Erika Harding
26 Chilean Health Budget Up 43% For 1993 Erika Harding
26 Chile: Increase In Drug Seizures Erika Harding
05 Cuba: Update On Government Repression Of Dissidents Erika Harding
12 Peru: Displaced Persons Request Refugee Status Erika Harding
05 Venezuela: Human Rights Group Accuses Security Forces Of 143 Deaths Erika Harding
12 World Bank Report On Life Expectancy In Latin America Erika Harding
12 Peru: Limited Access To Potable Water & Sewage; Cholera Cases Down In 1992 Erika Harding
12 Ecuador: Human Rights Abuses Increasing Erika Harding
14 Argentina: Update On A.r.s.a. Labor Conflict Erika Harding
28 World Bank & I.d.b. Approve New Loans For Venezuela Erika Harding
14 Jamaica: New I.d.b. Loan For Electric Projects Erika Harding
19 Ecuador: U.S. Oil Firm Builds Road Through Amazon Nature Reserve Despite Opposition Erika Harding
05 Colombia: Over 4,000 Police Fired In 1992 Erika Harding
05 Bolivia: President Appoints New Air Force Chief Erika Harding
14 Bolivia: Government To Accelerate Privatization In 1993 Erika Harding
21 Peru: State Airline Aero Peru Sold To Aeromexico Erika Harding
05 Two Groups Of Cubans Flee Island By Plane Erika Harding
14 Mercosur Countries Reach New Tariff Accords (s/s) Erika Harding
28 Ecuador: Government Seeks Accords With I.m.f. & Commercial Creditors Erika Harding
05 Cuba: Municipal Elections Update Erika Harding
05 Brazilian Finance Minister Resigns Erika Harding
21 Peru: Economy Minister Resigns Over Government Renegotiation Of I.m.f. Accord Erika Harding
14 Uruguay: Airport Employees Initiate Work Stoppages Erika Harding
07 Jamaica: New I.m.f. Accord Erika Harding
28 Ecuador: Doctors Strike Continues Into Fourth Week Erika Harding
07 Argentina: A.r.s.a. Airlines Faces Another Crisis Erika Harding
14 Colombia: Massive Public Sector Layoffs Planned Erika Harding
21 Brazil: President Appeals For Congressional Support To Renegotiate Foreign Debt Erika Harding
05 Dominican Republic: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Update On Inflation In 1992 Erika Harding
21 Brazil: Protectionist U.S. Steel Tariffs Push Government To Seek G.a.t.t. Mediation Erika Harding
26 Peru: Trials Begin For Accused Coup Leaders; Fujimori Acknowledges Discontent Within Military Erika Harding
26 Foundation Condemns U.S. Anti-drug Policy In Latin America Erika Harding
26 Peru: Congress Begins Operations; Sendero Targets Municipal Election Candidates Erika Harding
21 Peru: Sharp Increase In Stock Exchange Activity In 1992 Erika Harding
26 Chile: Report On Increased Condom Imports Erika Harding
07 Ecuador: Update On Inflation & Foreign Reserves Erika Harding
19 Chile: Government Grants Land, Legalizes Titles For Mapuche Communities Erika Harding
26 Paraguay: Colorado Party's Nomination Process Threatens To Interfere With Presidential Elections Erika Harding
26 Chile: Military Court Absolves Participants In Telephone Tapping Scandal Erika Harding
12 Colombian Judges Granted Pay Raises Erika Harding
26 Brazil: Cabinet Ministers Reshuffled Erika Harding
07 Emerging Latin Markets Make For Wild Rides: Volatile Stock Exchanges Offer Big Profits At High Risk Erika Harding
26 Chile: Priest Nominated As Presidential Candidate Erika Harding
21 New I.d.b. Fund To Promote Private-sector Investment Erika Harding
12 Peru: Recent Political Developments Erika Harding
12 Peru: Update On Government's Counterinsurgency Campaign Erika Harding
14 Inter-american Trade Negotiations Advance: New Markets Emerge—-with Some Problems Erika Harding
12 O.a.s. Charter Reform Permits Suspension Of Non-democratic Members Erika Harding
05 Brazil: Collor Resigns As Senate Impeachment Trial Begins Erika Harding
12 Uruguay: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
12 Peru: Human Rights Organizations Protest Government & Rebel Violence Against Women Erika Harding
28 Brazil: Record Trade Surplus In 1992 Erika Harding
05 Venezuela: Aftermath Of Failed Coup Attempt Erika Harding
12 Colombia: 1992 Drug Seizure Overview Erika Harding
05 Chilean National Renovation Party Members Suspended For Involvement In Telephone Espionage Scandal Erika Harding
14 Uruguay: 1992 Inflation Lowest In Five Years (s/s) Erika Harding
28 Colombia: On New European & U.S. Aid Erika Harding
07 Chinese Firm Buys Peru's State-owned Iron Company Hierroperu Erika Harding
14 Dominican Republic: Debt Repayment Delay Could Partially Paralyze State Airline Erika Harding
19 Update On Political Crisis & Repression In Haiti Erika Harding
21 Chile: Inflation Update, December 1992 Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: Political Crisis Deepens Erika Harding
12 Colombian Government Issues New Security Decrees, Captures Rebel Leader Erika Harding
19 Paraguay: Judge Calls For Stroessner's Extradition, Arrest Erika Harding
21 Slight Growth In Latin American & Caribbean Foreign Debt In 1992 Erika Harding
19 Aylwin Seeks Constitutional Reform On Military Independence Erika Harding
14 On New Cooperation Accords Between Argentina & Chile Erika Harding
14 Bolivia: Fuel Price Hikes Spur Violent Labor Protests Erika Harding
19 Peru: U.S. To Resume Anti-drug Assistance Erika Harding
28 Venezuela: Government Appeals For Congressional Backing To Cut Fiscal Deficit & Reduce Inflation Erika Harding
19 Colombia: Escobar Threatens New Terrorist Attacks; Military Reinforces Elite Search Squad Erika Harding
05 Venezuela: Post-election Political Developments Erika Harding