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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Sep of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
17 World Bank Project Failure Rate Up In 1989-1991 Barbara Khol
17 Ecuador: Macroeconomic Indicators, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Chilean Investment In Argentina Barbara Khol
24 Argentine State-run Company To Build Nuclear Reactor In Egypt Barbara Khol
03 Ecuador: New Administration Plans Economic Austerity Program Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Venezuela: Update On Recent Events, Political Crisis Erika Harding
10 Chile: Champagne & Wine Exports, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Foreign Investment, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
03 Venezuelan President's Proposal To Reopen Oil Industry To Foreign Capital Rejected By Ruling Party Leaders Barbara Khol
01 Britain Prepared To Act Against U.S. Strengthening Of Trade Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
24 Arentina: Four Consortia Submit Bids For Greater Buenos Aires Water Utilities Company Barbara Khol
24 Peru: Stock Market Response To Confirmation Of Rebel Leader's Arrest Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Plans To Privatize Tourism Facilities Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Minimum Wage Hike Barbara Khol
29 Paraguay: Ambassador To Bolivia Resigns Erika Harding
24 O.a.s. Study Reports Favorable Prospects For Latin American Tourist Industry Barbara Khol
10 Peru: Public Hospital Employees On Strike Barbara Khol
24 Guyana: Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves US$23.4 Million Loan For Road Repairs & Upgrade Barbara Khol
22 Update On Brazilian Corruption Scandal, Government Crisis Erika Harding
10 Chile & Indonesia Committed To Expanding Trade Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Discovers New Field Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: U.S. To Provide Equipment For Military's Fight Against Drug Trafficking Erika Harding
17 Brazil: Coffee Export Volume & Revenue Barbara Khol
08 Argentina & U.S. Sign Treaty On Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy Erika Harding
29 Colombia: Chamber Of Representatives Exonerates Gaviria Of Blame In Escobar Escape Erika Harding
17 Cuba Demands U.S. Pay US$80 Million In Overdue Phone Bills Barbara Khol
10 Peru: US$826 Million Debt Restructuring Agreement With U.S. Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Carabineros To Train Salvadoran Police Erika Harding
29 Argentina: Prison Inmates Stage Protests Erika Harding
24 E.e.c. Aid To Dominican Republic Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Reports On Increasing Capital Flight Barbara Khol
24 I.M.F. Report: Foreign Reserves For 22 Latin American & Caribbean Nations, First Half 1992 (s/s) LADB Staff
03 Venezuela: Reflections On Relationship Between Foreign Debt Burden & Deteriorating Standard Of Living Barbara Khol
24 Despite Contretemps In Brazil, Argentina Remains Committed To Mercosur Barbara Khol
10 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paint Manufacturer Executives Detained For Polluting Reconquista River Barbara Khol
29 Dominican Republic: Summary Of Recent Quincentennial Protests Erika Harding
24 Venezuela Acquires Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Private Sector Investment Plans Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Oil Export Price Hike Barbara Khol
15 Bolivia: National Police To Be Restructured Following Corruption Charges Erika Harding
10 Bolivia: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
17 Latin American Economic System (sela) Defines New Policy Objectives For Region Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Presidential Candidate Leaves Race Erika Harding
24 Colombia: Electricity Grid Link With Venezuela To Be Ready By November Barbara Khol
29 Venezuela: On Increased Incidence Of Tuberculosis Erika Harding
08 Colombia: E.l.n. Rebels To Eradicate Poppy Plants Erika Harding
24 Framework Trade Agreement: Central America & Venezuela Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Foreign Investment, January-august 1992 Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: Pilots Support Privatization Of Lav Airline Barbara Khol
03 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Argentina: Top Two Bidders For 30-year Roca Railway Concession Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Update On Corruption Scandal & Impeachment Process Erika Harding
24 Brazil: Rio De Janeiro "image Recovery" Program Underway Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Establishes Shipping Affiliate Barbara Khol
17 Chilean Business Leader Says Mercosur A Bad Idea For Three Member-nations Barbara Khol
22 Chile: Police Capture E.g.p. Rebel Leader Erika Harding
29 About Half Of All Uruguayans Own Firearms Erika Harding
15 Peru: Authorities Capture Sendero Luminoso Leader Abimael Guzman Erika Harding
29 U.S. House & Senate Approve Measures For Strengthening Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
22 Venezuela: U.S. To Donate Anti-narcotics Equipment Erika Harding
01 Colombian Bishop Protests Venezuelan Expulsion Of Foreigners Erika Harding
10 Colombia: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
17 Bolivia: I.m.f. Approves US$40 Million Loan For Economic Restructuring Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Notes On Top 500 Companies In 1991 Barbara Khol
17 Cuba: Nuclear Power Plant Construction Suspended; Report On Sugar Production & Sales Barbara Khol
03 Argentina: Transfer Of Buenos Aires Power Company To Private Sector Complete Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Foreign Commercial Bank Debt Restructuring Near Completion Barbara Khol
10 Ecuadoran Government Eliminates Trade Counsel Offices Under Integration, Trade & Industry Ministry Barbara Khol
08 Sao Paulo, Brazil: Military Police Responsible For 881 Deaths In First Seven Months Of 1992 Erika Harding
17 Ecuadoran Government Considers Suspending Opec Membership Barbara Khol
17 Bolivian President Annuls Privatization Of La Paz & Crillon Hotels Barbara Khol
01 Peru: Public Opinion Poll On Political Preferences Erika Harding
24 Canadian & Argentine Aluminum Companies Consider Joint Venture Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
01 Dominican Republic: Authorities Seize 660 Kg. Of Cocaine, Arrest 50 Erika Harding
01 U.S. Appoints New Ambassador To Peru Erika Harding
17 Uruguay: Companies Interested In Acquiring Stake In Pluna Airline Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Government Cracks Down On International Support Networks For Rebel Groups Erika Harding
24 Brazil: Foreign Commercial Bank Debt Restructuring Complete Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Update On Proceedings Against Sendero Luminoso Leader Abimael Guzman Erika Harding
24 Colombia: State-run Oil Company President Resigns Barbara Khol
24 Ecuador: Agricultural Minister Says Italy Likely To Oppose E.e.c. Trade Restrictions On Banana Exports Barbara Khol
10 Chile: Unemployment Statistics, May-june 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Bolivia: Foreign Debt As Of Mid-year 1992 Barbara Khol
22 Colombia: Increase In Abductions & Human Rights Abuses Erika Harding
29 Cuba: Constitutional Reforms Take Effect Erika Harding
10 Report On Venezuela-colombia Trade Barbara Khol
29 Argentina: Note On Inter-american Human Rights Commission Report Regarding Amnesty Law Erika Harding
15 Brazil: Cholera Update Erika Harding
17 Latin America & Caribbean: World Bank Loans In 1992 By Country (s/s) LADB Staff
24 Chile: Textile Exports Up In First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
03 Jamaican Government Officials & Business Leaders Want Nafta Treatment Extended To Caribbean Nations Barbara Khol
24 U.S.-based Upjohn Returns To Argentina Barbara Khol
17 Cuba Plans Expansion Of Nickel Exports Barbara Khol
17 Brazil: Government Left With Outstanding Debt Of US$1 Billion After Liquidating State-run Coffee & Sugar Institutes Barbara Khol
17 U.S. Sugar Corporation Approves Wage Hike For Jamaican Workers Barbara Khol
22 Non-aligned Summit Calls For End To U.S. Hostility Against Cuba Erika Harding
24 Uruguay: Update On Privatization Of Telephone Company Barbara Khol
24 Cuba: Report On Nickel Production Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela Buys Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Barbara Khol
10 Chile: US$11 Million World Bank Loan To Develop Environmental Conservation Legislation & Practice Barbara Khol
17 Argentina: Executive-level Salaries Offset By High Cost Of Living Barbara Khol
29 Pan American Health Organization Announces No New Polio Cases In Latin America In Over Twelve Months Erika Harding
24 Ecuador-colombia Free Trade Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: Manufacturing Sector Performance, 1st Half 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Cuba: 430,000 Teachers & Students To Work In Food Production During Current School Year Barbara Khol
17 I.m.f. Revises Downward 1993 Economic Growth Projections For Latin America (s/s) Barbara Khol
24 Andean Development Corporation (caf) Approves US$85.5 Million Worth Of Financing Barbara Khol
24 Brazilian Tourism Promotion In Argentina Barbara Khol
01 Brazil: Four Sentenced In Radiation Accident Erika Harding
03 Pernod Ricard Company Acquires 50% Stake In Argentine Winery Barbara Khol
22 Peru: Note On Seizures Of Cocaine Paste & Destruction Of Processing Laboratories Erika Harding
03 Third World's 12 Largest Debtor Nations: Real Gdp Growth Rate, 1973-82 & 1982-90 Averages (s/s) Barbara Khol
17 More On Peruvian Debt Restructuring Agreement With U.S. Barbara Khol
24 Brazil-argentina Trade, January-august 1992 Barbara Khol
03 Uruguay: Seven Bidders Qualify For Privatization Of Telephone Company Barbara Khol
24 Ecuador Withdraws From O.p.e.c. Barbara Khol
24 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Finalizes US$155 Million In Loans For Colombia Barbara Khol
29 Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela: A.i.d.s. Update Erika Harding
01 Colombia: Eleven Parties Lose Legal Status Erika Harding
24 Report On World Bank Loans To Latin America & Carribean In Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1992 Barbara Khol
29 Colombia: Drug Traffickers Turning To Poppy Cultivation, Opium Derivatives Erika Harding
22 Cuba & Russia Agree On Removal Of Remaining Troops Erika Harding
24 Venezuela: Tax Code Changes Effective September 17 Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Pinochet Denies Presidential Aspirations Erika Harding
24 Venezuelan Oil Company Seeks Dutch Partner To Upgrade Curacao Refinery Barbara Khol
10 Brazil: Note On 1993 Federal Budget Request Barbara Khol
17 Chile: Notes On Macroeconomic Performance Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Xingo Hydroelectric Dam Project Costs 100% Over Budget Barbara Khol
03 Venezuela: 28% Reduction In Investment For State-run Oil Company Investment In 1993 Barbara Khol
08 Former M-19 Rebels Occupy Costa Rican Embassy In Bogota Erika Harding
08 Bolivia: Congress Authorizes U.S. Troop Presence Erika Harding
10 Colombia: Rebels Take Control Of Two Coal Mines Barbara Khol
24 Argentina: On Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
01 Venezuela: Update On Political Crisis Erika Harding
03 Brazil: Businesspeople Weary Of Political Crisis Barbara Khol
24 U.S. Customs Begins Implementing Sanctions Against Ships Carrying Cargo For Cuba Barbara Khol
17 Venezuela: German Financial Institutions Approve US$26 Million In Loans For Cleanup Of La Cruz Port Barbara Khol
10 Ecuador: New Administration Introduces Economic Adjustment Package Barbara Khol
24 Chilean Mining Minister Predicts Coal Import Expansion Barbara Khol
17 Uruguay: Report On Foreign Debt Service Payments Barbara Khol
17 Cuba & Turkey Discuss Cigar Manufacturing Joint Venture Barbara Khol
24 Uruguay: Automobile Sales, January-september 1992 Barbara Khol
15 Chile: Student Protesters Demand Pinochet's Resignation, Erika Harding
17 Brazil: Oil Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
03 Chile: Anti-pollution Program At Chuquicamata Mining Complex Barbara Khol
01 Argentina: Armed Forces Protest Insufficient Budget Erika Harding
17 Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index Shows Improvement Barbara Khol
08 On Proposed Anti-kidnapping Legislation Erika Harding
03 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation, August 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Peruvian Government Eliminates 16 Taxes Barbara Khol
24 Brazil: Trade Surplus, January-august 1992 Barbara Khol
17 Peru: State-run Mining Company Sold To Brazilian Consortium Barbara Khol
10 Uruguay: World Bank Loan Aimed At State-run Enterprise Reform Barbara Khol
15 Haiti: Update On Recent Political Developments & Violence Erika Harding
03 Chile Likely To Be First South American Nation To Join U.S. In Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
08 Colombia: President Assumes Responsibility For Escobar Escape Erika Harding
08 Peru: Update On Political Developments Erika Harding
17 Ecuador: On Citizens' Response To Government Austerity Policies Barbara Khol
08 Peru: Note On Average Number Of Rebels Who Surrender Or Are Captured By Security Forces Erika Harding
17 Argentina Plans Formal Protest Against U.S. Wheat Export Subsidies To Gatt Barbara Khol
01 Chile: Aylwin Commutes Death Sentence For Three Peruvians Erika Harding
10 Venezuela: Pdvsa To Sell 50% Stake In Citgo Barbara Khol
29 Brazil: Over Half Of All Children Live In Poverty Erika Harding
24 Argentina: Synopsis Of 1993 Federal Budget Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Average Of Two Minors Killed Daily In Sao Paulo Street Violence Erika Harding
03 Four Andean Pact Nations To Proceed With Free Trade Program Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Pequiven Seeks Financial Independence From State-run Oil Company Barbara Khol
03 Third World's 12 Largest Debtor Nations: Debt-1982 Gnp & Trade Balance Ratios (1979-82, 1983-86) (s/s) Barbara Khol
24 Chile: Federal Government Debt Figures Barbara Khol
10 Cuba Seeks Investment By British Businesspeople Barbara Khol
29 Brazil Joins O.a.s. Human Rights Convention Erika Harding
17 Argentina: Automotives Production & Sales At Record Levels Barbara Khol
17 Argentina; Economists Say High Inflation Could Disrupt Economic Stabilization Barbara Khol
08 Brazil: Update On Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
29 Chile: Protests Held Against Amnesty Law Erika Harding
08 France, St. Lucia Join Tlatelolco Anti-nuclear Treaty Erika Harding
10 Argentina Seeks Membership In Organization For Economic Cooperation & Development (oecd) Barbara Khol
29 Colombia: On Increase In Killings Of Judges & Police Erika Harding
01 Bolivia To Receive Up To U.S.$116 Million For Anti-drug Efforts Erika Harding
24 Venezuela: Changes In Regulations Governing Debt-equity Swaps Barbara Khol
01 Update On Brazilian Corruption Scandal, Government Crisis Erika Harding
22 Cuba-u.s.: Inter-american Dialogue Calls For Increased Bilateral Ties To Support Political Opening Erika Harding
10 Dependency On Oil Imports Obligates U.S. To Deal With Venezuela Regardless Of Political Regime Barbara Khol
15 Argentina: Legislature Debates Proposal To Permit Women In Military Combat Service Erika Harding
03 Chile: Industrial Output Growth, July 1992 Barbara Khol
29 Chile: Cabinet Changes Erika Harding
24 Uruguay: Three-day Cattle Producer Strike Forces Government Concessions Barbara Khol
03 Brazil: Sao Paulo Businesspeople Pessimistic About Economic Recovery Barbara Khol
17 Peru: Government Revenue From Privatizations Barbara Khol
17 Massive Land Purchases By Brazilian Speculators Reported In Uruguay Barbara Khol
03 Argentina Major Market For Brazilian Coffee Barbara Khol
03 Bolivian Government Privatizes Hotels Barbara Khol
17 1991 Foreign Debt Totals, Latin America's 17 Largest Debtor Nations (s/s) Barbara Khol
10 Note On Chilean Exports To Asian & Pacific Rim Nations Barbara Khol
17 Colombia: Projected Coffee Export Revenue Losses For 1992 Barbara Khol
10 Brazil Turns Down U.S. Offer Of Subsidized Wheat At Request Of Argentina Barbara Khol
24 World Bank Projections For Per Capita Gdp Growth, 1992 & 1993 Barbara Khol
15 Brazil: Update On Corruption Scandal Erika Harding
17 Inter-american Development Bank Evaluates Loan Request By Recently Privatized Peruvian Bank Barbara Khol
24 10 Contractors Qualify In First Phase Of Bidding Process For Bridge Spanning Rio De La Plata Barbara Khol
08 Peru: U.S. To Reactivate Anti-drug Radar Erika Harding
10 Venezuela-caricom Trade Pact Effective In January Barbara Khol
10 Venezuela: Foreign Debt Service, 1992 & 1993 Barbara Khol
03 Brazilian Government & Foreign Commercial Banks Reach Agreement On US$7 Billion Bond Issue Barbara Khol
08 Chile: Senate Rejects Bill To Eliminate Holiday Marking September 11 Coup Erika Harding
29 Cuban Communist Party Replaces Ideology & Foreign Relations Chief Carlos Aldana Erika Harding