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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
10 Uruguay: Upcoming Plebiscite On "privatization Law" Could Trigger Political Crisis Erika Harding
15 Venezuela: Prison Conditions Responsible For Riots & High Level Of Violence Erika Harding
15 Colombia: Adm-19 Withdraws From Government Coalition Erika Harding
03 Brazil & Argentina Trade Tensions Continue Erika Harding
15 Colombia: Leading Intellectuals Call On Rebels To Abandon Armed Violence Erika Harding
08 Argentina: New Head Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Sworn In Erika Harding
03 Ecuador: Government Begins To Privatize State Institutions Erika Harding
01 Venezuelan Coup Attempt: Summary Of Developments Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Former Head Of Movement Of Street Children Given Lengthy Sentence For Libel Erika Harding
01 U.N. General Assembly Approves Resolution Condemning Torricelli Bill Erika Harding
03 Summary Of U.N. Vote On U.S. Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
10 Ecuador Formally Withdraws From O.p.e.c. Erika Harding
17 Peru: Constituent Assembly Election Results Attract Fresh Foreign Aid Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Cabinet Reshuffle Erika Harding
08 Brazil: Senate Trial Of Collor Reaches Final Stages Erika Harding
17 Argentina: Debate Grows Over Benefits Of Privatization Erika Harding
03 Argentina: World Bank & I.d.b. Loans Worth US$476 Million Erika Harding
08 Bolivia: President Calls Legislative & Presidential Elections Erika Harding
15 Colombia: Continued Wave Of Rebel & Narco Violence Erika Harding
08 Peru: Rebels Killed In Two Major Military Operations Erika Harding
03 Chile Seeks Closer Trade Ties With Pacific Basin Countries Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Human Rights Group Issues Report On Sao Paulo Prison Massacre Erika Harding
08 Rio Group Meets In Buenos Aires Erika Harding
15 Cuba: Repression Of Human Rights Activists Erika Harding
15 Cuba: Electoral Update Erika Harding
17 Colombia: Guerrilla Sabotage Against Petroleum Installations Forces Government To Import Oil Erika Harding
15 Peru: Torture, Murder & Disappearances Among Security Forces Detainees, January-october 1992 Erika Harding
03 U.S. Achieves Trade Surplus With Latin America In 1991, For First Time In More Than A Decade Erika Harding
10 Argentina & European Community Negotiate Fishing Accord Erika Harding
17 Venezuela & Colombia Inaugurate Electric Cooperation Project Erika Harding
15 Haiti: Abuses Continue, Calls For International Involvement Increase Erika Harding
08 Peru: Update On Attempted Coup, Political Crisis Erika Harding
08 Paraguay: President Retires Military Chiefs Erika Harding
08 Regional A.i.d.s. Update Erika Harding
10 Latin American Economic Miracle? Significant Weaknesses Largely Overlooked By Regional Boosters Erika Harding
15 Ecuador: Army Chief Killed In Plane Crash Erika Harding
03 Bolivia Trade Deficit Up Sharply In January-september 1992 Erika Harding
10 Venezuela: Coup Attempt Aggravates Economic Problems Erika Harding
15 Update On Chilean Presidential Candidates Erika Harding
01 Cuba Appoints Diplomat To U.S. Erika Harding
03 Chile: Foreign Debt Increases By Nearly 8% Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: Aftermath Of Failed Coup Attempt Erika Harding
08 Cuba-u.s.: Overview Of Recent Developments Erika Harding
15 Brazil: 1,200 Homosexuals Murdered Since 1980 Erika Harding
03 Latin American Poverty Levels Increase 44% Erika Harding
17 Ecuador: New Wave Of Labor Protests Erika Harding
10 Haiti: Relief Agencies Fear Famine Will Provoke New Refugee Exodus Erika Harding
03 Cuba: Aid Caravan's Success Encourages More Religious Solidarity Plans For Cuba Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Tribe Blocks Access To Reservation Following Slaying Of Chief Erika Harding