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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 Colombia: Update On Government's Anti-insurgency Campaign, Military Commanders Resign Erika Harding
05 Ecuador: Mixed Commission Begins Review Of State Enterprises For Privatization Erika Harding
05 Colombia: Spain Grants US$350 Million Credit For Subway Construction Project In Medellin Erika Harding
10 Peruvian Health Minister Protests Budget Cuts Erika Harding
24 Peru: Aftermath Of Failed Coup, Sendero Offensive Erika Harding
03 Bolivia: Opposition Leader Resigns Party Post, Ends Presidential Candidacy Erika Harding
10 Argentina: Free Press Defense Commission Created Erika Harding
26 Ecuador: Severe Drought Forces Government To Ration Electricity Erika Harding
10 Venezuelan President Rejects Senate Proposal For Referendum On Ending His Term In Office Erika Harding
24 Peru: Fujimori Criticizes U.S. Anti-drug Policy Erika Harding
19 Chile: Labor Conflict With Santiago Physicians Resolved Erika Harding
10 Chile: Update On Telephone Tapping Scandal, Presidential Candidates Erika Harding
10 Colombia: Pablo Escobar Blamed For Police Killings Erika Harding
10 Peru: 12 University Students, Professor Abducted In Lima Over Previous Four Months Erika Harding
03 Bolivia: Coalition Of Governing Parties Announce Joint Presidential Candidate For 1993 Elections Erika Harding
26 Uruguay: Four-day Strike Wins Higher Pay For Police Officers & Army Personnel Erika Harding
05 Argentina: Unions Call 24-hour General Strike Erika Harding
12 Cuba Signs New Cooperation Accords With Russia & Venezuela Erika Harding
24 Peru: Summary Of Developments Surrounding Constituent Assembly Elections Erika Harding
05 Bolivia And Peru Agree On Free Trade Zone Erika Harding
12 Aladi & Rio De Janeiro Commercial Association Sign Cooperation Accord Erika Harding
19 Argentina: Support Lacking In Argentine Strike; Labor Movement Split Erika Harding
10 Colombia: Update On Recent Political Violence & Related Events Erika Harding
03 Peru: Note On Drugs Seized During Past Year Erika Harding
10 Update On Japanese Plutonium-bearing Ship, Protests Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Update On Government Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
03 Peru: Update On Government Efforts To Impose Death Penalty Erika Harding
26 Brazil: Vasp Aviation Company On Verge Of Bankruptcy As Owner Faces Federal Charges Of Fraud Erika Harding
24 Colombia: Former Military Commander & Government Ministers Blamed In Escobar Escape Erika Harding
03 Chile: Supreme Court Issues Rulings In Two Controversial Human Rights Cases Erika Harding
17 Clinton Policy Toward Latin America: Repackaging The Bush Agenda? Erika Harding
26 More On Brazil's Trade Surplus Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Proposed Tax Reform Creates Controversy In Legislature Erika Harding
19 Ecuador: Oil Export Income Up, But Value Of Bananas, Cocoa, Shrimp & Coffee Down Erika Harding
05 Ecuador: Government Reports Drop In Inflation In October Erika Harding
24 Uruguay: Military Ordered To Assume Public Security Functions In Wake Of Police Strike Erika Harding
10 Group Reports Coal Mining Destroying Colombian Indian Communities Erika Harding
17 Interview With Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori Erika Harding
24 Peru: Summary Of 1992 Drug Seizures Erika Harding
19 Chile: Tri-partite Commission Formed To Study "modernization" Of State-owned Mining Company Erika Harding
05 French Businessmen Seek Greater Trade Ties With Chile Erika Harding
12 Chile: 10% Jump In Industrial Output Expected This Year Erika Harding
24 Brazil: Update On Political Trial Of Collor De Mello Erika Harding
10 Brazil: Report Confirms Prison Massacre Erika Harding
05 Dominican Republic: I.d.b. Approves US$34.4 Million For Road Repair Erika Harding
17 Chile: Two High Officials Charged In Letelier Assassination Erika Harding
24 Suriname: Army Chief Submits Resignation Erika Harding
12 Venezuela Seeks Closer Trade Ties With C.a. Countries Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: Central Bank Says 41% Of Workers Earn Below Minimum Wage Erika Harding
12 Argentina: State-owned Iron & Steel Industry Sold To Consortium Headed By Techint Erika Harding
03 Paraguay: Colorado Party Expels 386 Members Erika Harding
10 Clinton Policy Toward Latin America: Repackaging The Bush Agenda? Erika Harding
12 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, October 1992 Erika Harding
12 Chile: Substantial Profit Gains Among Top 100 Companies This Year Erika Harding
26 Colombia: Exports Stagnate, Imports Rise Erika Harding
12 O.a.s. Considers Forming Multilateral Trade Commission Erika Harding
17 Peru: Summary Of Failed Coup Attempt Erika Harding
05 Caribbean: Caricom Approves New Tariff Accord Erika Harding
03 Cuba: Dissident Sentenced To Prison Erika Harding
12 Brazil: U.S. Officials Criticize Interim Government's Economic Policy Erika Harding
19 Bolivia: La Paz & Crillon Hotels Sold To Private Companies Erika Harding
26 Argentina Reaches Final Agreement On Debt Reduction With Commercial Banks Erika Harding
05 Colombian Exports Grow 17.2% This Year Erika Harding
19 Argentina: Speculative Run On Dollars Upsets Financial Stability, Increasing Pressure For Currency Devaluation Erika Harding
12 Rio Group Demands Greater Trade Reciprocity From European Community Erika Harding
17 Chile: Military Officer Arrested For Involvement In Telephone Tapping Scandal Erika Harding
12 Argentina: New Owners Of Former State Telephone Company Report Hefty Profits Erika Harding
12 Chile: Accumulated Inflation Down 3 Points Compared To 1991 Erika Harding
10 Brazil: Testimony Begins In Collor Corruption Trial Erika Harding
24 Colombia: F.a.r.c. Rebels Accused Of Controlling Twenty Five Percent Of National Opium Production Erika Harding
19 Venezuela: President Implicated In Possible Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
05 Bolivia: Supreme Court Blocks Public Auction Of La Paz And Crillon Hotels Erika Harding
19 Brazil: Update On Inflation Erika Harding
05 I.d.b. Approves US$31.5 Million To Trinidad & Tobago For Road And Bridge Construction Erika Harding
03 Argentina: Cocaine & Marijuana Seizures, September-october 1992 Erika Harding
12 Clinton Administration Policy Towards Latin America: Moving Towards A Hemispheric Trading Bloc? Erika Harding
05 Chile: Four Foreign Consortiums Compete For Subway Construction Contract In Santiago Erika Harding
17 Bolivia: President Announces Restructuring Of Police Force Erika Harding
05 Caribbean: Caricom Calls For Tougher Economic Sanctions Against Haiti Erika Harding
12 New Food Export Promotion Institute Created Erika Harding
10 Peru: U.N. Human Rights Commission To Examine Sendero Human Rights Record Erika Harding
05 Peru: Government Considers "corrective" Measures To Spur Economic Growth In 1993 Erika Harding
17 Venezuela: Former Military Intelligence Chief Denounces Plan To Kidnap President Perez Erika Harding
17 Brazil: Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo Mayoral Races Erika Harding
17 Peruvian Government Issues Decree Regulating Self-defense Militias Erika Harding
24 Argentina: Official Commission Appointed To Investigate Missing Children From "dirty War" Erika Harding
10 Brazil: Guajajara Indians Take Nearly 400 Hostages To Defend Their Lands Erika Harding
17 Peru: Rebel Leader Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Erika Harding
12 Cuba: U.S. Religious Groups Send Aid To Cuba, Defying Embargo Erika Harding
12 Protectionist Argentine Export Measures Threaten Mercosur Negotiations Erika Harding
19 Colombia: Huge Oil Field Discoveries Overshadowed By Guerrilla Sabotage Erika Harding
26 Colombia: US$300 Million I.d.b. Loan For Highway & Rail Road Improvements Erika Harding
05 Bolivia Receives Promises Of US$900 Million In Aid At World Bank Consulting Group Meeting Erika Harding
05 Cuba: Reinforcement Of Us Embargo Unlikely To Hinder Cuban Efforts To Broaden Trade Relations With L.a. Nations Erika Harding
12 Dominican Republic Receives US$15 Million Loan For Electricity Development Erika Harding
12 Brazil: Positive US$12 Billion Trade Balance Expected In 1992 Erika Harding
10 Chile: Government Initiative To Eliminate Military Jurisdiction In Communication & Journalism Court Cases Erika Harding
12 Paraguay & Argentina Sign Broad Bilateral Cooperation Accord Erika Harding
26 New Bilateral & Multilateral Trade Developments Among Andean Pact Countries Erika Harding
17 Peru: Military Offensive Eliminates Major Rebel Base Erika Harding
03 Peru: Summary Of Recent Government Anti-terrorist Measures & Statements Erika Harding
03 Peru: Update On Constituent Assembly Elections Erika Harding
10 Argentina: On Desecration Of Jewish Cemetery Erika Harding
12 Brazil: Vasp Aviation Company Seeks To Buy State Airlines In Peru & Uruguay Erika Harding
24 Brazilian Environmental Ministry To Authorize Slash & Burn Agriculture In Amazon Erika Harding