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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Aug of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Uruguay: Report On A.i.d.s. Erika Harding
04 Colombia: 1991 Homicide Count Erika Harding
25 Chile: Death Sentence For Kidnapper Of Cristian Edwards Erika Harding
04 Ecuador: Major Trafficker Arrested Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Instant Coffee Exports, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Peruvian Government's Elimination Of Tax Exemptions Leads To Shutdown Of Maquiladora Plants On Chilean Border Barbara Khol
06 Puno Department, Peru: Inclement Weather Causes US$100 Million In Crop & Livestock Losses Barbara Khol
06 Ecuadoran Government Disputes Payment Amount For Nationalization Of U.S. Electricity Company Assets Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Rebel Sabotage Causes 8,000-barrel Oil Spill Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Death Sentence Upheld For Three Peruvians Convicted In Murder Of Students Erika Harding
20 Brazil: Foreign Debt Total Barbara Khol
13 Colombia & Venezuela Expand Trade & Economic Agreements Barbara Khol
18 Haiti: Update On Recent Political Developments & Violence, August 3 - 14 Erika Harding
18 Jamaica: Major Cocaine Bust Erika Harding
25 Venezuela: Police Brutality Responsible For Fifty Deaths, First Seven Months 1992 Erika Harding
25 Cuba: Foreign Minister Offers Opening To Exile Community Erika Harding
27 Venezuela: Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves US$64.5 Million Loan For Agricultural Modernization Barbara Khol
06 Cuban Bicycle Manufacturing Plants To Expand Output Barbara Khol
27 U.S.-bolivia Anti-drug Agreement Barbara Khol
18 Peru: 25 Police Fired For Involvement In Criminal Activities Erika Harding
13 Peruvian Economy Minister Delivers Plea For Resumption Of Foreign Aid Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: Political Leaders Admit Possibility Of Drug Money Being Used To Finance Electoral Campaigns Erika Harding
06 U.S.-peruvian Joint Venture For Development Of Cajamarca Gold Mines Barbara Khol
06 Venezuelan Oil Exports To U.S., January-april 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Retooling Of Talara Oil Refinery Barbara Khol
13 Latin American Coffee Exports, 1991-92 Season Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Exports To Aladi Member-nations, 1st Half 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Privatization Of Two State-run Mines Begins Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Update On Incidence Of Cholera Erika Harding
06 On Developing Nation Access To U.N. Electronic Databases Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Babcock Wilcox & Siemens Win Bid For Construction Of 150 Megawatt Electricity Generation Plant In Mejillones Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Digital Microwave Network For Long Distance Telephone Service Barbara Khol
13 Proportional Ranking Of French Investment In Argentina & Brazil Barbara Khol
13 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves Technical Assistance Grant For Jamaica Barbara Khol
13 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Plans Disbursement Of US$650 Million In Loans To Ecuador Barbara Khol
13 Philips Investment Plans For Brazil Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: State-run Oil Company Debt Barbara Khol
06 Chile: US$49 Million International Airport Expansion Project Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Japanese Consortium Turns Down Option To Acquire More Stock In Tubarao Steelworks Barbara Khol
06 Ecuadoran Oil Reserves At 2.3 Billion Barrels Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Prospectors Continue Efforts To Access Indigenous Reserve Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Continuing Stock Market Instability Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Coffee Exports, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Un- & Underemployment Statistics Barbara Khol
27 Peru: Education & Health Workers On Strike Barbara Khol
20 Brazilian Trade With Mercosur Partners, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Rising Incidence Of A.i.d.s Among Children Erika Harding
13 Ecuador: Canadian Firm Investigates Environmental Impact Of Texaco Operations In Amazon Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: U.S. & Domestic Investors Receive Equal Treatment Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Duran Ballen Sworn In As President Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Mercedes-benz Subsidiary Chooses Parts Imported From Mexico Over Domestic Suppliers Barbara Khol
13 Paraguay: Public School Teachers On Strike Barbara Khol
06 Trinidad & Tobago: Debt Owed By Caricom Member-nations Barbara Khol
20 Chile: US$267 Million In Loans For Agricultural Modernization Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Bonds Issued Under Recent Foreign Debt Reduction Plan Accepted In Privatization Deals Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Severe Drought Affects Northeastern & Amazon Region States Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: Special Credit Line For Exporters Barbara Khol
04 Uruguay: On Quality Of Public Education Erika Harding
18 Colombia: Update On Escobar Escape & Related Events Erika Harding
20 Venezuela: Report On Software Pirating Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Cusiana Reserves Set At Minimum 700 Million Barrels Barbara Khol
13 Venezuelan Government To Finalize Agreement With Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (miga) Barbara Khol
20 Argentina: No Bids For State-run Shipping Company Barbara Khol
06 Japanese Auto Exports To South America, June 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Update On Public Transport Crisis Barbara Khol
06 Colombia: Consumer Price Inflation, July 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Venezuelan President: No Possibility Of Including Cuba Under San Jose Pact Barbara Khol
20 Argentina-brazil: Governors Reach Agreement On Bridge Construction Barbara Khol
18 Chile: Opinion Poll On Political Preferences Erika Harding
20 Cuba: New Shrimp Breeding Facility In Cienfuegos Province Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: On Declining Real Wages Barbara Khol
13 Peru: Gdp Contraction Continues Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: Poppy Eradication Erika Harding
20 Brazil: Agricultural Sector Income Growth Barbara Khol
04 Teen Pregnancy In Brazil Erika Harding
18 Suriname: Rebels & Government Reach Peace Accord Erika Harding
20 Sao Paulo State, Brazil: Industrial Employment, July 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Cuba: French Government Aid Barbara Khol
27 Phelps Dodge & Sumitomo Finalize Contract With Chilean Government For Exploitation Of Candelaria Deposits Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Education Ministry Reports Low Scholastic Achievement Scores Among Elementary & Secondary Students Erika Harding
13 Argentina: Importers & Exporters Demand Exchange Rate Policy Change Barbara Khol
13 Venezuelan Government Plans Modifications In Economic Austerity Program Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: US$368 Million Loan From France Barbara Khol
04 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Murder Of "street Chilren" Escalates Erika Harding
06 Colombia: Proposed 60% Increase In Military Spending For 1993 Barbara Khol
06 Argentina & Uruguay Plan Bridge Spanning Rio De La Plata Barbara Khol
20 Ecuador: Another Oil Spill In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
13 Bolivia: Update On Privatization Of State-run Airline Barbara Khol
25 Peru: Escalating Rebel Violence During First Seven Months Of 1992 Erika Harding
04 Journalists & Dissidents Attacked At Jamaica Labour Party (jlp) Annual Congress Erika Harding
20 Gross Fixed Capital Formation, Required 1992-1996, Real 1987-1991 (s/s) Barbara Khol
18 Ecuador: Military Request Authorization To Take Action Against Violence Erika Harding
13 Brazil: State-run Oil Company Profits, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: New Cost-cutting Technology For Steelworks Barbara Khol
04 Bahia State, Brazil: Bomb Blast Destroys Radio & Tv Facilities Erika Harding
25 Colombia: On Murder Of Lawyers & Judges Erika Harding
06 Projected Investment Requirements For Oil Exploration & Production In Latin America For 1990s Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Politicians Demand Inquiry Into Oil Drilling Contracts With Foreign Companies Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Federal Government Domestic Debt Barbara Khol
27 Argentina: Performance Of Telecom & Telefonica Phone Companies, October 1991-june 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Argentina-brazil: Letter Of Intent Finalized For Construction Of 2,400 Km. Natural Gas Pipeline Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Tourism Industry Decline Barbara Khol
06 Japan's New "principles" For Evaluating Foreign Aid Requests Barbara Khol
11 U.S. Court Convicts Chilean Sailors Erika Harding
06 Business Executives Concerned About Disorganized Growth In Argentina-brazil Trade Barbara Khol
18 Colombia: Government Official Condemns Use Of Street Children For Drug Smuggling Erika Harding
20 Brazilian Coffee Producers Concerned About Exports To U.S. After Implementation Of North American Free Trade Agreement Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Privatization Plans Barbara Khol
27 Chile: Report On Gold Mining Enterprises Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: Debt Owed Japan Restructured Barbara Khol
11 Haiti: U.S. Appoints New Ambassador Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: US$270 Million Investment In Polyethylene Plant Barbara Khol
06 Peru: Consumer Price Inflation, July 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: July Inflation Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: Macroeconomic Projections Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: US$30 Million World Bank Loan For Upgrading Efficiency Of Judiciary Barbara Khol
04 Update On Haitian Political Crisis, July 19 - 29 Erika Harding
04 Chile: Police Report "severe Blow" Against Lautaro Rebel Organization Erika Harding
13 Cuba Offers Sugar To Iran In Exchange For Oil Barbara Khol
27 Ecuador & Venezuela Move To Privatize Oil Industries Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Foreign Company Competition For Oil Exploration Concessions Barbara Khol
13 Ecuador: Update On Oil Spill In Amazon Region Barbara Khol
06 Chile: Gold & Silver Production, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Net Foreign Reserves As Of August 12 Barbara Khol
20 Profile Of Tariff & Non-tariff Trade Barrier Coverage, Seven Major Latin American Economies, 1985 & 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
20 Chile Joins Andean Development Corporation (caf) Barbara Khol
18 Peru: Note On Incidence Of Tuberculosis Among School Children Erika Harding
13 Uruguay: High Inflation Rate For Entertainment & Recreation Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: Military Intervenes In Strike At Oil Production Facility Barbara Khol
13 Paraguay: Failure Of 1991-92 Cotton Crop Exacerbates Rural Poverty Barbara Khol
20 Paraguay: Privatization Plans For Airline & Alcohol Distillery Barbara Khol
06 Chile: Consumer Price Inflation For July Barbara Khol
25 Cuba: Government Ready To Sign Tlatelolco Treaty Erika Harding
20 Bolivian Government Unhappy With Iberia Bid To Acquire Controlling Stake In Lab Airline Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Government Proposes Raising Retirement Age Barbara Khol
20 Peruvian Government To Implement US$300 Million "economic Recovery Package" Barbara Khol
06 I.m.f.'s Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (esaf) Extended For An Additional Year Barbara Khol
20 Ecuador: New Government Committed To Privatization & Reducing Public Sector Work Force Barbara Khol
06 Bolivia: Vegetable Oil Plant Privatized Barbara Khol
13 Chile: Negotiations For Free Trade Agreement With U.S. Unlikely Until 1994 Barbara Khol
13 Update On U.N. Financial Crisis & Proposed Solutions Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Steel Output, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Consumer Price Inflation, July 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Lobbyists For Strengthening U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba Identified As Intelligence Agents For Havana Erika Harding
20 Chilean Foreign Debt Declared "stable" Barbara Khol
06 European Commission Sets Latin American Banana Import Quota & Tariff Rate Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela Buys Subsidized Wheat From U.S. Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: Update On Cholera Erika Harding
11 Chile: Sentences Upheld For Perpetrators Of Pinochet Assassination Attempt Erika Harding
27 Uruguayan Businesspeople Skeptical About Implementation & Benefits Of Mercosur Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Privatization Of Fertilizer Company Barbara Khol
25 Update On Brazilian Corruption Scandal, Government Crisis Erika Harding
20 Venezuela: Bidding On Metropolitan Caracas Water Distribution Concession To Be Reopened Barbara Khol
04 Peru: Large-scale Acquisition Of Planes & Helicopters Erika Harding
20 Brazil: US$8.809 Billion Trade Surplus For January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Cuba: Agreement With U.N. Development Programme To Complete Metal Processing Plants Barbara Khol
20 Ecuador: Perspective On Declining Shrimp Export Income Barbara Khol
25 The 1992 Cuban Constitution: A Revolution Within The Revolution? Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Debt Restructuring Agreement With Poland Finalized Barbara Khol
13 Argentina: Power Plant In Neuquen Province Sold To Consortium Headed By U.S.-based Dominion Energy Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Police Discover Weapons Arsenal Erika Harding
27 Metropolitan Sao Paulo, Brazil: Unemployment At 16.2% In July 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Approves US$116 Million Loan For Peru Barbara Khol
27 Venezuela: New Taxes & Spending Cuts Barbara Khol
13 Buenos Aires Most Expensive City In Latin America Barbara Khol
25 Peru: Update On Political Crisis Erika Harding
27 Trinidad & Tobago: State-run Airline To Cut Work Force Barbara Khol
06 Uruguay: Fiscal Surplus, 1st Half 1992 Barbara Khol
18 Venezuela: Justice Minister Admits To Use Of Torture In Prisons Erika Harding
13 Privatization In Argentina: Total Revenue & Foreign Debt Reduction Since 1990 Barbara Khol
27 Uruguay: Conflict Over Destruction Of Banados Wetlands Barbara Khol
04 Cuba: Incarcerated General Says Senior Government Officials Approved Drug Smuggling In 1980s Erika Harding
11 Peru: Summary Of Recent Violence & Political Crisis Developments, July 27 - August 7 Erika Harding
20 Peru: Price Hike For Selected Fuels Barbara Khol
13 Colombian Military Prevents Vessel Carrying Toxic Waste From Entering Territorial Waters Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Iron Ore Exports, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Reduction Of Public Employee Work Force Barbara Khol
06 Ecuador: US$12 Million Supplemental Loan From France To Complete Railway System Modernization Barbara Khol
04 Argentina: Menem Promotes Constitutional Amendments, Including Presidential Re-election Erika Harding
04 Update On Brazilian Political Crisis Erika Harding
04 Bolivia: Rebel Leader Arrested Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: Oil Production Contracts With Private Companies Barbara Khol
20 World Bank Promises "green" Future, But Environmentalists & Ngos Question Bank's Progress Barbara Khol
06 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation, July 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Chile: Lautaro Rebel Bombings Erika Harding
06 Bolivia: Consumer Price Inflation, July 1992 Barbara Khol
25 Brazil: A.i.d.s. Tally Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Automotives Exports, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Brazil: Unionized Dockworkers Organize Nationwide Strikes Barbara Khol
27 Bolivian Privatization Advances: Public Sector Competes For Foreign Investment Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Sao Paulo State Bank (banespa) To Open Branch Office In Luxembourg Barbara Khol
18 Bolivia: Cholera Update Erika Harding
04 Venezuela: First Cholera Fatality Erika Harding
04 Bolivia: Suspected Trafficker Released Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Federal Revenue Losses In 1992 Due To Resumption Of Tax Exemptions Barbara Khol
20 Colombia: State-run Coal Mining Enterprise Unloads Debt Barbara Khol
06 Latin American Banks Invited To Set Up Offices In Venezuela Barbara Khol
27 Andean Pact Suspends Trade Liberalization Requirements For Peru Until 1994 Barbara Khol
27 Morgan Guaranty Trust Report On Investment Requirements For Latin America's Seven Largest Economies: Highlights Barbara Khol
27 New Agreement Facilitates Taxation Of Peruvians Residing In U.S. Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Feasibility Study For Joint Venture With Japanese Companies To Produce & Refine Heavy Crude In Orinoco Strip Barbara Khol
11 Bolivia: Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For D.e.a. Agent Erika Harding
11 U.S. Supports Strengthening Embargo Against Cuba Erika Harding
06 Ecuador: Oil Spill In Amazon Basin Barbara Khol
20 Real Gdp Growth Rate, Seven Major Latin American Economies, 1982-89, 1990, 1991, 1992 (s/s) Barbara Khol
20 Preliminary Agreement On Bolivia-brazil Natural Gas Pipeline Barbara Khol
13 Jamaica: Business Leaders Warn Journalists About Negative Publicity On Environment Barbara Khol
25 Argentina: Reports On Prisoners Of War Mistreated By British Troops Erika Harding
20 Cuban Oil Production, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Venezuela: Plans For Boosting Tax Revenue Barbara Khol
13 Bus Drivers Return To Work, Fare Raised By 80% Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Air Force Opposed To Privatization Of Lav Airline Barbara Khol
20 Chile: Earnings From Exports To E.e.c. Down In First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
25 Colombia: Update On Rebel Activity, Peace Initiatives Erika Harding
04 Buenos Aires, Argentina: Police Officers Accused Of Human Rights Violations To Be Fired Erika Harding
13 Brazil: Government Disburses US$5.2 Billion Worth Of Financing For 1993 Harvest Barbara Khol
04 Colombia: U.S. Cooperates In Search For Pablo Escobar Erika Harding
20 Chilean Distrilec Consortium Plans For Argentine Power Company Edesur Barbara Khol
13 Brazil: Bank Secrecy Laws Responsible For Substantial Portion Of Tax Evasion Barbara Khol
20 Peru: Exporters Demand Currency Devaluation Barbara Khol
06 Capital Increment For World Bank Affiliate International Development Association (ida) Barbara Khol
13 Colombia: Trade Statistics, January-may 1992 Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: Non-traditional Exports, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Proposed Bolivia-chile Natural Gas Pipeline Barbara Khol
06 International Sugar Organization Saved From Collapse By Brazilian Payment Of Outstanding Membership Dues Barbara Khol
20 Venezuelan State-run Oil Company's Production Capacity To Increase By 400,000 Barrels Per Day Barbara Khol
04 Uruguay: Government Announces Supplemental Spending On Health Erika Harding
27 E.e.c. To Standardize Tariffs Applied To Latin American Imports In January Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Statistics On Violent Deaths Erika Harding
20 Colombian Government To Create Environment Ministry Barbara Khol
11 Peru: Institutional Vacuum & Continued Crisis Could Favor Sendero Luminoso Erika Harding
06 On Stability Of Chilean Stock Market Barbara Khol
25 Haiti: Update On Recent Political Violence, Human Rights Reports Erika Harding
06 Venezuela: Consumer Price Inflation, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Cuba: Tourism Industry Performance, 1st Half 1992 Barbara Khol
11 Update On Venezuelan Political Crisis, July 27 - August 4 Erika Harding
20 Venezuela: Oil Export Revenue, Budget Projections For 1993 Barbara Khol
04 Bolivia: Continued Controversy Surrounding Presence Of U.S. Troops & D.e.a. Agents Erika Harding
27 Argentina: Stock Market Downward Slide Continues Barbara Khol
20 Venezuela: Import Spending, First Half 1992 Barbara Khol
27 Contract Finalized For Launching Brazil's First Weather & Communications Satellite Barbara Khol
13 Venezuela: Imports Of Hyundai Automobiles To Begin By Year-end Barbara Khol
20 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Technical Cooperation Grant To Support Andean Pact Integration Barbara Khol
18 Brazil: Update On Corruption Scandal, Government Crisis Erika Harding
27 Foreign Investment In Latin America, January-july 1992 Barbara Khol
06 Brazil: Central Bank Introduces New Measures To Oversee Large Cash Transactions Barbara Khol
18 Uruguay: Cabinet Reshuffled Erika Harding
20 Businesspeople More Concerned By Economic Recession Than Corruption Scandals In Brasilia Barbara Khol
11 Update On Brazilian Political Crisis Erika Harding