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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
29 Argentina: Investment Guarantee Accord With Holland Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: US$300 Million I.d.b. Loan For Raising Agricultural Sector Productivity Erika Harding
01 Ecuador: Protests Against Government Austerity Measures Continue Erika Harding
01 Barbados: Foreign Reserves, Government Debt, Privatization Revenue Erika Harding
20 Amnesty International Denounces Human Rights Violations Against Indigenous Peoples In Latin America Erika Harding
27 Sao Paulo, Brazil: On Murder Of Street Children Erika Harding
08 Brazil: New Economy & Planning Ministers Promise To Maintain Trade Liberalization & Privatization Policies Erika Harding
20 Venezuela: Update On Recent Events, Political Crisis Erika Harding
29 E.e.c. Preferential Tariff On Colombian Fresh Flower Exports To Continue Erika Harding
01 U.S. Congress Approves Measures To Strengthen Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
29 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, First Half October 1992 Erika Harding
15 Chile: Antofagasta Holding Company Acquires Stake In Lince Copper Mine Erika Harding
29 Russian Government Negotiating New Trade Agreement With Cuba Erika Harding
29 Venezuela: 40% Increase In Automobile Import Tariffs Erika Harding
13 Guyana: Cheddi Jagan Elected President, Summary Of Developments Erika Harding
13 Colombia: M-19 Issues New Proposal For Peace Process Erika Harding
29 South American Governments Prohibit Passage Of Japanese Freighter Carrying Plutonium Erika Harding
06 Cuba Responds To Strengthening Of U.S. Embargo Erika Harding
06 New Inter-american Police Organization Created Erika Harding
22 Brazil: G.a.t.t. Secretariat Evaluates Results Of Trade Liberalization Erika Harding
06 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Over 100 Inmates Killed In Prison Riot Erika Harding
08 Brazil: I.d.b. Affiliate Approves US$10 Million Loan For Small- & Medium-scale Enterprise Investments Erika Harding
15 Chile: State-run Copper Mining Company 1993 Budget Request Erika Harding
29 Ecuadoran Liquor Industry Protests Colombian Import Barriers Erika Harding
15 Summary Of Consumer Price Inflation Statistics For Nine Latin American Countries, September 1992 Erika Harding
13 Peru: Sendero Luminoso Rebel Leaders Sentenced To Life Imprisonment Erika Harding
29 Argentina: Unemployment In Metropolitan Buenos Aires Erika Harding
27 Cuba: One Dissident Released, Two Filmmakers Brought To Trial Erika Harding
15 Chile: Wood Product Exports, January-august 1992 Erika Harding
15 Chile: Salmon & Trout Exports, First Half 1992 Erika Harding
01 E.e.c. Donates US$7 Million To Amazon Cooperation Treaty (tca) Secretariat Erika Harding
15 Caribbean Airline Liat To Be Privatized Erika Harding
29 Peru: National Housing Deficit Estimated At 1.7 Million Erika Harding
06 Peru: Update On Trial Of Abimael Guzman Erika Harding
15 Chile: Macroeconomic Projections For 1992 Erika Harding
13 Colombia: International Concern For Human Rights Situation Erika Harding
15 Jamaica: US$28 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Upgrade Of Public Schools Erika Harding
01 Argentina: Senate Approves Partial Privatization Of State-run Oil Company Erika Harding
01 Bicycle Distributor For South America Headquartered In Chile Erika Harding
08 Brazil: I.d.b. Approves Loans For Installation & Expansion Of Sanitation Infrastructure In Ceara State Capital Erika Harding
01 German-latin American Trade, First Half 1992 Erika Harding
22 Venezuela Buys 35,855 Mt Of Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Erika Harding
15 Privatization Of Goiasfertil Erika Harding
27 Update On Passage Of Japanese Ship Carrying Cargo Of Plutonium Erika Harding
01 Argentina & Britain To Cooperate In Malvinas Offshore Oil Exploration Erika Harding
29 Peru: State-run Oil Company Exports Surplus Production From Iquitos Refinery To Colombia Erika Harding
15 Venezuela: Dutch & Danish Cheese Producers Accused Of Illegal Trade Erika Harding
27 Summary Of International Response To Torricelli Bill Erika Harding
01 Citibank Chief Counsels Russia To Learn From Latin American Debt Crisis & Economic Reform Programs Erika Harding
22 Argentina: Foreign Reserves Down By US$500 Million Erika Harding
13 Dominican Republic: Americas Watch Condemns Treatment Of Haitians Erika Harding
29 Brazil: Varig Airline Joins Amadeus Global Travel System Erika Harding
22 Investment Requirements For Energy Sector Development Erika Harding
29 Venezuela: Rural Unemployment Rate Erika Harding
29 Chilean Telephone Company (ctc) Profits, January-september 1992 Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: I.d.b. Approves US$300 Million Loan For Raising Agricultural Sector Productivity Erika Harding
22 Brazil: Purchase Of 25,000 Mt Of Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Erika Harding
27 Peru: Special Investigator Appointed For Abduction, Murder Of Huancayo University Students Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: Cholera Cases Surpass 2,100 Erika Harding
29 Chile: On Crop Substitution In Favor Of Fruit & Forestry Products Erika Harding
29 European Commission To Protest U.S. Legislation Extending Boycott Against Cuba Erika Harding
29 U.N. Commission Reports On Foreign Investment In Latin America Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: Americas Watch Issues Report On Human Rights Erika Harding
15 Producer Nations Committed To 100% Increase In Cacao Prices Erika Harding
22 Colombia: Industrial Output Up 5.05% In January-july 1992 Erika Harding
22 Plans For Telecommunications Satellite Launches Erika Harding
29 Dominican Republic Negotiates Customs Accords With Haiti & Cuba Erika Harding
01 I.d.b. Approves US$221.8 Million In Loans For Peru Erika Harding
29 Chile: Economy Ministry Announces Reduction In Electricity Rates Erika Harding
27 Colombia & Venezuela Announce Joint Anti-kidnapping Effort Erika Harding
01 Interest On Latin America's Foreign Debt Down 18% In 1992 Erika Harding
08 Guyana: Linden Arrangements Mining Operations Negotiates US$4.7 Million Loan With World Bank Affiliate Erika Harding
01 Cuba: Projected Fruit Juice Exports For 1992 Erika Harding
22 Bolivia: Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves US$95 Million In Loans For Road Construction Erika Harding
13 Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Uruguay Express Concern Over Japanese Plutonium Shipment Erika Harding
22 Chile: 1991/92 Bad Season For Fruit Growers Erika Harding
29 Peru: Merger Of Four State-run Banks Erika Harding
22 Uruguay: Heavy Trading On Montevideo Exchange Erika Harding
29 Update On Andean Pact Free Trade Agreement Erika Harding
15 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America & Caribbean (eclac) Report On Trade In 1991: Highlights Erika Harding
27 Bogota, Colombia: Average Of Eight Children Reported Kidnapped Or Missing Each Day Erika Harding
29 Bolivia: Update On Debt Reduction Accord With Foreign Commercial Banks Erika Harding
01 I.d.b. Affiliate Approves US$4 Million Loan For Paraguayan Bank Erika Harding
08 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation, September 1992 Erika Harding
13 Ecuador: Government Investigates Possible Infiltration By Sendero Luminoso Rebels Erika Harding
22 Brazil: Mines & Energy Minister Suggests Revisions In Privatization Deals To Prevent Employee Dismissals Erika Harding
15 Colombia: 1991/92 Season Coffee Exports Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: "narco-economy" Expands Alongside Impoverishment Of Majority Erika Harding
06 Argentina Declared Free Of Cholera Erika Harding
01 Jamaica: Prime Minister Says I.m.f. Agreement No Longer Required In 1994 Erika Harding
15 Trinidad & Tobago: Strike At Trintoc Oil Refinery Erika Harding
22 Brief On Nestle's Control Over Cocoa, Coffee & Milk Prices Erika Harding
08 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation, September 1992 Erika Harding
08 U.S. Recommendations On I.d.b.'s Eighth Capital Replenishment Erika Harding
13 Bolivia: Catholic Church Criticizes Neo-liberal Economic Policies Erika Harding
29 Brazil: 79.8% Stake In Acesita Steelworks Sold To Private Investors Erika Harding
29 Mercosur Nations Plan Roadways & Bridge Linking Sao Paulo To Buenos Aires Erika Harding
08 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation, September 1992 Erika Harding
08 Argentine Gdp Underestimated Erika Harding
22 Colombia: Bogota City Government Evaluates Proposal By U.S.-based Waste Management Company Erika Harding
01 Uruguay May Acquire Argentine Government's Stake In Salto Grande Hydrolelectric Dam Erika Harding
08 Ecuador: Labor Union Confederation Cancels Nationwide Strike Erika Harding
01 Chilean Senate Approves Financing For Coal Industry Conversion Erika Harding
22 Argentina: Automobile Production, September 1992 Erika Harding
08 Brazil: Judge Orders Shutdown Of Angra I Nuclear Reactor Erika Harding
22 Brazil: New Administration's Strategies To Cope With Fiscal Deficit Erika Harding
22 Chile: State-run Mining Company To Spend US$285 Million On Pollution Reduction Erika Harding
22 I.d.b. Approves Donations For Upgrading Transportation System & Strengthening Finance & Planning Ministry Erika Harding
01 Colombia-israel Trade Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: Government Rejects Exchange Rate Controls Erika Harding
13 Uruguay: Nearly 30% Of Population Wish To Emigrate Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: National Anti-drug Operation Implemented Erika Harding
01 Brazil: Summary Of Privatization Deals Erika Harding
15 Argentina: New Economic Policy Package Aimed At Productivity Increase Erika Harding
01 Argentina: World Bank Approves US$470 Million In Loans Erika Harding
15 Nato & Nine Multinational Companies Accused Of Endangering Survival Of Indigenous Communities In Americas Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: Import Spending, August 1992 Erika Harding
29 Argentina Buys U.S. Skyhawk Fighter Planes Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: Summary Of Privatization Program Results Erika Harding
13 Brazil: International Human Rights Federation Condemns Increase In Murder Of Rio De Janeiro Street Children Erika Harding
01 Brazil: Private Mill Buys Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Erika Harding
06 Brazil: Chamber Of Deputies Votes In Favor Of Impeachment, Vice President Assumes Presidency Erika Harding
01 Cuban Exiles Issue Bonds To Attract Financing For Future Economic Reforms When Castro Government Falls Erika Harding
01 Brazil: US$250 Million I.d.b. Loan Erika Harding
08 U.N. Eclac: Highlights Of 1991 Regional Macroeconomic Indicators Erika Harding
29 Venezuela: Wholesale Construction Materials Inflation Erika Harding
01 Uruguay: State-run Airline To Be Partially Privatized Within Six Months Erika Harding
13 Interview With Former Cuban Communist Party (pcc) Leader Carlos Aldana Erika Harding
01 Bolivia Campaigns For I.d.b. Direct Loans To Private Sector Erika Harding
01 Final Accords On Bolivian Access To Peruvian Free Port Erika Harding
22 Ecuador: Public School Teachers On Strike Erika Harding
08 Argentina: 45% Of Population Cannot Satisfy Basic Needs Erika Harding
08 Peru: Negative Gdp Growth Rate, January-august 1992 Erika Harding
29 Spanish Government Approves Development Aid Loans For Four Latin American Nations Erika Harding
01 Chile: Codelco & Canadian Firm Establish Mining Services Joint Venture Erika Harding
29 Colombia: Electricity Rationing Extended Erika Harding
01 Chile: Plan For Developing Zaldivar Copper Mine Erika Harding
15 Venezuela: E.e.c. Donation For Developing Tourism Erika Harding
06 Chile: Summary Of Events Surrounding Reports Of Telephone Espionage Network Erika Harding
22 U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization (fao) Sponsors Fisheries Development Program Erika Harding
29 Brazil Buys 14,850 Mt Of Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Erika Harding
22 Uruguay: Argentine Tourism At Record Level Erika Harding
08 Guyana: Foreign Reserves At Record High Erika Harding
29 Chile: Chevron To Sell Stake In Collahuasi Copper Mine Erika Harding
29 Uruguay: Farmers Plan Tax Boycott & Public Demonstration Erika Harding
27 Peru: Update On Government Efforts To Impose Death Penalty, Criticisms Of Trial Against Rebel Leaders Erika Harding
08 Peru: Fuel Price Hike Erika Harding
01 Argentina: Four Consortia Compete For Belgrano Railway Concession Erika Harding
08 Argentina-italy Cooperation Accords Erika Harding
01 International Labor Organization (ilo) Report: Economic Adjustment Programs Must Include Social Welfare Dimension Erika Harding
08 Ecuador: I.f.c. Approves US$10 Million Loan For Tripetrol Exploration & Production Company Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: Debate On Economic Policy Failure Erika Harding
15 Chile: Mcm Resources Invests In Gold Mine Erika Harding
15 U.S. Subsidiaries In Canada Subject To Sanctions Upon Obeying U.S. Prohibition Of Trade With Cuba Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Summary Of Recent Developments Surrounding Government Corruption Scandal & Impeachment Proceedings Erika Harding
01 Cuba Settles Longstanding Bank Account Dispute With Chile Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: Charges Of Corruption & Conspiracy Against Military Leaders Erika Harding
15 Ngos Evaluate U.S. Fy1993 Foreign Aid Bill Erika Harding
13 Cuba: One Dissident Faces Trial, Another Arrested Erika Harding
29 Venezuela: Government Plans Privatization Of 60 Enterprises Between October 1992-november 1993 Erika Harding
01 Latin American Economic System (sela) Promotes Trade With E.e.c. Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, September 1992 Erika Harding
29 Ecuador: Investment Consortium Negotiates Purchase Of Guayaquil Power Company Erika Harding
27 Peru: Note On Projected Population Growth Erika Harding
22 Ecuadoran Company Accuses Colombian Tire Manufacturers Of Illegal Trade Practices Erika Harding
29 Brazil: Interim President Drops Emergency Taxation Plan Erika Harding
20 Latin American Quincentennial Celebrations & Protests, Summary By Country Erika Harding
22 Ecuador: US$800 Million To US$1 Billion In I.d.b. Loans Over Next Four Years Erika Harding
15 Report On Environmental Awareness In Venezuela Erika Harding
22 Chile: Physicians At Emergency Hospitals Threaten To Quit Erika Harding
29 Latin American Steel Production, January-september 1991 & 1992 (s/s) Erika Harding
15 E.e.c. Recommends Presidential Veto Of U.S. Law Strengthening Economic Sanctions Against Cuba Erika Harding
08 Peru: Report On Mining Sector Financial Crisis Erika Harding
22 Colombia: Congress Approves 1993 Budget Erika Harding
27 Paraguay: On Controversy Surrounding Diplomatic Award Given To Former Ambassador To Bolivia Erika Harding
22 Capital Flight Reversal In Latin America May Be Transitory Erika Harding
29 Bolivian Natural Gas Sales To Brazil Erika Harding
15 Peru: Proportional Changes In Cultivated Area & Production For Eight Major Crops, 1988/89, 1989/90 & 1990/91 (s/s) Erika Harding
15 Bolivia: Tin Export Quota Raised To 16,300 Mt Per Year Erika Harding
01 Deposed President's Delegation Represents Haiti At Joint Annual I.m.f.-world Bank Meetings Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: US$45 Million I.d.b. Loan Earmarked For Large-scale Forestation Project Erika Harding
22 Toyota Plans Expansion In Latin America Erika Harding
15 Temporary Single Fee For Cargo Operations At Colombian Ports Erika Harding
29 Chile: Salmon & Trout Exports, January-august 1992 Erika Harding
29 Brazil: Senior Officials Say Foreign Capital Participation In Most Economic Sectors Desirable Erika Harding
29 Brazil: Varig Airline Introduces Direct Flight To Bangkok & Hong Kong Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Steel Production, January-september 1992 Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: Foreign Investment, January-august 1992 Erika Harding
22 Dominican Republic: Spanish Company Awarded Contract For Dike Reconstruction At Haima Port Erika Harding
15 Bolivia: State-run Airline To Introduce Mexico City Flight Routes In December Erika Harding
29 Uruguay: Referendum On Privatization Legislation Scheduled For December 13 Erika Harding
22 Peru: Government To Privatize Fisheries Enterprises Erika Harding
08 Uruguay: Referendum On Privatization Legislation Erika Harding
06 Peru: On Formation Of New Paramilitary Group Erika Harding
22 Sugar Producers Expect Increasing Demand For Ethanol Fuel Erika Harding
06 Argentina Seeks Admission To N.a.t.o. Erika Harding
13 Haiti: On Violence Against Journalists Since Coup Erika Harding
01 Spanish Brokerage Houses Establish Agreements With Counterparts In Mexico, Argentina, Brazil & Chile Erika Harding
01 Peru-bolivia Free Trade Agreement Erika Harding
08 Venezuela: Consumer Price Inflation, September 1992 Erika Harding
27 Sao Paulo, Brazil: On Rapid Spread Of A.i.d.s. Among Prison Inmates Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: Oil Export Revenue, January-september 1992 Erika Harding
29 Argentina: Projected 1992 Trade Deficit Erika Harding
29 Bolivian State-run Mining Company Sells Assets To Cover Debt Erika Harding
22 Argentina: Four Italian Companies Interested In Gas Del Estado Erika Harding
06 Abimael Guzman's Capture: A Turning Point In The War? Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Aftermath Of Sao Paulo Prison Massacre Erika Harding
01 Argentina & France To Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Treaty Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Privatization Of Oil Industry Likely To Be Delayed Erika Harding
08 Argentina: Stock Market Decline Erika Harding
15 Venezuela Buys 51,795 Tonnes Of Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: Electricity Rate Increase Erika Harding
15 Venezuela: Major Currency Devaluation Possible If Congress Fails To Approve Tax Hikes Erika Harding
08 Colombia: Dock Workers On Strike Erika Harding
22 Chile: New Minister's Plans For Mining Sector Erika Harding
08 Trinidad & Tobago: 135 Bwia Airline Employees Dismissed Erika Harding
22 East Asian Development "model" Not Applicable In Latin America Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Market Value Of Stocks Listed On Rio De Janeiro Exchange Erika Harding
15 Venezuela To Remove Peruvian Imports From Preferential Tariff System Erika Harding
01 I.d.b. Donates US$1.2 Million For Analysis Of Women's Role In Agriculture Erika Harding
22 Guyana: New Government Plans To Continue Predecessor Regime's Relationships With Multilateral Financial Institutions Erika Harding
22 Colombian Government Cancels Contract With U.S.-based Electricity Supplier Erika Harding
06 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Army Refuses To Participate In Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding